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Harvey was not nervous as he sat next to Mike on his worn down couch, watching Beauty and the Beast because Fiona had picked it out. He felt like he should be, he felt like it should be awkward after their kiss earlier, he felt like he should be running for the hills because he didn't do this kind of thing. He avoided it.

But here on the couch with Mike and Fiona snuggled between them he found that he didn't want to avoid it. He found that tonight, with dinner and pie, and a game night for crying out loud had been some of the most fun he'd had in a while. He also found himself half convinced that Fiona did indeed deserve a puppy instead of the stuffed one currently clutched to her chest.

Again, he had no idea how Mike said no to her and her big blue eyes.


He turned his head when he heard Mike's whispered voice, glanced down to find that Fiona had chosen to curl up against him and that eyes were closed and her breathing was even, fast asleep. He smiled.

This felt right.

"I'm going to put her to bed," Mike told him. Harvey nodded and sat perfectly still as Mike stood up and then reached down to gather her into his arms. She still stirred.

"Daddy no," she whined. "I wanna stay up."

"Bumble bee it is way past your bedtime," Mike told her. "You need your beauty sleep for your girls day tomorrow."

"But Harvey's here," she told him, Harvey chuckled as he stood up and put his face eye level with her sleepy blue eyes.

"And I promise I'll come back," he told her. "But you go to bed now alright?"

"Fine," she huffed before she looked down at her hands and frowned. "Where's Mr. Squiggles?"

Harvey looked down at the couch and gathered the stuffed dog and held it out to her. She took it and clutched it to her chest once more. Mike shot him a grateful look.

"Ready Bumble bee?"

"Night Harvey," Fiona paused to blow him a kiss, Harvey smiled at her, Mike smiled at him.

"Good night Fiona, sweet dreams."

"I'll be back in a little bit…will you still-"

"Kitchen," Harvey nodded in the direction as he bent down to gather the bowls of ice cream they'd had while watching the movie. Mike nodded before he carefully made his way through the living room and back towards Fiona's bedroom. Harvey headed back to the kitchen, flipped the light on and started to wash the bowls while he listened to Mike tuck Fiona in. He was right, small apartment with paper thin walls meant you could hear practically everything.

It was very domestic but oddly felt right.


He stopped cleaning and turned towards the doorway to find Mike leaning against it.

"Hey," he repeated. "Fiona asleep?"

"Out like a light," Mike replied. "So…I guess it's time to talk isn't it?"

"Guess so," Harvey said. "But I'll be honest I don't do this often so-"

"Harvey I just need to know what you expect from this," Mike said as he entered the room and came to stand beside him at the counter. "Because we both know that you don't do relationships and I can't afford one night stands."

"Who says I want a one night stand?" he asked quietly, Mike's eyebrows shot up. "Mike my relationships don't last long because they bore me and in case you didn't know rookie, you don't bore me."

"I don't huh?" Mike asked.

"No, you challenge me and…believe it or not I enjoy that. I enjoy you and quite frankly the one night stand bit gets lonely after a while. I'm tired of that."

"So…you're saying you want more?"

"I'm saying I'm open to trying for more," Harvey said. "I'm not saying that I'm going to be great at it but…I'm open. The question here is what do you want?"

"You," Mike responded simply and Harvey couldn't quite help the smile that appeared on his face. "I want you but I'm also mildly scared about that because I'm a packaged deal Harvey and Fiona is already halfway in love with you and I don't want us to get hurt if you decide you get bored."

"I don't plan on getting bored Mike," Harvey told him. "And I get that Fiona is first in your life. I get that her needs will always come first. I know that and believe it or not I like her too. And I like to think that you and I are both more mature than to let a break-up affect her. If something were to happen I'm not going to cut you both off. But like I said, I don't plan on being bored. I don't plan on….I didn't plan on you that's what."

"Didn't plan on me?"

"You and your stupidly attractive mind," Harvey muttered as Mike edged closer to him, snuck an arm around his waist and pulled him closer. Harvey went, pressed himself against him in the process, delighted when Mike's eyes darkened at the feel of their bodies so close together.

"Hey all of me is attractive," Mike grinned. "Then again you're also stupidly attractive."

"And smart, don't forget that," Harvey reminded him. "How long will Fiona be occupied tomorrow?"

"Most of the day," Mike peered at him. "Why?"

"So, you, me, lunch," Harvey shrugged. "We see how that goes and take it from there."

Mike bit his lip and for a second Harvey was afraid he'd say no, but then he smiled and nodded.

"Alright, tomorrow, it's a date?"

"Damn straight it is," Harvey informed him before he leaned in and pressed his lips again Mike's. Mike responded beautifully, fisted his shirt and pulled himself closer as Harvey pressed his tongue into his mouth, groaned when he nipped at his lips, gave as good as he got when he tugged on Harvey's hair. They banged against the counter and Harvey slid his hands down Mike's side and filed away the shivers for later use. He had plans to pull away and suggest they move this to a more comfortable place, like the couch, but then he heard a sound behind them.

"I knew it."

Harvey and Mike pulled away faster than lightening, exchanged wide-eyed looks and then turned to find Fiona standing in the doorway to the kitchen, dressed in her pink princess pajamas, Mr. Squiggles in her crossed arms as she eyed them both.

"You should be in bed," Mike pointed out.

"Can't sleep," Fiona told them. "And I knew you liked each other!"

"I…what?" Mike asked. Fiona walked over to them and patted them both on the knee.

"It's…obvious," Fiona pointed out as she looked at Harvey. "Donna said you had the hots for my daddy too."

Mike choked as Harvey chuckled and knelt down to look her in the eye.

"She did huh?"

"Yep, We were gonna lock you in a closet," Fiona told him.

"And why were you going to do that?" Harvey asked, even if he was now convinced that Donna was indeed training this child to take over the world.

"I want my daddy to be happy. Are you gonna make him happy?"

Harvey glanced up at Mike and smiled.

"I'll see what I can do about that," he promised as Mike slid down beside him.

"You ok with this Bumble Bee?"

Fiona looked at the both of them for a few minutes and nodded. Harvey had no doubt that she would have more questions about this come tomorrow and the next day. He was also kind of giddy because she approved of him and he had a feeling that that was more than half the battle.

Maybe he really would buy her a puppy.

"You still need to get to bed," Mike commented. Fiona pouted, Harvey chuckled.

"I propose a deal, Fiona gets one story of her choice and then she agrees to go to sleep," he suggested.

"Nancy Drew," she told them.

"You sure bumble bee?"

"You said we could," she pointed out before she looked at Harvey. "Read to me?"

"Me?" Harvey asked, surprised, he knew that reading was big in this house, the copious amounts of books were evidence of that, but he was surprised that he was being included in this. "I'd love to read it to you."

"Daddy can come too," Fiona informed him as they both stood up. Mike got her a drink of water and then they walked her back to bed, Harvey helped tuck her into bed and found himself sitting on one side of said bed while Mike sat on the other as he started to read about a mystery involving a clock.

"So…tomorrow?" Mike asked as he walked Harvey to the door. He was half tempted to ask him to stay but it was probably better if he left. Mike would do something stupid like ravage him in an apartment with paper thin walls and he had already scarred his child enough for one night. Not that she seemed scarred, she seemed ridiculously happy. Mike had to share her sentiments when Harvey stopped at the door and leaned in and kissed him.

"Tomorrow," Harvey told him. He smiled.

Life had done a lot of things to him. He was happy about this new development. He had a good feeling about it for himself and his child.

And then Harvey kissed him again.

He had a really good feeling.


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