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Mike waited until Jessica was inside of Harvey's office and then pointedly ignored the look he was getting from his boss as he focused his attention on his child.

"Bumble bee, you know who that is?" he nodded towards the desk. She shook her head and bit her lip again, Mike smiled at her. "Remember how I was telling you about Donna?"

Fiona's eyes widened in surprise before she looked at Donna; who had since dropped the eyebrow and was now aiming a smile right at his daughter like the perceptive person (or psychic) that she was.

"That's Donna?"

"You bet it is," he told her and found himself more than a little surprised when Donna stood up, walked around her desk and knelt next to him. He looked at her and found that her smile was still in place but this time it was directed at him.

"You talk about me?" Donna inquired. He rubbed the back of his neck as Fiona cut into their conversation.

"Only good things," Fiona assured her. "Daddy says you're a goddess. You're really pretty. I like your hair."

Donna's lips quirked as she looked at Fiona.

"I like your hair too," Donna told her as she looked between her and Mike. "And if I'm a goddess you are cute as a button. You can call me Donna."

"I know that," Fiona giggled. "My name is Fiona."

"Well it is a pleasure to finally meet you," Donna told her, Mike looked at her, she shrugged. "I'm Donna, I know all. I just don't tell all the time."

"Not even Harvey?" Mike asked as they both stood up and Fiona took his hand again. Donna shook her head but motioned to the office where Harvey was definitely eying him with shock, curiosity, a little bit of anger and what was most surprising was the hurt all mixed together into one expression. Mike took a deep breath to steal himself for the coming inquisition.

"Wasn't my story to tell," Donna replied. "Now what finally convinced you to bring her in for everyone to coo over?"

"It rained at daycare," Fiona told her.

"Pipes burst this morning, Jenny can't watch her and there's no one else that I would-"

"Say no more," Donna shook her head before she looked at Fiona. "You keep your daddy in line today and if anyone gives you any trouble you just send them my way."

"Deal," Fiona nodded before she looked up at him. Mike smiled down at her even though he was nervous as all hell for what was about to come. "Daddy? What now?"

"We go in there," he pointed to the office where Harvey and Jessica were still watching them. "Ready bumble bee?"

She gave him a mega-watt smile and Mike took strength from that, as he had for the past five years, and together they walked into Harvey's office as Jessica made to leave.

"I'll leave you three to talk," she leveled him with a look before she turned a smile onto his daughter. "I'll see you later Fiona."

"It was very nice to meet you Ms. Jessica," Fiona replied.

"And it's always a pleasure to meet a future attorney," Jessica responded. "The world needs more women in law. Now I have a meeting to get to but I'll be back down to see you and your father before you both leave tonight. I want to make sure your visit was acceptable, Harvey," Jessica turned back to him and gave him a smile. "I know you'll be nice. Mr. Ross, Fiona," she paused for one moment, gave Harvey a very pointed look, and then closed the door behind her as she left.

There was silence between them as Harvey's eyes darted between him and Fiona. Mike honestly had no idea how to start this conversation. He wasn't sure if he wanted to while his daughter was in the room because he could see all of the questions that were running through Harvey's head. The man was hard to read but Mike was certainly getting better at it. He broke himself out of his reverie when Fiona tugged on his pants leg.

"Daddy," she mumbled and Mike knelt down to look her in the eye. "He looks scary."

"I know, but trust me bumble bee, his bark is far worse than his bite," Mike reassured her.

"It is-" Harvey stopped talking when Mike glared at him, followed by a pointed tap on the glass from Donna.

"You're looking at the best closer in the whole city," Mike told her. "That's daddy's boss."

Fiona's eyes sparked at the name and she turned that curiosity onto Harvey.

"You're Harvey Specter?" she asked quietly, still shy, but more than a little determined to get answers now. Harvey looked surprised and Mike noticed how he stood a little straighter as he answered her.

"That's what I'm told," he replied cautiously.

"I thought you'd be nicer," Fiona wrinkled her nose. The look on Harvey's face, one of disbelief and complete bafflement was enough to make Mike wish he had his phone in his hands. There was a tap on the glass and Mike glanced over to find Donna giggling. Harvey glared at both him and Donna before he turned his attention to Fiona.

"What makes you think I'm not being nice?" he prodded.

"You stare. Daddy says it's not nice to do that. And a nice person would introduce themselves," Fiona informed him. Harvey's eyebrows shot up and Mike swore he saw his lips quirk for the briefest moment before settling back into the hard line from before.

"You could have taken the first step and said hello," Harvey pointed out. Fiona paused for a moment and looked between the two of them once more before she shook her head.

"You're a stranger," she responded. "I'm not allowed to talk to them."

"You already started talking to me," Harvey countered.

"You have glass walls," she responded. "And daddy's right here. And Donna is outside."

"You like to argue don't you?" Harvey asked.

"I'm going to be a lawyer like daddy," she responded.

"So that's a yes," Mike cut in as he stood up and took Fiona's hand in his once more. "She's getting better at it the more she learns." Harvey looked at him in surprise, as though he was remembering that Mike was still in the room with them.

"We need to talk," Harvey told him.

"I know but-"

Both men looked up to find Donna standing in the doorway eying the two of them before her gaze settled on Mike.

"I was going to get some coffee and I thought Fiona would like to come and get a little tour of the floor? Maybe get some juice or milk?"

The woman was a goddess.

"Daddy can I?" Fiona asked him quickly.

"If you promise to stay with Donna the whole time and listen to her," Mike responded.

"I'm five not dumb," she told him. Harvey snorted; Mike ignored it in favor of bending down to press a kiss to her forehead.

"I love you the most," he informed her.

"Love you the most!"

She rushed over to Donna after that and took the offered hand.

"Come on, we'll go to the Partners break room, I have it on good authority that they have cookies in there," Donna told her as they headed out into the hall, once more, closing the door behind them.

Mike gave Harvey a lot of credit for waiting until the two of them were out of sight before he let loose.

"Explain rookie."

Mike sighed; already tired from the conversation they had yet to have. He walked over to Harvey's couch and sat down on one side, finally letting the yellow backpack slide off of his shoulder to rest beside him. He gestured to the space beside him or the chair in front of him.

"Remember the day we met and how I told you that I got knocked into a different life?" Mike offered. Harvey hesitated for a moment before he nodded and took a seat in the chair. Figur"Fiona is the most important part of that knock. She was born when I was twenty-one."

"Her mother?"

"Her name is Natalie," Mike replied. "We met when we were both twenty, drunk and depressed. I had just gotten thrown out of school and she had just moved to a new city where she knew no one. We slept together, two months later I got a frantic phone call, seven months after that there was a baby being put in my arms."

"And where is Natalie?"

"Not in the picture," Mike held a hand up at Harvey's look of shock. "She didn't want to be a mother and originally wanted to put Fiona up for adoption but I just…I couldn't let my flesh and blood go like that you know? Not after what happened to my mom and dad. So Natalie agreed to sign her rights away and give me full custody."

"And where is she now?"

"Last time I heard from her she was taking off for a teaching fellowship in China with her fiancé," Mike replied, Harvey's eyebrow shot up but Mike shrugged it off. "She lets me know whenever she's moving if I were to ever need her for some medical reason, god forbid," he mutters.

"I see, and Fiona?"

"She knows about her mother," Mike replied. "I don't see the point of hiding it from her. She's a smart kid and from what I can tell she handles it well. She may not have the most conventional family in the world but she has a support system. When she was born, Gram still lived with us; Jenny and Trevor were always there."

"You let Trevor near your child?"

"It was before he got out of hand," Mike countered as he watched Harvey shift uncomfortably in the chair. "Before he turned into what he is, or was, he was my best friend and he is still her godfather. If it hadn't been for him, Jenny, and Gram I would have gone crazy and into bankruptcy several times over trying to care for a newborn."

"I hear children are expensive," Harvey mused, Mike snorted.

"You have no idea," he told him. "But we've always managed. I've always managed for us. You have to when you have a kid. They come first in everything. She's never been without."

The unspoken but I have lingered between them. Harvey studied Mike like he finally understood a lot of things; Mike shrugged it off because it was nothing to be ashamed of. So he had gone hungry some nights so his daughter could eat? So he had used duct tape more than a few times to keep his shoes together so she could get new ones? There was nothing wrong with it.

"Why didn't you tell me you had a daughter?"

Mike was surprised to find that Harvey looked more than a little upset as he asked the question.

"I'm not ashamed of her," Mike replied quietly. "And to be fair no one at the firm knew about her until today, except Donna, because I swear the woman has magic powers," Mike tried to joke. It kind of worked because Harvey nodded before he glared at him. "Look, this world is just…intense and at first I didn't know if I was going to make this work and honestly this place is filled with cutthroat sharks. I didn't want to give anyone the chance to use her to get to me."

"And you really think that I'd do something like that?" Harvey asked, Mike shook his head.

"Not you but if it had gotten out…I just didn't want to risk it Harvey," Mike sighed. "The only reason she's here today is because the pipes burst at her daycare center and Jenny's stuck at work."

"You should have told me. Were you ever going to tell me?" Harvey asked.

"Eventually," Mike replied. "When I was sure you were going to be a more permanent fixture in my life. I didn't want her to get attached only to lose someone. You know her now, she knows you. Now am I fired?"

"Of course not," Harvey scoffed. "Do you realize how much paperwork that would involve? And I'd have to interview more Harvard douchebags. No you're not fired."

"And Fiona?"

"Everyone should be privy to witness my greatness," Harvey replied. "And she's a future lawyer?"

"So she says for the moment," he replied. "It used to change every other day but the lawyer thing has stuck ever since she got into one of my law books."

"For a five year old," Harvey paused and thought and Mike applauded him for taking all of this so well. "She wasn't that bad. It's obvious that she's been taking lessons from you, except she was more adorable when she tried to correct me."

"You wound me," Mike pouted. "I am plenty adorable."

"Keep telling yourself that rookie," Harvey grumbled.

"Is it alright that she's going to be here with me today?"

"We'll work with it," Harvey told him after a moment, and just like that Mike knew it would be ok. Harvey still looked unsure but at least it felt like he understood. There were sure to be more talks about this but at least for now everything was alright.


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