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"I…what?" Harvey asked.

"Why don't you go Harvey," Donna soothed. "You don't have any more client meetings until three."

"Right, go and get to know our future associate," Jessica instructed. "If Mr. Ross doesn't mind."

"I…Mike?" Harvey asked.

"Come," Mike smiled. "Seriously, you two can get to know each other."

"Please Mr. Harvey?" Fiona pouted and Harvey suddenly got what Mike had referred to earlier as puppy dog eyes. They were entirely too cute and irresistible and how the hell did Mike tell his kid no to anything?

"Yeah, I can come," he said. Mike gave him a knowing look as Fiona took her father's hand. "I'll have Ray meet us downstairs. I just needed to talk to Jessica…"

"Alright then, we can wait for you outside, let's fly bumble bee," Mike crowed as he stooped down and gathered Fiona into his arms. She squealed when he tickled her sides, Harvey was at a loss as he watched the two of them clamber out of the office to wait for him. He looked at Jessica and Donna helplessly because Harvey Specter was at a loss. They both just gave him knowing little looks.

"Just breathe, she's a good kid," Donna soothed.

"I don't…I don't know how to talk to children!" Harvey told them.

"You handled it well back there," Jessica nodded. "And she's very smart. She likes it when people talk to her as if she is."


"Just talk to her, get to know her, she most certainly wants to know the man her daddy talks about all the time," Donna raised an eyebrow, Harvey crossed his arms defensively.

"It's only right she should. I am the best closer in the city," he said before he took a breath and looked outside where Fiona was now climbing onto Mike's back, charming Carl. Harvey resolved himself to be good at this thing because he didn't do no win situations, if he could handle the DA's office and Louis Litt then he could certainly handle a five year-old.


"You look like a fish right now," Harvey observed as he stared at Mike, who had busied himself with gaping at the restaurant they were in after they had ordered as Fiona busied herself with coloring on the white paper tablecloths.

"I…it's just…this is…when have you ever come here?" Mike asked as he took in the brightly color walls, the balloons by the door, and the crayons on the table that his daughter was actively using. This restaurant was certainly more upscale than anything he or Fiona were used to but it was actually made to cater to families.

"Believe it or not Mike some of our clients do have children or grandchildren that they will sometimes bring with them to meetings. When that happens we come here," Harvey told him. "I have to be prepared for all situations and I thought Fiona might like it."

"It's nice," Fiona smiled at him. "We only go out when we have a birthday. Daddy and Aunt Jenny are good cooks though."

"Is that right?" Harvey asked. Mike shifted uncomfortably when Harvey sent him a look; he just shook his head and was grateful that his mentor nodded and didn't press on. When money had been especially tight, Mike had done his best to keep Fiona completely unaware of it. Things were better now but he still refrained from talking about it when she was within hearing distance. He liked to think that he had succeeded for the most part, though he knew she wasn't dumb and realized that she got a lot of things second hand.

"Uh huh, daddy makes really good apple pie."

"Apple pie?" Harvey raised an eyebrow at Mike. "You've never made me apple pie."

"You never asked," he shrugged.

"Daddy you should make Mr. Harvey some apple pie," Fiona nodded, Mike chuckled.

"Is that right bumble bee?"

"Uh huh but only if I get some too," she told Harvey, who cracked a smile under her scrutiny.

"I'll make you a deal, if you convince your dad to make me some apple pie you can have the first piece," Harvey offered. Fiona put her crayons down and considered the proposition, pausing once to look at Mike.

"Can I make him do ice cream too?"

"It's not apple pie without ice cream," Mike assured her. She looked back to Harvey.

"Re-negotiate to first piece with vanilla ice cream," she said, Harvey took his own second to consider and then he held his hand out.

"You drive a hard bargain Ms. Ross but I accept your terms."

She grinned as she shook his hand three times before she looked at Mike.

"How am I doing daddy?"

Mike leaned over and brushed his lips against the top of her head.

"Future lawyer in training bumble bee."

Harvey shifted as he watched the two of them, before today he'd thought he knew everything about Mike Ross but every minute he spent in the company of Mike and Fiona showed him how wrong he was. There was a big difference between Mike Ross the associate and Mike Ross the father. Harvey was finding that he had to adjust himself to the change, to the fact that Mike now came with a five year-old who he would admit was charming.

"Mr. Harvey?"


He turned to find that he had a set of blue eyes on him.

"Do you know how to play tic-tac-toe?"

"It's been awhile," he admitted. She pushed a blue crayon towards him.

"Daddy, you help Mr. Harvey," Fiona instructed, Mike straightened up and looked at Harvey.

"You sure that's fair?" Harvey asked, Fiona just gave him a look.

"Ohhh she's going to make you eat your words," Mike warned.

"She's five," Harvey admonished.

"But not dumb,' Fiona countered. "Let's play."

"Come on Harvey, you and me against Fiona," Mike intrigued.

"Alright," Harvey sighed. "Winner gets ice cream."

"You're going down," Fiona informed him as she drew the board with a black crayon and took a yellow one for herself.


Mike was back to sitting at his desk, a brief in front of him with Fiona settled beside him, once more engaged in coloring when he felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked at his daughter and she nodded upwards where he found Louis standing there. Mike bit back the groan that threatened to escape at the sight of the

"Ross I was wondering if…I need to…." Louis nodded towards a small stack of files in his hand. "I need to speak with you alone about a new case."

"Umm," Mike glanced down the hall to find that Donna wasn't at her desk; he frowned as he looked at Louis. "I can't really…"

"I'll keep an eye on her," Kyle offered, Fiona perked up as she looked at Mike and then at Kyle.

"And we'll be just over there," Louis nodded to the corner that was still within eyesight of the associates workplace. Mike looked at Fiona who just patted his arm.

"Go on daddy, Kyle's cool if he's not I'll tell Donna on him."

"See Ross? I'm cool," Kyle told him.

"Alright, I'll be right over there, be good," Mike told her as he stood. Fiona nodded and went back to her coloring, Kyle gave him a half wave and then Mike followed Louis over to the corner. Mike spared a glance over to Kyle and wasn't surprised to find that Fiona was at his desk, watching him with rapt attention as he explained something on paper to her. Huh, Kyle was actually really good with kids, go figure.

"What did you need Louis?" he asked as he turned back.

"I need to…look a potential client is coming in today with his son, whose about a year older than your daughter and I need to…"

"You want to borrow my daughter to get on his good side?" Mike supplied. Louis looked relieved.

"Fast on the uptake, he's coming in fifteen minutes and I'll just let them play while we talk and-"

"No," Mike told him. Louis looked affronted.

"I'm sorry?"

"Louis you heard me, no, my daughter isn't a bargaining chip to get into your clients good graces. She's my daughter and even more than that she's a human being."

"I'm aware of that," Louis looked affronted. "I thought it could be a win-win all around because then she could actually get some interaction with her own age group, have a little fun with the kid you know?"

"And when it wins you brownie points?" Mike asked.

"That's an added bonus," Louis replied. "Come on Mike."

"Louis even if I were going to consent to this I don't know your client nor do I know his son well enough to know if he'd be a good influence on my daughter," Mike replied.

"His son is Clifton Chason the third and he's the heir to the Chason toy empire," Louis responded as though it were the only important thing that mattered. Mike almost face palmed.

"That still tells me nothing of what the child is like," he said. "And-Harvey."

"Louis," Harvey stopped where the two of them were huddled and eyed the junior partner suspiciously. "Why are you keeping my associate from doing my work and his daughter?"

"Tell your associate to let his daughter come play with my clients son," Louis said. "He keeps saying no."

"Louis," Harvey actually did shake his head. "Mike has every right to say to who Fiona plays with, especially when it comes to helping you win brownie points. I'm sure he's told you this but she's a human being, not a bargaining chip."

"He may have mentioned it," Louis crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I don't see what the problem is."

"One: It's you. Two: It's his daughter. Three: It's you," Harvey responded as he counted the reasons off on his hand.

"So you won't tell your associate to do what I want?" Louis asked, Harvey just gave him a look, Mike huffed.

"Not when it pertains to his daughter," Harvey replied. "Believe it or not I do draw lines."

"His associate is standing right here," he interjected. "Louis I'll make you a deal, you can ask Fiona if she would like to come and play with Clifton Chason the third and if she agrees then I want to meet both his father, the son, and have either myself or Donna keep an eye on them while they play."

"I was going to have Norma…" Louis stopped talking when both Mike and Harvey leveled him with a joint look.

"Donna or Mike," Harvey responded.

"And I have to ask her?" Louis asked.

"You came up with this scheme, you can ask her, and if she says no then you accept it," Harvey told him. "And stop pestering my associate."

"Fine," Louis told them. Mike shot Harvey a grateful look.

"Come on, we have a question to ask," Mike said as he led the way back towards Fiona, who was now moving back and forth between Kyle and Harold's desk with papers. "Bumble bee what are you doing?"

"Helping with a case," she shrugged as she put a paper on Harold's desk. "I don't know which one though."

"She wanted to do something," Kyle offered.

"It's fine man, thanks for keeping an eye on her," Mike told him.

"No problem, she's been keeping me entertained," Kyle told him as Fiona put one more paper on his desk. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Fiona skipped back to Mike and looked up at Louis and Harvey. "Whatcha need daddy?"

"Mr. Litt would like to ask you a question," Harvey answered for Mike. "Louis go ahead."

"Fiona," Louis attempted to smile, Fiona looked up at Mike and then at Harvey, eyebrows raised. "One of my clients is bringing his son in and because he's six I thought you two would just have a great time together. I wanted to see if you wanted to come play with him for a little while?"

Fiona cocked her head and examined Louis, who actually shifted under her scrutiny.

"What's in it for you?" she asked, Mike heard Kyle cough from behind him, he fought a smile as Louis spluttered.

"I…nothing!" Louis responded. "I just want you to make a new friend."

"Mr. Litt I'm not dumb," Fiona told him, Louis nearly choked; Harvey did nothing to hide his smile. "You want me to help you get him for the firm."

"I…maybe," Louis told her.

"Daddy?" Fiona looked up at him, Mike shook his head.

"This one's all up to you bumble bee," he told her, she nodded and looked back at Louis.

"Boys have cooties," she told him, Louis spluttered.

"No they don't, they are…"

"Yes they do," Mike interrupted, sending Louis a look before he looked at Fiona. "Yes they do and we want nothing to do with them until when?"

"Until I'm twenty-five or married," Fiona repeated, Mike nodded, because the last thing he wanted to do was encourage her to think about boys. He was dreading when she was a teenager as is without that heart attack coming into play.

"Your daddy is a boy," Louis told her, Fiona giggled.

"But's he's daddy, duh," she rolled her eyes. "If I come play what do I get?"

"What do you want?" Louis asked, Fiona looked at Harvey then.

"Mr. Harvey what do you think?"

"As your attorney, I think you should take him for all he's worth," Harvey told her, she brightened at his new address, before she looked at Louis once more.

"I'll come play with this….boy," she wrinkled her nose. "If you get my daycare a new jungle gym."

"What?" Louis asked.

"The one we have now is….con…daddy what's it called?" she asked.

"Condemned," Mike responded even as he shifted, her daycare was good, Fiona loved the women who ran it and her friends there but their play equipment was slowly dying and it cost a lot more to get a new one. Mike liked those two things and the location because it put him close to both him and Jenny. Mike didn't want to move her out of the familiar environment just because the equipment wasn't that great.

"Right that," Fiona told him.

"You want a new jungle gym?" Louis asked, she shook her head.

"Daycare does, so everyone can have fun," she responded and Mike was extremely proud of his little girl in this moment. "Deal?"

"Deal," Louis responded, Fiona looked at Harvey.

"Can I have it in writing?"

Mike snorted, Harvey smirked, Louis floundered, Kyle, Harold, and even Greg choked on their laughter.

"I'll draw up the paperwork for free," Harold offered.

"We'll help," Kyle and Greg announced.

"I…where did you learn that?" Louis asked, Fiona smiled.

"From my daddy, he says all good lawyers get things in writing."

"I…he has a point," Louis responded. "I'll have something signed by the end of the day, now…"

"I'll go and get Donna," Harvey said. "Mike when they're settled, my office to discuss our next case."

"You got it," Mike nodded as Harvey started to walk past him but paused and looked at Fiona.

"Good job kid."

She beamed at him.

"Thanks for helping Mr. Harvey."

Harvey definitely did not smile as he walked away.

"Come on now, no time to waste," Louis said as he motioned towards his office.

"Come on bumble bee," Mike held his hand out as Fiona took it.

"Did I do good daddy?" she asked as they started to follow Louis back. Mike stopped and knelt down to hug her.

"You did great baby doll," he told her when he pulled away and stood back up to continue the journey.


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