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They were still talking about the case an hour later when Donna swept into the office and cleared her throat. Mike and Harvey looked up and she pointed behind her where Fiona was following with Clifton beside her, his father, and Louis behind the two of them. They put their papers on the table and stood when everyone entered the office. Fiona broke away from her new little friend in order to run to Mike, who caught her in his arms and accepted the kiss on the cheek from her.

"Have fun Bumble bee?"

"It was nice," she told him, before she leaned in. "He's not so bad when you get to know him."

"Told you," Mike replied as he set her down and looked at Harvey. "Harvey this is Mr. Chason and his son Clifton."

"Mr. Specter," Mr. Chason held his hand out when Harvey approached and they shook.

"Mr. Chason, Clifton," Harvey told them. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Did you get everything worked out?" Mike asked Mr. Chason, who nodded and gave him a smile.

"We still have a few more firms to look at first but we'll be in touch."

"I think you'll make the right decision," Louis told him.

"Speaking of," Mr. Chason looked at Fiona. "I'm sure we'll both be hearing about it at some point today but I do believe our children get along."

"Girls still have cooties," Clifton interrupted.

"And I'm still gonna run the world one day," Fiona countered.

"Are not! Girls can't run the world!"

"I'm taking lessons from Donna," Fiona pointed out. Clifton opened his mouth to say something before he looked at Donna, who had her eyebrow raised, he promptly shut his mouth and looked at his father who chuckled.

"As I was saying, seeing as how they didn't kill each other."

"Always a plus," Mike added.

"I have been asked to invite both you and Fiona over to our apartment next Saturday so they can have a play date…outside of the office."

"A play date?" Mike asked Fiona who nodded.

"It could be fun. And I like him."

Mike, though worried about the fact that his daughter liked a boy, thought that there wasn't too much harm in agreeing to the proposition. Fiona should have more friends.

"I think that'll be just fine, Mr. Chason," Mike told him.

"Please call me Cliff, Mr. Chason makes me feel old. I hate feeling old when I run a toy company," he responded, Mike chuckled and nodded. "The two of you could come over next Saturday around one?"

"Would you mind two instead?" Mike asked, Louis nearly choked behind Cliff. "Sorry but we have soccer in the mornings and-"

"Say no more, we have karate," Cliff said. "It's bad enough trying to get him ready after that. I can't imagine what it's like after soccer."

"A practiced art," Mike told him, Cliff snorted.

"You play soccer?" Clifton junior asked. Fiona nodded. "Is your team good?"

"We play for fun," Fiona responded. "What belt are you?"

"Still a white," Clifton told her. "I just started this year."

"This is my card," Cliff pressed a business card into Mike's hand. "Personal cell number is on the back. Give me a call later this week and we'll sort it out."

"You've got it," Mike nodded.

"And now we've got to head out. Your mother's waiting for us," Cliff looked at his son who nodded and then looked at Fiona.

"See you soon."

"You to Clive," Fiona waved as they headed out.

"Let me walk you out," Louis said as he stepped up to the older Chason. Mike waited until they were gone before he looked at Fiona.


She shrugged.

"Clifton was boring. And he can't be Cliff cause that's confusing so we got Clive," Fiona told him. "Donna approved it because…"

"Because I like Clive Owen," Donna smiled. "And you think I run the world?"

"You and Ms. Jessica run the law firm," Fiona smiled, Mike was sure he watched Donna melt before him.

"So she was good?"

"Of course she was," Donna told him. "She and Clive had a few fights but nothing major."

"He kept saying I couldn't be a lawyer," Fiona grumbled. "Girls can so be lawyers right Mr. Harvey?"

"Girls can be just as good as the boys," Harvey responded. "Ms. Jessica is ample proof of that. Speaking of ample Mike…"

"Come on Bumble Bee I have some research to do so we're going to go visit Ms. Rachel."

"Sweet!" Fiona giggled. "I liked Ms. Rachel and she has an office."

"That supposed to mean something?" Mike asked as he walked back to the table to grab his files and then take her hand.

"No, not yet, you're still a first year," Fiona told him, Harvey snorted. She looked at Harvey. "When can I make Mr. Litt pay up on his end of the deal?"

Harvey cocked his head and looked at Donna, who nodded and went back to her desk to make a call as Harvey, much to Mike's surprise, crouched down to Fiona's level and looked her in the eye.

"You don't worry about a thing Ms. Ross, as your attorney it's my job to make sure he goes through with it," Harvey told her. "You did the hard part now I'll handle the rest."

Fiona stared at Harvey for all of two seconds before she pulled away from her father and threw her arms around his neck. Harvey looked shocked by the action, even more so when she pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheek.

"You're the best Mr. Harvey," she whispered in his ear and Harvey, much to his own surprise, hugged the little girl right back. "Thank you."

"I represent the best," he told her, she hugged him again and then pulled away and took her father's hand and tugged. Mike jumped out of the shock of seeing Harvey be an actual human being to look down at her.

"Ms. Rachel?" she asked hopefully, he nodded.

"Come on Bumble bee," he nodded towards the hall.

They walked away as Harvey stood up and straightened his suit.

"Donna you-"

"I saw every second of that and no I'm never letting you live it down," she told him. "Because it was too cute for words."


"You are completely under her spell, don't even try to deny it," Donna told him as she walked back into his office. "By the way your three o'clock has been rescheduled to Monday at one."

"That's fine. And wait a minute I don't fall under people's spells, they fall under mine," Harvey huffed, Donna jut gave him a look as she put a stack of papers in his hands.

"You fall under people's spells when that person is the precious five year-old daughter of your associate who also happens to be your friend."

"Mike is not my-"

"He's so your friend," Donna told him. "You can deny it to everyone else all you want but not to me. Now," she pointed to the papers in his hand. He glanced down, read them over, and then looked at her, she shrugged. "Fiona and Clive entertained themselves marvelously. I used google. The one at the top is not only the safest of the models but also the most gender neutral for a jungle gym," she responded. "Mike isn't going to move her?"

"He says he can't afford it, it's not close enough to either him or Jenny, and it'd be removing her from a familiar and safe environment. The puppy bit back."

"Can't say that I'm surprised," Donna replied, Harvey looked at her once more, she softened. "Harvey it's his daughter and if you've haven't noticed Mike will do practically anything for her. He defers to you on most things but I've got to give the kid credit where it's due."

"He invited me to her soccer game tomorrow," he told her, Donna's eyebrows rose. "He owes me pie and I owe her ice cream."

"And are you going to go?"

"I…might," Harvey told her because honestly there was no sense in hiding things from her. Especially when he was seriously considering Mike's earlier proposition. He genuinely liked Fiona, would genuinely like to spend some more time with her and Mike outside of the office. These things should worry him because Harvey Specter did not do feelings and he usually found children annoying. He'd always said he would never have any but here he was seriously considering going to a soccer game full of them because Mike had asked him to go.

He really didn't know what was happening to him.

"Only because she is obviously a future closer and deserves more of a cheering section. I'm sure Mike and Jenny are fantastic but….you could come too. She loves you."

"I can't go this Saturday because my sister will be in town, but I promised I'd come to the one she had next week," Donna told him. "I'll have Ray pick you up at nine-thirty tomorrow morning, her game starts at ten."

"Made up my mind for me?"

"No," she looked at him oddly. "I see where it's headed though. And Harvey it's ok to admit that you want to go and spend time with them you know. I'm certainly not going to think less of you for it because god how could you say no to that child?"

"I don't know how Mike does it," Harvey chuckled as he glanced at the paper. "Louis in his office?"

"I asked Norma to hold him there," Donna replied. "What are you going to do?"

Harvey smirked as he stood and buttoned his suit jacket.

"I have a client to represent."


Harvey psyched himself up for the inevitable battle that would come from having to visit Louis about this jungle gym agreement. He entered the office after a nod towards Norma because the woman was almost as scary as Donna. He then stopped when he noticed that Jessica was in Louis' office. He smirked because now he had a plan, an epic plan, and he only wished that Mike and Fiona could be here to witness his amazing skills. Wait, it would be better if Fiona wasn't here in case things got heated. No need to upset the kid when she was having a great day. He'd tell the two of them about it later.

"I'm sure I'll have Mr. Chason signed after our next meeting," Louis said. "He was very impressed with the firm and the work we do."

Harvey picked that moment to interrupt.

"And just who do you have to thank for that Louis?"

Louis looked more than a little angry when he noticed Harvey was in the room, Jessica turned her head and raised an eyebrow before she looked at Louis.

"What's he talking about Louis?"

"Nothing," Louis began. "He's just-"

"Trying to make sure that Fiona Ross gets credit where credit is due," Harvey interrupted as he stepped further into the room. Jessica looked at him with interest.

"Wait a minute I-"

"Louis," Jessica interrupted this time. "Be quiet. I'm interested in this story."

"Thank you," Harvey smiled at her. "You see, Mr. Chason had to bring his son in with him today. Louis thought that he could just borrow Fiona from her father to play with the kid. He tried to coerce Mike into agreeing."

"Louis," Jessica groaned. "Fiona is not a member of this firm. She's our guest, my guest today and she's not a bargaining chip."

"Mike and I both informed him of this," Harvey assured her. "And then Mike said that Fiona could play if she was asked and agreed to it. Louis did the asking and Fiona agreed to play with Clifton Chason the third."

"And for that I'm very….grateful," Louis bit out.

"But you weren't going to tell Jessica that all of the hard work was done by a five year-old," Harvey pointed out. Louis opened his mouth once, and then closed it. "Jessica if Mr. Chason does agree to sign with the firm it's because he likes the family friendly image we now project and because his son and Fiona bonded. They even have a playdate next Saturday and I'm sure Mike will sweet talk us."

"There's something else,' Jessica motioned to the printouts in his hand. Harvey grinned and then presented them to Louis.

"Yes, Fiona being the smart and generous girl that she is agreed to play with the son if Louis would agree to do something for her. Instead of asking for something for herself, she wanted a new jungle gym for her daycare center because the current one is condemned."

"Did she now?" Jessica's lips quirked into a grin that she made disappear as she looked at Louis who was at a loss for words. "You were planning on keeping this agreement weren't you?"

"I…you…of course I was!" Louis told her. "I made a deal and I may be an ass but I'm not about to break a promise to her. See," he reached for the other side of his desk and pulled out a stack of papers and put them next to Harvey's. The two piles were identical. Harvey looked at him in sturprise. Louis shrugged.

"She upheld her end of the bargain and I had Norma do some research. I thought Fiona might like to be involved in the final selection process," Louis told the both of them. "But I can't find Mike at the moment."

"They went to visit Rachel for some help," Harvey replied.

"Why don't I go and get them?" Jessica offered. "You two stay and play nice."

She walked out of the office then and Harvey and Louis engaged in a staring contest.

"Was that really necessary? I was going to go through with it," Louis told him. Harvey smirked.

"Just making sure my client gets what was promised," he replied as Louis raised an eyebrow.

"Client? Fiona Ross is your client right now?"

"I wasn't about to send her to you alone," Harvey responded. "And it made her happy. She is a future lawyer you know."

"She's told me," Louis' lips quirked, but then fell back into the thin line they were normally in. "She'll be a damn good one with the right training."

"Well Louis the apocalypse is coming because we agree on something," Harvey replied as he sat down on the couch in Louis' office. Louis stayed behind his desk and cocked his head to look at Harvey. "Give her some time and she'll be working here or taking over the world because Donna is training her."

"God save us all," Louis muttered. "But seriously…she's a good kid. Surprised me."


"I just….did you know that Ross had a daughter?"

Harvey sighed.

"No," he replied. "Mike isn't ashamed of her but he wanted to keep her out of our cutthroat world."

"She wants to be part of it," Louis pointed out. Harvey shot him a look.

"She's also five," Harvey admonished. "God Louis let her grow-up normally before she becomes one of us. Do you think there will be problems with the other associates?"

"Have you seen her fan club in the bull pen?" Louis asked. "Even Kyle likes her and he hates Mike. And if anyone tried anything Donna and Jessica would eviscerate them before anyone got the chance to."

"Good," Harvey replied.

"What I want to know is how Ross even…managed to have a baby and graduate from Harvard."

Harvey very carefully kept his cool as he straightened in his chair and kept his focus on Louis.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on Harvey, you remember the late nights in the library and barely knowing how to take care of ourselves. How did Mike Ross possibly manage to take care of the both of them? Is the mother still in the picture?"

"Not that it's any of your business but no," Harvey replied. "She's not and as for how he did it…I don't know but he managed. I've been told that having a baby shifts ones priorities. Mike probably kept going because he knew he needed a better life for her."

There was silence between them and Harvey was in shock because he and Louis were having a moment. They didn't have moments. They had contests and fights.

"Let's never speak of this again?" Louis offered.

"To our graves," Harvey added.

More silence and then thank god the sounds of tiny feet and heels and shoes. Fiona entered the room holding Jessica's hand as Mike trailed behind, eyed Harvey who just gestured to Louis.

"Ms. Jessica said you wanted to ask me something Mr. Litt," Fiona said. Louis nodded.

"We had a deal," Louis reminded her.

"I know that, Mr. Harvey said he'd talk to you," Fiona responded.

Harvey did his best to look innocent when Jessica eyed him. He stood up and approached the group, his focus on Fiona.

"I'm representing you right now," he told her. "Louis."

"Right," Louis shook his head. "I did some research on jungle gyms and came up with these three," he spread out three papers on his desk and pointed to them. "I thought you should have the final say on which one I get for your daycare."

"I can pick? Daddy?" she looked at Mike who nodded.

"This is your call bumble bee," he told her. "You made the deal."

"So I pick from those?" Fiona pointed to the papers, Louis nodded. Fiona took that as an opportunity to approach his desk and peer at them. Harvey sat in one of the chairs beside her and let her peruse them. "Are they safe?"

"These are the safest ones on the market," Louis assured her. "All of them come highly recommended."

Fiona bit her lip as she looked at them before she picked a paper up, looked at it and then looked at Harvey.

"I like this one," she pointed to the picture. The jungle gym in question was wooden but it had green and yellow theme with the fabric on top, the bars on the ladders, and the green slide. And it had swings. "Everyone will like it. It looks like fun."

"I'll have it ordered by the end of the day," Louis assured her.

"Give the company Donna's number, she'll make sure it gets to the daycare center," Harvey told Louis who bit back a snort and nodded. If Donna had her way that thing would be at the daycare, assembled, and ready for play by the end of next week.

"I'm very impressed by your negotiation skills," Jessica told her, Fiona beamed at her.

"Something good had to come out of it," she told her. "And now everyone can have fun when daycare is fixed."

"I think they'll love it bumble bee," Mike glanced down at his phone. "And Rachel has what I was looking for down in….hey Harvey would you mind watching her for fifteen minutes?"

"I'm sorry?" Harvey asked as he ignored the looks he was getting from Louis and Jessica in favor of the shock that had washed over him. Well, shock mixed with affection and smug pride because Mike hadn't asked anyone else to watch Fiona when he was sure Jessica would have done it.

"Rachel is down in the records room it's always cold and dusty down there," Mike gave him his own set of puppy dog eyes and Harvey suddenly understood where Fiona got it from. Except Harvey would firmly state in an open court that she was actually better at it than Mike would ever be because then she turned her smiling face and hopeful eyes on him and really he needed to know how Mike denied this girl ianything/i.

"Can I come Mr. Harvey? I promise I'll be really good."

"You really want to spend time with me?" Harvey asked, Fiona nodded.

"I think I should spend time with the best closer in the city," she told him and once more Harvey ignored Louis' snort and Jessica's little smile in favor of giving Fiona a smile of his own.

"So you should, I'll watch her," Harvey told Mike. At Mike's warning look he rolled his eyes. "I promise I'll be good."

Mike nodded before he approached and bent to give Fiona a kiss on the top of the head.

"Be good for Mr. Harvey, I'll come and get you from Mr. Harvey's office after Ms. Rachel and I go sort through the records department. Half an hour tops alright?"

"Have fun daddy."

Mike gave her a grin before he walked out of the door and suddenly Harvey was in charge of a five year-old. Mike's five year-old. Oh god, what had he agreed to?

"Are we going back to your office Mr. Harvey?" Fiona asked him and Harvey spurred himself into action.

"Yes, I have some files to look over. Do you have…something to do?"

"I have my backpack," she motioned to the sack on her shoulders. Harvey nodded and stood up.

"Then we're good to go."

Fiona made to follow him when he started for the door but stopped, which made Harvey stop and turn to find her approaching Louis.

"Thank you very much for the jungle gym Mr. Litt," she told him seriously. "Everyone's gonna love it."

"I….you are very welcome," Louis told her. "You did good work with Clifton today."

"He was just a boy," Fiona told him with a roll of her eyes. Jessica smirked.

"Did your daddy teach you that?" Jessica asked her, Fiona shook her head.

"Daddy wants me to stay away from boys until I'm married," Fiona told her. "My grammy told me women ruled the world."

"Wise woman," Jessica smiled.

"I think so," Fiona returned her smile before she walked over to Harvey and looked up at him. "We can go now."

Harvey nodded and walked out of the office with her by his side because he made sure to slow his rather brisk pace down for her tiny legs. They walked in silence for a few minutes.

"Thank you for helping," Fiona told him. "With the jungle gym."

"You're welcome," Harvey responded. "Anyone ever tell you you're a very polite child?"

"Grammy says good manners go a long way," Fiona replied. "Daddy agrees."

"And do you?"

"Being mean makes people sad. I like being nice," Fiona told him. "Do you like manners?"

"Yes," Harvey responded because no way in hell was he going to go against whatever Mike had been instilling in her for her entire life. Donna would kill him. Jessica would help. "Manners are important in our line of work."

"Our?" Fiona asked him as they rounded the corner to his office.

"You're going to be a lawyer right?" Harvey asked.

"I wanna be."

"Then it's our profession," he told her, and no he did not smile when she lit up. He also did not acknowledge Donna's little look when they stopped at her desk. "Donna, I'll be in my office with Fiona until Mike comes back from records. So if you could-"

"Keep the interruptions to a minimum, done," Donna told him, Fiona giggled.

"And can you-"

She held out another stack of papers.

"The email you still need to get back to, the changes in your calendar for early next week," she said, and once more Fiona giggled.

"And can you…."

Harvey stopped talking when Donna held up two cups, one large cup of coffee for him and then there was a miniature, kiddie sized version of his coffee cup put next to it.

"Your coffee and I took the liberty of getting Fiona some hot chocolate and yes Mike said it was alright," she told him before he could protest. Fiona giggled again and this time Harvey looked down at her.

"What's so funny?"

"She really does know everything," Fiona giggled again, Donna gave her a satisfied smile as she handed her a hot chocolate. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. This way, you're just like your daddy and Mr. Harvey when they're working," Donna told her. "Except with hot chocolate."

"You'll have enough time to get addicted to caffeine in college," Harvey informed her as he gathered his coffee in his freehand. "Let's head inside."


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