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Harvey kept his face neutral as he walked over to Donna's desk and waited for her to look up from her computer. She did so with a raised eyebrow when he gestured towards the direction of Louis' office.

"Louis seems to think that Fiona can be used to woo a potential new client by having her play with said client's son when he comes in," Harvey told her.

"And what did you and Mike have to say about this?" Donna asked, Harvey startled because while Mike may technically be his responsibility his daughter certainly wasn't even if she was growing on him.

"Fiona is not my…she's not mine," Harvey responded. "I don't make decisions for her well-being. I did back Mike up though," he assured Donna when her eyes went dark. "I'm a bastard but she's still a child."

"Mike's child," Donna smiled as though it were the only thing that mattered. "I'm guessing she agreed to help Louis?"

"She agreed to play with this boy in exchange for a new jungle gym for her daycare," Harvey told her, Donna's smile widened. "It seems that Mike's bleeding heart has worn off on her."

"Well I would hope so," Donna told him, Harvey cocked his head. "Harvey really, she's five, just because you're jaded doesn't mean she should be."

"I am not jaded! I just know what it takes to be successful and-"

"And she doesn't have to worry about that just yet," Donna interrupted. "Like you said, she's five, let her be as innocent as she can be because she already knows far too much."

"What do you mean?" Harvey asked, Donna sent him a look.

"You've spent time with her you know that she's incredibly observant, despite Mike's best efforts, and believe me I know that he's tried to shield her, she knows that he's struggled to work and get money to support them. She doesn't ask for things because of that," Donna told him quietly, Harvey shifted uncomfortably, if he had known that Mike was supporting more than just his grandmother he would have done something to help.

"How do you know all of this?" he asked, she smirked.

"I'm Donna, I know all," she responded. "And Fiona explained it to me when I asked if she had started to think about her birthday. It's in January."

"That's…months away," Harvey told her, Donna just gave him a look. "I trust that you can find something suitable for an almost six-year old girl and put it on my card."

"That's what I thought, now I'm guessing you want me to go and keep an eye on Fiona and her new friend?"

"That's the request. Mike said either himself or you should be there," Harvey responded. "It's for the best that Louis doesn't influence her too much."

"Consider it done," Donna clicked a few things and her computer screen locked. She stood up, straightened her blouse and handed him a file. "This is where Fiona goes to daycare and a list of places that could work as replacements. I thought you'd want to take a look."

"Marry me?" Harvey asked, Donna just chuckled as she walked down the hall towards Louis' office. Harvey headed into his office and tried to ignore the fact that Donna had known what he wanted and that he was actually going to do research. He sat down at his desk and opened the folder and then thought about the fact that Fiona was actually an ok kid, and Harvey Specter was normally the first to avoid kids.

Anyway someone as smart as she was deserved the best chance at being a lawyer that he could freaking give.


When Donna had entered Louis' office and occupied Fiona on the other side, Mike took the opportunity to pull Louis to the side.

"I have some ground rules here," Mike told him.

"I've already agreed to-"

"My child, my rules," Mike interrupted. "You may rule me in this office Louis but when it comes to my child and how I handle her you have no say."

Louis huffed.

"Your terms?"

"One: If I decide that I don't like your potential client or his son as an influence for Fiona then I reserve the right to take her out of here. Two: Donna is with the two of them the entire time they're playing. I'll be meeting with Harvey so I want someone equally familiar with her," Mike began. "Three: If Fiona and this boy don't get along then she has every right to stop playing with him and four: no bribing her with sugar or soda or toys if that's the case."

"Is that all?" Louis asked.

"Yes," Mike replied. "Now I'm going to go and relay all of this to Donna and Fiona."

"Mr. Litt," Norma's voice cut through the office. "Mr. Chason and his son are here."

"I'll go and meet them by the elevator," Louis replied as he practically bolted from the room. Mike sighed and walked over to Donna and Fiona, eyed them both critically and then smiled.

"You both heard everything didn't you?"

"It's not a very big office," Donna replied.

"I promise I won't take bribes daddy," Fiona nodded. "But I can leave if I don't like him?"

"Of course you can," Mike knelt down to look her in the eye. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to. If you want to go now then we can."

"No, I'll see about him," Fiona responded. "Maybe he'll be nice or…what is he wearing?"

Mike turned his head to find that Louis was walking back to his office with two new people, one of them, a man about Harvey's height with brown hair and glasses, dressed in a damn fashionable suit which was normal in their line of work, what was not normal was for six year-0ld boys to also be wearing three piece suits. That's exactly what Clifton Chason the third was wearing, complete with glasses to match his father and red hair. Mike was quick to turn to Fiona and give her a look.

"Remember that conversation we had about how some people go to private school and wear uniforms?"

"Uh huh, I won't say anything but…how's he supposed to know how to play in that?" she asked. Mike had to agree but he didn't tell her anything of the sort. He had to set an example.

"You have a great imagination bumble bee, I know you'll come up with something," he assured her, with a look at Donna who looked mildly skeptical.

"I'll keep a close eye on them," she promised.

"Thank you," Mike told her as Louis entered his office again. Mike stood up and straightened his jacket as he turned to greet the newcomers.

"And here we are, Mr. Chason, Clifton, this is one of our firms associates, Mike Ross," Louis gestured to him. "And that is his daughter Fiona. I thought it'd be nice for the two kids to play while we talk."

"Mr. Chason, pleasure to meet you," Mike walked over and held his hand out. The other man took it, gave it a strong shake and nodded. Mike then turned his hand towards the small boy, who looked surprised, but quickly adapted, reached out and shook. "It's nice to meet you too Clifton."

"You to sir," the boy replied.

"Is it bring your child to work? I have to say the other firms we've talked to never have other children around," he told Mike, who merely shook his head. "Granted I never have Clifton with me. Today is just a special day because his nanny has been overcome with the flu."

"No, nothing like bring your child to work," Mike said. "My daughter's daycare had a pipe burst and I'm sure you know how hard it is to find a good babysitter last minute."

"Oh completely," Mr. Chason told him. "It's nearly impossible to find someone you trust and is qualified."

"Believe me, I know," Mike chuckled. "I'm just fortunate that Pearson Hardman has been so understanding with the situation."

He felt a tug on his pants leg and looked down to find Fiona there, eying Clifton skeptically. He nodded towards him, Fiona cocked her head before she stepped forward and looked at the boy.

"Hi, I'm Fiona, we're gonna play while the grown-ups talk," she told him.

"I'm Clifton," the boy responded as he eyed her with equal skepticism. "Girls have cooties."

"I do not have cooties! Boys are the ones that have cooties!" Fiona told him.

"I don't play with cootie carriers," Clifton sniffed. Fiona rolled her eyes.

"One, you're using slander, two: fine," she shrugged. "Sit here and listen to the grown-ups talk and be bored. I was just trying to be nice."

"I….fine you can stay," Clifton said. "But only because I'm being nice."

"Yeah, right," Fiona rolled her eyes again. Mike chuckled as Mr. Chason laughed and they looked at each other.

"I think they're going to get along just fine," Mr. Chason said.

"Same, my bosses assistant is over there to keep an eye on them, unfortunately I have a meeting to get to with my boss."

"Completely understandable, I'm sure we can manage," Mr. Chason shook his hand again. "Pleasure to meet you Mike."

"You too sir," Mike looked down at Fiona, who was still eying Clifton. "Bumble Bee you good?"

"For now, I make no promises," she told him. Mike nodded.

"Well try, Donna's is over there, I love you, I'll be with Mr. Harvey if you need anything. I'll drop by to check on you in about an hour alright?"

"Love you too daddy," she held her fist out, he returned the gesture and they fist bumped before he headed towards the door. As he walked outside he heard the distinct sounds of his daughter giving Clifton the exact definition of slander.


"You wanted to see me?"

Harvey glanced up from his desk when Mike entered the room.

"Sit down," he gestured to the couch. "Did Fiona settle in with the kid alright?" he asked.

"Well they haven't killed each other yet," Mike responded as he sat down and stared as Harvey approached with a file in hand. "I consider that a win. New case?"

"Something like that," Harvey sat down beside him and handed Mike the file, watched as his associate opened it and scanned it before he looked at Harvey. "Donna did some research into Fiona's current daycare situation. It's a nice place, but not in the greatest neighborhood and definitely not the best to cater to her intelligence."

"I see that, and these are," Mike nodded to the file.

"They're acceptable replacements," Harvey answered. "The two at the top are the best choices. I thought I'd let you make the final decisions though before I call and see about them letting her in."

"I….Harvey this is…I can't."

"Yes you can," Harvey told him. Mike shook his head.

"No I really can't. Do you know how much fulltime childcare costs?" Mike asked. "Pair that with my grandmother's medical bills, my normal bills, rent, food, and an emergency fund and I don't have enough to afford these places. Not to mention the fact that they're in the wrong location."

"These are in some of the best neighborhoods in the city," Harvey told him. Mike gave him a look.

"And they're nowhere near my apartment or Jenny's."


"She's Fiona's godmother," Mike responded. "I told you, when Fiona came into my life, I would have gone crazy had it not been for gram, Jenny, and yes, Trevor at the time. Jenny is also the emergency contact that the daycare has in case they can't get me and Fiona's guardian when I'm not there or if something happens to me. Fiona's current daycare is right in the middle of Jenny and I in case something happens. These are wonderful but nowhere near her and what if something happens and I'm in court?"

"Donna could-"

"As amazing as Donna is, Jenny is the one I have the legal paperwork for," Mike said. "And when it comes to childcare they take that stuff seriously. Also…Fiona's been going to her daycare for years. She's comfortable there, has friends there, and it's not in a bad part of town."

"It's not in the safest."

"Is there a safest part in a big city?" Mike countered. "As for her intelligence, that's what she has school, Jenny, and I for. Daycare has educational activities but it's supposed to be fun."

"Mike I-"

"Harvey I understand what you're trying to do and I really do appreciate it," Mike told him. "I'm honored that you actually care about my daughter but this isn't…it's not possible right now."

"You should at least think about it," Harvey pushed the folder back into Mike's hands when he tried to give it back. He was a little surprised right now because he was so used to Mike just listening to him. Sure he fought back sometimes but never like this and never with points that Harvey couldn't counter with his own. Harvey was on new battleground here because he didn't have a child and he most certainly didn't know what Mike had been through to raise her so far. He could guess from the things that he, Donna, and Fiona said but that was about all. "Has it really been that hard?"

"What?" Mike asked as he put the folder to the side.

"Financially? Has it really been that difficult?" Harvey asked him, Mike shifted uncomfortably.

"I…it's…better now," Mike told him. "Now that I have this job and the salary."

"But before?"

"She's never been without what she needed," Mike warned, Harvey held a hand up.

"I'm not saying that. Fiona is obviously well fed, clothed, and loved by you," he told him. "I'm just trying to understand."

"There were moments," Mike told him quietly. "Moments where it was really hard and where I'd wait until she was asleep and have a breakdown because I didn't know how I was going to make rent, pay for gram's care, and take care of Fiona. Believe it or not Trevor helped us out a lot after gram went into care."

"Trevor," Harvey rolled his eyes, Mike glared at him.

"You weren't there back then," he said. "You never saw the little family all of us were. He loves Fiona. She's his goddaughter and you were never there when I'd find my rent paid for the month, or for the free babysitting he and Jenny would do. Or the nights I'd come home from whatever dead end job I'd picked up to find my fridge restocked. So Trevor's been a dick but I'll never be able to not call him my friend for all of the help he gave me."

"Are you still in contact with him?" Harvey asked because he did not like this development at all. He'd always preferred to think of him a douchebag who'd used Mike, not as someone who was an actual human being.

"We email every couple of weeks. Just to touch base, but like I said, he got out of hand," Mike replied. "And I won't have that kind of behavior around Fiona. She needs stability and good role models."

"Will you let Trevor back into her life?"

"I won't lie, I've told him that if he can clean-up his act and prove he's stayed that way for at least five months then I'll consider it," Mike replied. Harvey felt himself harden.

"What does Fiona think about him?"

"That her cool Uncle Trevor needs some help right now," Mike replied. "I don't badmouth him and neither does Jenny. I expect the same thing from you."

"From me?"

"I don't know if you've noticed but Fiona kind of adores you," Mike told him. Harvey shifted again.

"It's just because I'm a new person and owe her ice cream."

"And pie," Mike pointed out. Harvey chose not to comment on that loss. Even if Donna had posted it on the front of her desk for everyone to see when Fiona had shown it to her.

"Pie that you're going to make me," Harvey countered. "Guess that means I'm coming over for dinner at some point."

Mike cocked his head as Harvey shifted again. He cracked a smile.

"You can join us one night," Mike told him. "Actually why don't you...look Fiona has a soccer game tomorrow morning."

"A soccer game?"

"She's part of a youth league, plays with a bunch of other five year-olds, they don't actually play to win," Mike warned him. "But it's a lot of fun. You….if you wanted to you could come and watch her play. We could have dinner at my place after."

"Watch her play soccer?"

"She'd love more of an audience. Usually it's just Jenny and I," Mike said. "Think about it."

"I will if you think about a new daycare center," Harvey pointed to the folder. Mike sighed.

"I will, now do you want to hear about the new loophole my awesome brain found."

"Please amaze me," Harvey rolled his eyes and just like that they were back to normal.


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