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"Oh goody, a powwow in the middle of the workday where nothing is getting done."

Both men turned their heads to find that Louis had entered the room. Harvey set his mouth into a hard line as Mike bit back a groan.

"My associate and I were having a meeting Louis, one you aren't invited to," Harvey replied. "And I thought I said you weren't allowed into my office."

"Well excuse me for looking out for the good of the firm. I thought I could come in here and offer to give Mike some work because he clearly doesn't have enough if he can afford to sit around with you," Louis told him. "I have a stack of briefs waiting for you on your desk. They need to be done by midnight."

Mike opened his mouth to protest but stopped when his daughter walked into the room, carefully carrying a cup of coffee, complete with lid in front of her. Louis' eyes widened comically when Fiona stopped in front of Harvey and motioned to the cup. Louis' mouth dropped open and it seemed that the little girl had made him speechless.

"Donna said to give you this," she told Harvey solemnly as he reached out and took it from her.

"She did huh?" Harvey asked as he took the cup from her with a smile that was bigger than the one she'd gotten earlier.

"She said you get cranky without it," Fiona nodded.

"I do," Harvey nodded as he took a sip. "Did you help make it?"

"I just pushed the button," she shook her head. "Do you like it?"

"It's perfect as always," Harvey informed her. "Thank you for bringing it to me."

"You're welcome Mr. Specter," she grinned at him.

"You can call me Mr. Harvey if you want."

"Mr. Harvey," Fiona rolled the name around on her tongue before she looked at Mike. "Daddy!"

Mike opened his arms out when she launched herself at him and scrambled into his lap. She snuggled into his side and looked at Louis, who was still staring at Fiona. Mike moved an arm around his daughter and pulled her a little closer. He trusted Harvey, but he trusted Louis as far as he could throw him.

"Daddy?" Louis repeated. "This is…yours?"

"Louis," Mike breathed as he motioned to Fiona. "This is my daughter Fiona, Fi, this is Louis Litt."

"Hi Mr. Litt," Fiona waved at him. Louis looked surprised that he was being addressed, and even more surprised that a small child was smiling at him.

"Umm hello," he replied because this was a child and he wasn't that much of a bastard. He could also see the warning looks Harvey and Mike were shooting him and feel Donna's stare on the back of his neck. "Ross what is this?"

"I'm not a this," Fiona informed him as she pointed to herself. "I'm Fiona. You're Mr. Litt. Daddy says you're good with numbers."

"Does he now?" Louis looked at Mike.

"I tell her good things about my co-workers," Mike told him.

"Uh huh, I like numbers," she said. "My teacher says I'm the best at math."

"They do math in preschool?" Louis asked. Fiona glared at him, he startled. Harvey snorted; Mike looked away and fought to hide his laughter.

"I'm five and in kindergarten," she huffed. "Because they told me I was too young for first grade. Do you like numbers?"

"I do," Louis responded awkwardly. "Ross what is this?" he asked again.

"The pipes burst at her daycare this morning, Harvey and I have a full plate," Mike replied. "So she's going to stay here with me today. And no," he silenced Louis with a look as his mouth opened. "There was no one else to watch her."

"Jessica and I have already cleared it," Harvey added. "We can't spare him today but she obviously can't be left by herself."

"Ms. Jessica was really nice," Fiona added, Harvey and Mike both shot her a look that she brushed off as she turned another mega-watt smile on Louis. "Do you think Ms. Jessica is nice Mr. Litt?"

"I…yes I do think that Ms. Jessica is nice," Louis responded carefully, his eyes on Fiona as they darted back to Mike and Harvey. The two chose to do nothing to save him.

"I liked her a lot. She liked me too," Fiona informed him before she crinkled her nose and looked up at Mike. "She liked me right daddy?"

"She liked you a lot," Mike informed her.

"We are…not a…"

"I'm gonna be a lawyer when I'm bigger," Fiona informed him. "I'd really like to learn from the best. You're one of them right?"

"I….you think I'm one of the best lawyers?" Louis asked her, suddenly much more relaxed than he was before. Mike wanted to hug his little diplomat.

"You have to be. Ms. Jessica wouldn't hire you if you weren't," she told him. "Right?"

"Yes," Louis paused. "You're a pretty observant kid."

"Lawyers are observant," Fiona said. "At least that's what daddy says."

"Your daddy is right," Louis nodded before he looked back at Mike. "She can stay…it won't kill us to have her here for one day. If any of the associates...mention it," Louis looked like he chose his words carefully. "Send them to me. I'm going to…go back to my office now."

"It was nice to meet you Mr. Litt," Fiona told him. Louis ran a hand against his hair.

"You too," he responded before he practically bolted out of the door, barely even sparing a glance at Donna.

"He's not good with kids is he?" Fiona asked Mike who shook his head as he brushed his lips against her forehead.

"Just not a lot of experience with them," he told her. "Bumble bee you handled that like a pro."

"Duh," she replied before she looked at Harvey. "Mr. Harvey what do you think?"

Harvey looked surprised that he was being addressed.

"I think you're either going to be a really good lawyer or an actress for the way you just handled Mr. Litt," Harvey told her. "He's not the easiest to get along with."

"He was nothing," Fiona assured him. "And I'm gonna be a lawyer cause I want be like daddy."

"Speaking of," Harvey looked at Mike. "You need to get back to work, we still have that client meeting in half an hour and I'm sure that we can convince Donna to watch Fiona here," he looked at the glass walls of his office to find Donna nodding along. "So why don't you go get settled in at your desk, finish going over that file, and come back five minutes before the meeting alright?"

"Got it," Mike nodded before he looked at Fiona. She scooted off of his lap, he held her backpack up and slid it onto her little arms before she turned to him and held her hand out. Mike stood and took it and motioned to the door. "Let's get you set up at my desk bumble bee."

"See you soon Mr. Harvey," Fiona called out as she walked out of the door with her father and down the hall to the associate's space. Harvey watched them go and then leaned against the back of his couch and closed his eyes. It took all of two seconds for him to hear Donna's heels clicking on his office floor.

"You knew?" he asked as he opened his eyes and gaze at her.

"Of course I knew," Donna replied.

"And you didn't tell me?"

"It wasn't my place to tell you that Mike had a daughter," she responded. "He was keeping her from the firm for a reason."

"He should have told me," Harvey muttered.

"Maybe, but like he said, you know now, what are you going to do?" Donna asked, one eyebrow raised as her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Adjust," Harvey replied. "You don't mind watching her?"

"Anyone that can make Louis tongue-tied is my hero," Donna smirked. "I'll watch her while you're in your meeting, start training her on the art of being me."

"The world isn't ready," Harvey groaned before he stood and made his way back to his desk.

Mike was quite aware of the fact that all of the inhabitants of the associates cubicles had gone quiet at his entrance. He was aware of the stares he and Fiona were getting but he chose to ignore them as they reached his desk and found that there was already another chair there. He needed to get Donna some flowers tomorrow morning in addition to her favorite coffee.

"This is your desk?" Fiona asked him, Mike chuckled at the look on her face.

"Yes, associates don't get nice offices like Mr. Litt or Mr. Harvey," he responded as he let go of her hand. He knelt down to help her get her backpack off and put it on the desk beside his briefs.

"Hey Ross you get stuck babysitting?"

Mike turned and wasn't surprised to find that Greg had stood up to ask or that everyone else was now openly staring at his daughter. Fiona tugged on his hand; he glanced down to find that she had tilted her head and raised her arms. He chuckled as he reached down to hoist her onto his hip, her arms wrapped around his neck as she looked around the cubicles.

"No, everyone this is my daughter Fiona," he watched as everyone's faces went from curious to shocked in a matter of thirty seconds. It was comical.

"Daughter?" Greg asked. "You have a….oh what the he-"

"You were about to say helicopter right Greg?" Kyle interrupted before Greg could finish the sentence. Mike was surprised and grateful at the same time. He was going to say something but then Fiona started giggling against his shoulder. It drew everyone's attention to the both of them.

"What's so funny bumble bee?" he asked.

"He sounded like you when you're about to say a bad word daddy," she replied. He snorted, his daughter may be a little genius but she was still only five and things like bad words amused her to no end. Mike looked at Greg, who looked more than a little embarrassed and then at Kyle who was actually kind of smiling at him. Fiona eyed his co-workers. "Daddy says bad words aren't nice."

"He did?" Greg asked.

"And he's very right," Kyle responded as he approached the two of them and held his hand out. "Hi Fiona, my name is Kyle."

Fiona looked at Mike who nodded and then she reached out and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you," she told him.

"It's nice to meet you too. How old are you?" Kyle asked.

"Five," Fiona responded.

"I see," Kyle responded, and Mike was more than a little shocked at the way Kyle Durant, Louis' protégé extraordinaire was acting around his daughter at the moment. "I have a niece that's six. You remind me of her."

"Good or bad reminder?" Fiona asked, Kyle laughed.

"Good," he promised. "And are you just visiting your dad today?"

"It rained in daycare," Fiona told him. "Are you a lawyer too?"

"Yep, all of us at these desks are lawyers," Kyle responded.

"Cool," she nodded. "I'm gonna be a lawyer when I grow up."

"Seriously," Greg interrupted. "What is this? I mean Kyle what are you doing you shouldn't be…"

"Introducing myself to our guest of honor?" Kyle asked him. "Making it so she's not scared of us? Why would I ever do that?"

"Greg shut-up," Harold stopped him before he waved at Fiona. "I'm Harold."

"Greg?" Fiona asked, Greg looked mildly terrified of her but he nodded. "You're not good with kids are you?"

Kyle snorted, followed by Harold, and soon everyone was having a laugh at Greg's expense, even Mike. It was a good break in the tension and curiosity that was still peaking the room. Mike was grateful that no one had asked at Fiona's mother.

"He's not," Kyle assured her. "But you ignore him. The rest of us are better."

"Much better and…Louis," Harold nearly shrieked. Everyone jumped and scrambled back to their desks just as Mike turned to watch the junior partner's approach.

"Why are all of you standing around doing nothing?" Louis asked. "I know there's work to be done here."

There was silence as everyone looked at each other rather before Fiona cleared her throat and looked at Louis.

"It's my fault Mr. Litt, they were saying hi," she informed him as Mike watched his bumble bee work her magic on someone else. "I'm sorry."

"I…" Louis paused and then glanced at the others. "That's fine…you should get to know the best lawyers in the city. Greg," he pulled some folders out from under his arm and handed them to the associate. "Have these on my desk by two. The rest of you…get back to work after you introduce yourselves."

Louis scrambled away from the scene then, everyone waited until he was out of sight before they let out a mutual sound of relief. Fiona turned to all of them and grinned.

"I got your backs," she assured them.

"Oh my god can we keep her here always?" Harold asked Mike. "That was epic on so many levels."

"I'll say."

"Most definitely."

"When did he get so cute?"

"Yeah," Kyle glanced at Mike and Fiona, a tiny grin playing on his face. "Part of being a lawyer if knowing how to charm the right people. And you definitely want to be on Mr. Litt's good side."

"Speaking of charming people," Mike looked down at her. "Think you can amuse yourself with a coloring book while daddy gets back to work?"

"Sure can," Fiona told him. Mike nodded and set her down in the spare chair where she scrambled to sit and reached for her backpack. She was completely engrossed in finding something to do when he looked at everyone. Kyle was once again the first to lean in.

"We can call a truce for today," he told him. "I'll make sure that Greg does the same. I think everyone else will be fine."

"Thanks," Mike eyed him before Kyle walked towards his own desk, pulling Greg with him. Everyone else slowly trickled back to their own work before Mike settled down at his desk. Fiona already had her coloring book, Disney Princesses, out and her crayons, a sixty-four pack, scribbling away. Mike made sure she was settled before he went back to his briefs.


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