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When Mike opened the door at nine-thirty the next morning and found Harvey standing there dressed in jeans and a long sleeved Henley his mouth dropped open. He had seen Harvey in casual dress all of twice and it had always been because of a last minute development on a case. But now Harvey looked completely at ease and it threw Mike for a loop.

"Checking me out there rookie?"

Mike cleared his throat and brought his eyes up to Harvey's smug smile and rolled his eyes.

"Just in shock that you own a pair of jeans and know what a Henley is," Mike retorted. "Come on in, we're almost ready."

Harvey stepped in and Mike closed the door, watched as Harvey looked around his apartment thoughtfully. Mike expected a comment on its less than awesome state was prepared to defend it but was surprised and pleased when Harvey said nothing.

"I brought ice cream," he gestured to the bag.


"I owe Fiona ice cream," Harvey replied. "I still get pie tonight right?"

"Yeah," Mike chuckled. "It's actually cooling now. And-"

Mike stopped talking at the sound of little feet rushing towards them. He found his daughter skidding to a halt in front of them, blonde hair flying everywhere, dressed in her purple soccer uniform, cleats in one hand, knee socks and shinguards in the other a smile on her face.

"Mr. Harvey!"

"Good morning," Harvey's lips quirked into a smile. "You look ready to play today."

"Speaking of," Mike pointed to the couch. "Let's finish getting you ready. Harvey the kitchen is in there if you want to-"

"I've got it," Harvey nodded as he walked into the kitchen with his bag in hand. Mike heard the sounds of the freezer being opened before he followed Fiona to the couch. He sat down and she stood in front of him, handed him the brush and the elastic for her hair.

"Usual please," she laughed as she turned around. Mike smiled as he set to work on the practiced art of getting her sometimes unruly hair into a ponytail in under five minutes. By the time Harvey came back into the room he had her sitting on the coffee table, one foot already shoed and the other being tied. Fiona nodded when he released her foot and she turned her attention to Harvey. "Now I'm ready to play."

"Come on," Mike stood up and grabbed his bag which had her water bottle, a blanket, and a change of shoes for her after the game. He shot an apologetic look at Harvey. "Sorry, mornings are always a little hectic around here."

"No it's fine," Harvey shook his head, a fond smile on his face as they made their way towards the door, Fiona in front of them, he paused to grab his keys and switch the lights off as they headed out into the hall.

"Mr. Harvey do you like soccer?" Fiona asked when they were out of the building and Mike had her hand in his as they made their way towards the park.

"I've never really watched it," he replied. "Guess that means you'll have to tell me about the game."

Mike grinned when his little girl launched into her tale of what soccer was and why Harvey should care.

Harvey decided that watching small children play soccer was quite possibly one of the most interesting things he had ever seen. He watched as the two 'teams' raced back and forth across the soccer field all of their little faces determined and searching for the right direction to kick the ball. Fiona was playing goalkeeper for her team this half and from what Harvey could see, she was easily the most talented player on the field, then again he may also be biased because it was Fiona.

"Hey sorry I'm late. Work was crazy last night."

He turned in time to see a blonde kneel down on the blanket and press a kiss to Mike's cheek. He cocked his head; he recognized her from the mock trial a few weeks ago but knew she didn't work for the form.

"No problem," Mike turned to Harvey. "Harvey this is Jenny."

"Oh so you're the famed Harvey Specter," Jenny reached across and offered her hand.

"Famed huh?" he smirked as he shook her hand, faltered just a bit when she squinted her eyes at him, but recovered before anyone could tell. He couldn't really blame her; Mike had mentioned that the only people that were usually at these games were the two of them. That thought brought another wave of guilt through him because he'd been making Mike work more Saturdays, which meant that Jenny was probably the only one here to watch Fiona play.

"You're all Fiona could talk about last night," Jenny replied.

"Don't tell him that, you'll inflate his ego even more," Mike groaned.

"Not my fault your daughter has good taste," Harvey countered, Jenny giggled as she sat beside Mike.

"How's our girl doing?"

"She got put in goal for the first half of the game," Mike responded.

"Coach has been doing that more lately," Jenny informed him. "She's good at it."

"She's five," Mike shrugged. "We'll see if she wants to keep this up."

"Hey Mike!"

Harvey turned his head in time to see a young woman with a baby on her hip wave at him from across the field; Mike waved back as he crawled to the end of the blanket and stood up.

"Veronica said she wanted to talk to me. Be right back. You two play nice," Mike warned.

"I'm always nice," Jenny smiled.

Mike just shook his head and trotted off to said woman. Harvey turned his attention away from the game where Fiona was clapping for her team and looked at Jenny.

"Can I ask who Veronica is?"

"Veronica is the mother of Fiona's best friend," Jenny pointed to the field and Harvey found himself looking at another little girl with a head of brown hair playing offense. "Caroline's birthday is in two weeks. I'm guessing she's talking to Mike about the party."

"Right," Harvey nodded couldn't ignore the way his gut settled at that knowledge. Jenny peered at him. "Yes?"

"Nothing just…Mike never invites people to her games," she responded. "Usually it's just him and I. It used to be Trevor too but-"

"He mentioned Trevor yesterday," Harvey grumbled, Jenny shook her head.

"I'm not going to defend what he did but he wasn't always a bad guy," she replied. "After all I fell in love with him."

"I didn't mean to imply that you were also bad," Harvey said quickly because he didn't want to judge her based on her association with Trevor. She was obviously a nice person who meant a lot to Mike and to Fiona if the way Fiona waved at her was any indication. "You mean a lot to Mike and Fiona."

"They mean a lot to me," she mused.

"I can see," Harvey studied her, the smile on her face whenever she caught Fiona's eye, and felt his heart sink just a little. Jenny knew this part of Mike and he didn't.

"I should thank you," Jenny told him. "For giving Mike the job and-"

"You know?" Harvey asked, she laughed at his wide-eyed expression.

"Yes I know," she told him. "And your secret is safe with me. I promise. Why would I ruin the second best thing that's ever happened to him?"

"Second best?" Harvey asked, Jenny leveled him with a look and nodded towards the field. "Right, right, Fiona is obviously the best."

"Unexpected though she was can't imagine not having her in our lives," Jenny replied.

"Does Fiona know about the job?"

Jenny shook her head.

"She hasn't really started asking questions yet," she responded. "I don't know if she will. We're not exactly encouraging it."

"Oh," Harvey paused at the word we. "And you and Mike?"

"Mike and I what?" Jenny asked him.

"You two are obviously very close and-"

"To answer your very personal question, no we're not involved," Jenny told him. "And we never will be."

"And why is that?"

"Mr. Specter I just got out of a very serious relationship with a drug dealer who happened to be Mike's best friend," Jenny told him. "We almost slept together once, after you sent Trevor away because we were both depressed and drunk. We stopped because we realized how pathetic we were being."

"You're not pathetic and call me Harvey," he said.

"Oh it was pretty sad," she chuckled. "Trevor did a number on both of us. I love Mike in my own way but it could never happen. We both agreed that it was the dumbest decision ever. Right now I'm honestly just trying to figure out how to be single again."

"Fair enough," Harvey had to give her that.

"Besides I think we both know who Mike has eyes for don't we?" Jenny asked. Harvey shifted. "I'm just going to say this Harvey, I may seem cute and sweet but if you hurt Mike or if you hurt Fiona they won't be able to find the body."

"You're kind of terrifying," Harvey told her, she shrugged.

"I embrace it are we understood?"

"Loud and clear, I'm not looking to hurt them," he replied, she nodded before she turned back to the game at the same time Mike crawled back onto the blanket between them.

"Birthday party in two weeks?"

"Yep," Mike replied. "Veronica just wanted to know if it was alright if Fiona spent the night afterwards. What did you two talk about?"

"Nothing," Jenny smiled at him, Mike looked at Harvey and found his face blank.

"I don't want to know," he decided as the whistle blew for half-time. Harvey clapped along with everyone else when the kids scrambled to the sidelines for water and orange slices. He gave Fiona a thumb up when she looked at him. She grinned and then started chasing her friends around.

Mike thought that the apocalypse had to be coming because Harvey Specter was actually letting someone get his designer clothes dirty. Anyone who knew Harvey knew that he liked his clothes to be pristine and put together just so but apparently when you added a five year-old covered in grass and mud things changed. At least Harvey had changed because after the game they'd all stayed at the park for a little while so the teams could play together and the parents could mingle while keeping a close eye on their children.

And then it had started to rain which had prompted the kids to get involved in a mud war which mean that his daughter was now covered in mud and grass stains from sliding on the ground. Harvey Specter had agreed to carry his child home. Fiona was currently perched on his hip, and from what Mike could tell Harvey didn't care that he was getting mud stains on his jeans or his shirt, he was simply enjoying the conversation he was having as they entered the apartment they called home.

"Alright Bumble Bee before we do anything else bath time," Mike said as he closed the door and turned back to the two of them.

"I knew it," Fiona told Harvey as she got down from his embrace and kicked her shoes off.

"Bathroom, go, I'll be back in a minute," he pointed; she nodded and walked towards the back of the apartment. "And don't leave your uniform on the ground!"

"Got it!"

Mike turned his attention to Harvey.

"I'm sorry about your clothes."

"They're just clothes," Harvey shrugged. "I'll just wash the worst of it off in the kitchen if that's alright?"

"Yeah of course that's fine," Mike nodded.



"I have beer in the fridge, you're welcome to one, I need to go get her settled."

"Go on, I'm perfectly capable of entertaining myself."

Mike rolled his eyes as he walked back to the bathroom. It took him twenty minutes to get Fiona settled in the bathtub, wash her hair, and make sure the mud was gone before he agreed to let her 'handle it herself' and play for a while. He left the door cracked open and headed back to the kitchen to check on Harvey.

He didn't expect to walk in and see that Harvey had taken the Henley off and was standing in the middle of his kitchen in nothing but an undershirt. Mike felt his mouth drop open as he took in tanned skin and muscles that he had never known Harvey had under those expensive suits of his. Mike wished he could see Harvey's skin more often and decided that the world was out to get him. First Rachel, then Donna and now this was all, he needed to stop thinking about all the ways in which he'd like to rid Harvey of the rest of his clothes before he embarrassed himself.

"Where's Fiona?"

He shook his head and looked at Harvey, found him nursing a bottle of beer and smirking as though he knew exactly what Mike had been doing.

"She's…still in the tub," he responded.

"Is that safe?" Harvey asked as Mike fought his way to the fridge and pulled out a beer for himself along with the ingredients he'd need for dinner. He was planning for something simple; grilled cheese and tomato soup with the pie for dessert.

"I help her with her hair but she does a good job of it, makes her feel independent, besides," Mike paused. "Fiona?"

"Still good daddy!"

He gave Harvey a grin.

"Small apartment means I can do that every few minutes to check on her."

"Right," Harvey nodded. There was silence as Mike worked to get things ready for food, he wouldn't start anything until Fiona was out of the bath but it always helped to be prepared.

"Did you…have fun today?" Mike asked as Harvey took a sip from his drink.

"I did," Harvey nodded. "I'm…thank you for inviting me."

"Thank you for coming," Mike told him as he finished getting things ready and leaned against the counter and took a sip from his own beer. "It meant a lot to Fiona…and me."

"Really?" Harvey asked. Mike nodded. "Why is that?"

"Because Fiona is the most important person in my life," Mike responded. "And you're…you're important too. I'm glad you know about her now. I'm glad you-"

Mike stopped talking when Harvey put his beer down on the counter and edged closer to him. He swallowed, watched as Harvey followed the movement with his eyes. Mike repeated and felt his cheeks flush.

"I want to do something, an experiment if you will," Harvey moved closer and Mike really didn't have time to object before he found his lips being covered by Harvey's. He froze for all of three seconds before his brain started screaming that he was an idiot if he didn't respond. So he did, he pressed his lips against Harvey's and kissed back. Harvey made a startled sound against his mouth, like he hadn't expected Mike to do that, but he recovered quickly, crowded Mike against the counter and fisted his t-shirt to drag him closer as his tongue licked into Mike's mouth. Mike was all too happy to let Harvey do that because it meant that he got to run his hands through his hair and mess it up.

Mike had dreamed about messing Harvey's hair since day one and when he tugged on it, Harvey grunted and pressed into his body even further. Mike hated the fact that he needed to breathe because it meant pulling away from this, he was then grateful that breathing didn't necessarily mean needing space because Harvey stayed close. His eyes were dark and Mike couldn't quite stop staring at his swollen lips.

He'd wanted this for ages and he wasn't sure he could go back now that it had happened.

"Successful experiment?" he asked when had calmed down.

"Very," Harvey nodded. "I-"

"Daddy I'm done!"

Fiona's voice sprang through the air and Mike closed his eyes even as Harvey chuckled by his ear.


"I'm coming bumble bee," he called out as Harvey moved away to let him pass. He moved to go but paused and turned back. "Harvey?"

"Go on, I'll still be here when you get back," Harvey promised.

"Tonight, after Fiona goes to bed we can…we can talk about this?"

"Bet on it rookie, now go before she turns into a prune," Harvey said as he shrugged back into his shirt, Mike narrowed his eyes.

"You did that on purpose."


"Saved by the munchkin," Harvey muttered as Mike hurried to get back to the bathroom. He felt lighter than he had in a long time.


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