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Mike glanced at the clock and then looked at Fiona, who had transitioned from her coloring book to drawing on a piece of paper that one of the other associates had gifted her with. She quickly covered what she was working on and looked at him.

"It's a surprise," she answered his silent question. He nodded.

"Well it's time to put your surprise away, Mr. Harvey and I have a meeting with a client," Mike told her. "Donna's going to keep an eye on you until we're done. Is that alright?"

"I like Donna, she's pretty," Fiona responded. "Do we get to come back here?"

"Yes," he chuckled. "I promise."

"Ok," she grabbed her backpack and carefully placed her picture and her crayons inside, zipped it up, and scooted off of her chair to throw it over one shoulder. Mike gathered his things, held his hand out let her take it and they quickly made their way through the associates desks and back to Harvey's office. Mike was more than surprised to find that Jessica Pearson was standing by Donna's desk, speaking to Harvey, Donna, and their client, Mr. Haversham. He felt Fiona perk up beside him when Harvey nodded towards them.

"Mr. Ross, Fiona," Jessica smiled at his daughter.

"Hi Ms. Jessica," Fiona waved.

"Ms. Pearson, Mr. Haversham," Mike pulled his hand away from Fiona's, grateful that she stayed beside him as he held it out and shook the clients hand. "Good to finally meet you."

"And you," Mr. Haversham replied. "Donna's told me a lot about you and the firm. I think my client and I will be happy here."

"So you're a lawyer too?" Mike asked, Mr. Haversham just gave him a mysterious smile.

"Among other things," he replied.

"Mr. Haverhsam, you can come into my office," Harvey nodded to the room behind him. "Mike get Fiona settled and join us."

He nodded and looked down at his daughter who looked up at him.

"Alright bumble bee, I'll be in my meeting with Mr. Harvey so you listen to Donna ok? I'm going to be right in there," he pointed to the office.

"Ok daddy," she replied. He looked at Donna, who raised her eyebrow and then nodded to Jessica.

"Ms. Pearson?"

"Donna gave me a call. I thought that while you and Harvey were in your meeting that she and I could give our future lawyer here a tour of the firm," Jessica told him. Mike looked at Donna who just gave him a grin. "If that's alright with you."

"Daddy," Fiona tugged on his pants leg, he looked down and was met with her puppy dog eyes, the things that would most assuredly be the death of him when she decided that boys were worth more than a once over. "Can I? Please, please, please, I promise I'll be good for Ms. Jessica and Donna. Please?"

"Yeah daddy," Donna came around the desk. "Please?"

Mike groaned.

"How can I resist the three of you?" he asked. "Yes you can go, but you be on your best behavior," he reiterated the last statement as he squatted to look his daughter in the eye. She held her pinky out.

"I pinky promise," she told him solemnly. He nodded and clasped his pinky with hers, 'shook' on it, and then leaned over to kiss her forehead.

"Love you the best bumble bee."

She smiled at him and kissed his nose.

"Love you the best daddy."

He stood up and looked at Donna and Jessica.

"Will you bring her back here?"

"I was thinking we could stop in my office," Jessica replied. "Is that alright?"

"That's fine with me, how about you bumble bee?"

"Duh," Fiona replied. Donna laughed.

"Come on," she held her hand out, Fiona took it.

"Go to your meeting Mr. Ross, I assure you that Fiona is in good hands," Jessica nodded towards the office where Harvey and their client were most definitely watching them.

"Don't worry daddy," Fiona assured him with a pat on his hand. "I promised."

"I know," he replied before he looked at both Donna and Jessica once more. "Just don't let her eat anything with strawberries in it, she's allergic."

"Understood," Donna replied. "Come on, we're going to teach you how to charm some partners."

Mike watched the three of them walk away before he headed into the office.

"I apologize Mr. Haversham."

"It's fine, Harvey was explaining that you had an unexpected guest today," the man responded. "And from the looks of it you were getting the puppy dog eyes."

"The what?" Harvey asked as Mike nodded.

"Puppy dog eyes," Mike repeated for him. "You'll…well it's really hard to explain. You have experience Mr. Haversham?"

"My…client," he chose his word carefully. "Is very good at giving them. I am of course immune however…was there also a pinky promise in there?"

"Pinky promise? Really?" Harvey asked him. Mike shot him a look.

"Harvey she's five, a pinky promise is the most serious thing she can do right now," Mike replied.

"Right," Harvey responded before he looked at their client. "Let's get to work on the papers for your bakery."


"All of this looks like it's in order," Mr. Haversham nodded as he stood and started to gather his papers. "I'll have to confirm it with my client of course but I think he'll be just fine with it. Donna wasn't wrong about you two."

"They don't call me the best for nothing," Harvey replied as he stood and buttoned his coat jacket. Mike did the same thing, feeling mildly proud of himself. The meeting had taken a little under two hours and it looked like everything with Mr. Haversham and his client was going to form into a beautiful partnership. "The next time feel free to bring your client."

"I'd love to but I'm afraid that this place is a little out of his….area at the moment," Mr. Haversham responded. "You two are welcome to come to the bakery anytime though. Have Donna bring you by in two days and you can meet him if he's not working at his other...job. Mike feel free to bring your daughter."

"Thanks," Mike responded. "We may just take you up on that."

Mr. Haversham was about to say something else when his phone went off. He peered at the screen, sighed, and then answered.

"Haversham," he paused. "Yes it went well; they're everything my source said they would be. I have the papers and-" another pause. "Again? Really, the Suit needs to manage his priorities better and-" Haversham huffed. "Fine, I'll cook something up. Get the wine ready. I'm on my way."

Mr. Haversham put his phone away before he looked at Harvey and Mike who had since exchanged more than one look between them.

"Gentlemen if you'll excuse me, my services are needed elsewhere. I'll be in touch," he walked out the door and kept close to the wall ducking his head as he went to the elevators. Mike looked at Harvey.

"He's a little strange," Mike told him. Harvey nodded.

"But this bakery he helps run pulls in a ridiculous profit," Harvey said as he walked back to his desk. "Now have you gotten any work done on my new pro bono?"

"That's next on the list," Mike glanced at his own phone and whistled at the time, it was almost twelve thirty. "After I get lunch."

"Lunch? You're an associate," Harvey told him, Mike raised his eyebrow.

"I'm an associate with his five year-old here today," Mike responded. "I can survive on redbull for lunch but my daughter can't."

"Right," Harvey shook his head. "Right. Forgot about that. Fine. Start on it after you get her something to eat."

"Right," Mike nodded. "I should go and get her from Jessica's office."

"I'll come with you, I need to speak with Jessica anyway," Harvey stood and pointed to the hall. Mike followed him out the door and down the hall where they walked in silence and waited for the elevator.

"What do five year-olds even eat?" Harvey asked after a minute, Mike looked at him in surprise.

"Umm well…Fiona's….it depends on the day," he responds. "She can be a picky eater sometimes but if you put mac and cheese in front of her she'll eat it. It's her favorite. She loves apple juice. She hates anything green so getting her to eat it takes negotiating."

"Right," Harvey nodded. Mike was about to open his mouth and ask Harvey if he wanted to go find some lunch with them, get to know the most important part of his life without the firm behind them. But then the elevator opened and Rachel stepped out with her eyes narrowed at him.

"What did I do now?" Mike asked as she approached him.

"You," she pointed at him. "Have been hiding the fact that you have the most adorable daughter from me."

"I…there's a reason for that," Mike explained. Rachel held a hand up.

"Donna told me about it, I get it, but still, she's just…adorable and smart and you will bring her to visit me before the end of the day. I promised her I'd show her what a paralegal does."

"We can do that," Mike promised. "I'm on my way to get her from Jessica now."

"I'll be waiting," Rachel warned before she walked off in the direction of her office. Mike looked at Harvey, found his lips quirked as he stepped into the elevator and waited for him.

"Not a word," Mike pointed at him as he stepped inside and the doors closed.

"You're scared of Rachel," Harvey snorted, Mike just stared at him.

"And you're scared of Donna."

"I am not," Harvey countered.

"Ha, that's rich, you're scared of her, you send her expensive chocolate when you've made her angry," he pointed out. "You're scared of her and the power she has at this firm."

"Donna does not…I do not….oh look Jessica's floor," Harvey said as the elevator doors slid open. Mike wisely chose not to comment on the last thing Harvey had said and instead chose to follow him out and down the hall towards her office. It didn't take long to get there and for them to be greeted by Jessica's assistant Carl.

"You two can go right on in," he said with a pointed look at Mike. "Your daughter is very well mannered."

"I try," Mike replied. Carl nodded.

"You're doing a good job," Carl assured him. Mike couldn't quite stop the smile on his face. One of his biggest worries as a single parent was making sure he didn't screw his child up in some way shape or form. While he hoped he was doing a good job it was nice to hear it every now and then.

"Come on puppy," Harvey instructed. Mike jumped out of his thoughts and glared at his boss even as he followed him into Jessica's office where they were both greeted by the sight of Fiona sitting on the couch with Donna and Jessica, a big book open on the coffee table in front of them. They were all staring at he and Harvey.

"Daddy why are you talking about puppies? Can we finally get one?" Fiona asked hopefully, Mike once more glared at Harvey who didn't look guilty in the slightest as he stared back.

"No we can't have a puppy at home bumble bee, you know that," Mike told her. She sighed and nodded.

"I tried," she shrugged before she perked up. "What about fish?"

Mike paused, there technically weren't any regulations on fish for the apartment and it might be a good way to introduce some more responsibility to his five year old.

"We can visit the argument again for your birthday," he told her. "Was she alright?" he asked Donna and Jessica.

"She's a delight," Jessica informed him. "We visited all the rest of the senior partners and she charmed them all. How was your meeting with Mr. Haverhsam?"

"He'll sign himself and his client with us after they speak," Harvey informed her. "He was impressed with our work."

"Ms. Jessica what does getting signed with the firm mean?"

"Well that means Mr. Harvey and your father will be put on a retainer for the client they just met," Jessica began to explain. "So if that client ever needs their help they do what needs to be done. Now why didn't I tell you the client's name?"

"Confidentiality," Fiona responded. "You can't tell me their name cause of attorney-client privilege."

"Good job," Jessica looked pleased as she looked at a smiling Mike. "Like I said your daughter is smart. She's been asking me all sorts of questions."

"We've been mapping out her future," Donna said. "As a lawyer here at Pearson Hardman."

"So you're going to work here huh?" Mike asked, Fiona just gave him a look.

"I want to work for the best daddy, Ms. Jessica is the best. So I'm gonna do really good in school, find a good college, go to Harvard, work for the….what was it Ms. Jessica?"

"The District Attorney, or the DA," she added. "To get you some really good experience under your belt."

"And then you come to work here, bringing a fabulous assistant with you," Donna said.

"No one will be as good as you Donna," Fiona informed her, Donna smiled at her; Mike swore he saw her eyes light up at the compliment.

"I'll help you find someone close," she promised.

"Mr. Harvey what do I do after the DA?" Fiona asked, Harvey startled beside him, but recovered quickly.

"You call Ms. Jessica here and she gets you a job with the firm and you become the second best closer in the city," he responded, Fiona wrinkled her nose.

"Why second best?"

"Because I'm the best," he added, she rolled her eyes.

"That can change," Fiona responded. Harvey raised his eyebrow; she met his stare with her own. "You might be retired by then."

"Fiona," Mike warned but then she started giggling, and that made Donna start laughing, and Jessica held her hand up to hide a smile. He found it hard to resist the infectious nature of her happiness and the look on Harvey's face was just priceless, one of indignant shock mixed with amusement.

"Are you saying that I'm…old?" Harvey asked her carefully, Fiona shook her head, her pigtails ruffling against her body.

"No, but it'll be a few years till I'm ready to be a lawyer," she shrugged.

"Fiona," Mike chuckled, Harvey shot him a glare, and he shrugged. "This is too good."

Fiona scrambled off of the couch and walked over to the two of them so she could pat Harvey's hand.

"Don't worry you're not that old Mr. Harvey," Fiona soothed. Harvey shifted beside him; Mike was mildly surprised to find that the older man looked more amused than annoyed at this point. Mike was even more convinced that he had the best kid on the planet.

"Alright bumble bee, I think it's time we let Ms. Jessica and Donna get back to work," Mike instructed, Fiona's shoulders slumped as did Donna and Jessica's but they all nodded.

"Back to cubicle town?" Fiona asked.

"Actually we're going to go get some lunch first, are you hungry?"

"Can we get mac and cheese?" Fiona asked hopefully.

"Was she really good?" Mike asked Donna and Jessica.

"I was fine daddy, I pinky promised," Fiona responded in her duh tone.

"She really was," Donna added. "Fiona tell your daddy about your new title at the firm?"

"Donna and Ms. Jessica told me I could be Donna's special helper today!"

"Well if you're going to be anyone's helper if should be Donna's," Mike informed her. "Then I'm sure we can find some mac and cheese."

"I know a restaurant around here, kid friendly," Harvey interrupted; Mike looked at him in surprise, completely ignoring the look that Fiona shot Donna who nodded at the question in her eyes.

"Mr. Harvey do you want to come with us?" Fiona asked sweetly.


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