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He waited until Fiona was in the office before he followed, and ignored Donna's knowing little look. By the time he was settled at his desk Fiona had made herself comfortable on the floor by his coffee table.

"You know you can sit on the couch right?"

"Can't reach the table," Fiona wrinkled her nose as she moved her cup aside and fished out a piece of paper and a massive pack of crayons. Harvey frowned, stood and then walked over to the couch to grab one of the pillows and put it on the floor.

"Sit on that, it'll be more comfortable," he told her. She smiled at him as she crawled onto the pillow and sat cross legged and pulled her paper and crayons to her followed by her hot chocolate. "Better?"

She nodded as she went back to coloring, he was about to go back to his own desk and answer emails but stopped when he noticed the picture she was working on. He cocked his head and studied it, two lines of squares with people in each of them.

"Who is that for?" he asked, Fiona stopped coloring and looked up at him.

"Daddy," she told him. "His desk is boring."

"You like colors huh?" Harvey asked as he pointed to the bright ones highlighting the paper. Fiona giggled and nodded.

"It's a surprise," she warned him

"Your secret's safe with me, you did some great work," he assured her, she smiled at him. He knew that he had to get back to work, that those emails were important because Donna hadn't already answered them. He also had to actually look at the brief for the latest pro bono he'd been stuck with, if only to be prepared for an inquisition from Jessica. He had a mountain of things he had to do right now.

There was nothing that said he couldn't do these things on his portable laptop while he sat on the couch by his charge. This was really the first time he'd been left alone with any small child and Fiona Ross was fascinating.

"Mind if I join you over here? The couch is more comfortable."

"Ok Mr. Harvey," she smiled at him again. Harvey nodded and retrieved his laptop, his papers, and his coffee before he returned to the couch. His coffee went on the end table beside the couch and he settled himself on the black leather to work. As he waited for his laptop to fire up he looked at Fiona, who had pulled out another sheet of paper, but had yet to do anything with it. "Did you need something?"

"No…what's your favorite color?" she asked.

"Red," he responded. "What's yours?"

"Yellow," Fiona responded as she pointed to her clothes.

"Why yellow?"

"It's happy," she told him. "Sunshine is yellow. I like sunshine. Why do you like red?"

"It's strong," Harvey responded as he brought his email up and started to read through the first one. "And hard to miss."

"I like red too," Fiona assured him. "I just like yellow more."

"Fair enough," Harvey responded as he kept going through his email.

"Do you have a second favorite color?" she asked curiously, Harvey peered at her. "Mine is purple."

"I like blue," Harvey responded. Fiona nodded and then took her crayons out and turned to her paper. Harvey watched her for a few seconds, made sure she was alright, and then turned back to his own work. There was a comfortable silence between the two of them as they both worked on their separate, but important projects. Harvey only stopped when he felt a pair of eyes on him. He glanced up and found that Fiona's bright blue eyes were on him and there was a piece of paper clutched in both of her hands.

"Did you need something?" he asked. Fiona shook her head, stood, took a breath, and then walked the three steps to him and held the paper out. Harvey put his laptop to the side and gently took it from her offered grasp and looked down at it. On said paper was a picture of what he believed was a courtroom with a judge, jury, opposing council, and then him. He was clearly labeled in red and blue crayon and Mike was also beside him in green and blue. Harvey felt warmth spread through him as his lips quirked into a smile when he saw the inscription in the center of the entire scene.



"This is for me?" he asked when he looked up. Fiona looked nervous but she nodded.

"Your office is boring too," she answered. "Do you like it?"

"Like it?" Harvey asked. "I love it."

"Really?" Fiona asked.

"This is more special because it's from you. I love this. Thank you for drawing it for me," he told her.

Harvey was not accustomed to being hugged but he adapted when Fiona scrambled onto the couch and threw her arms around his neck. He also ignored Donna and her Iphone and the look on her face when he hugged Fiona back. She pulled away from him after a few minutes but Harvey was unsurprised when she stayed beside him on the couch. He looked down at her.

"Where are we hanging this?"

"You want to hang it up?"

"Of course."

Harvey kind of loved the fact that Fiona had drawn a picture for him of all people. It was special and he was damn well going to display it for everyone else to see because the only other person that had curried her favor like this was Mike. "I think it's the artist's choice though. So where do you think?"

"Ummm," Fiona looked around the room before her eyes stopped on the file cabinet on the wall by his desk. "There?" she asked.

Harvey nodded before he glanced at Donna to find her holding a magnet up.

"Want to go get that magnet from Donna and we'll hang it up?"

Fiona giggled as she scooted off of the couch and practically skipped out the door and to Donna's desk. There was a moment of whispered exchange between the two as Donna handed her the magnet and she skipped back into his office and held it up as she got to him again.

"It's a bumble bee!" she exclaimed as she held it up for inspection. Harvey grinned when he saw it and then motioned towards the file cabinet.

"How did you get that nickname?" Harvey asked as they walked towards it together.

"I was a bumble bee for my first trick or treat," Fiona told him and Harvey was suddenly determined to see pictures of this because there is absolutely no doubt in his head that Fiona Ross was probably the most adorable child that year. "Can we put it up high Mr. Harvey?"

"I think that's a great idea," Harvey put the paper on top of his cabinet. "Want to hang it up? I can give you a boost."

She held her arms up and Harvey stooped down to pick her up and it felt quite natural to settle her on one hip as she got the paper and hung the picture against the top shelf.

"Good?" she asked.

"Perfect," he told her as he set her down on the ground again.

Harvey thought it added something to his office indeed.

Mike had stopped working in the records room in favor of staring at his phone and the picture Donna had just texted to him. It consisted of Harvey sitting on his couch being hugged by Fiona and what surprised him the most was to see his boss returning the gesture wholeheartedly. A second text came through as he stared, also from Donna.

Proof of caring. ;)

He chuckled as he looked at the picture again.

"What's so amus…oh my god is that Harvey with Fiona?" Rachel asked as she put a book down beside him on the table and peered over his shoulder.

"Yeah, Donna says she drew him a picture," Mike told her. "She only draws pictures for people she really cares about."

Rachel sat down next to him and cocked her head.

"And does it surprise you that she cares about him?"

"It shouldn't," Mike chuckled. "The man could charm the devil if he had to."

"Well you know the two most important people in your life like each other," Rachel told him, Mike looked up sharply.

"Harvey Specter is not one of the most…" he stopped at the look on her face.

"Yes he is and it's completely ok to admit to it," she told him calmly. "He's your boss, your mentor, your friend, and….well I'm thinking if you really think about it it's more than that."

"I'm sorry?" Mike squeaked. Rachel chuckled.

"Don't worry. I only noticed because Donna pointed it out," she soothed. "You're subtle, you both are."

"Both?" Mike asked, Rachel nodded.

"To the trained eye, aka Donna, it's painfully obvious that Harvey is kind of sort of crazy about you," she told him. "He doesn't stand up to Louis over anyone, he doesn't help anyone and yes he does help you, he also doesn't agree to or hug small children for anyone."

"We're just…oh god," Mike groaned. "What's wrong with me?"

Rachel chuckled again and patted the top of his head.

"Nothing, this is just the realization settling in that there are no more reasons to deny what you want," Rachel told him. "Fiona was your reason, Harvey is under her spell."

"Because she's new and adorable," Mike told her. "Is he still going to want to be there when she refuses to go to bed? Has a temper tantrum? Or getting sick at three in the morning? I love my daughter with all of my heart but it's not always like this with her you know?"

"I know," Rachel said calmly. "And I think you should ask Harvey all of this because honestly if you two don't do something about your unresolved sexual tension Donna is going to lock you in a closet together until you do."

"She wouldn't do that to me, I have a child to take care of," Mike pointed out, Rachel smiled.

"What makes you think Fiona wouldn't help her? She's a mini-Donna in training," Rachel told him.

"Oh god," Mike dropped his head onto the table. "Oh god."

"Breathe," Rachel commanded. "I'm not saying do anything about it today. I'm saying take some time and think it over. God knows Donna will have to kick Harvey into gear. Now," she picked his head up and pointed to the book. "That is what you want to look at for your case. How about I leave you down here alone for a few minutes so you can collect yourself?"

"You're the best," he mumbled, Rachel leaned in and kissed his cheek as she stood up.

"Obviously," she replied. "And text that picture to me!"

"Yes ma'am," he mock saluted as he did just that as well as shooting a text to Harvey saying that he would be another ten minutes down here. He opened the book and flipped to the page that Rachel had so kindly picked out for him and started to scan it as he thought over her words.

There was no denying that next to Fiona and Gram, that Harvey is probably the only other person in the world that he would bend over backwards for to get something done. There was no denying that Harvey was an attractive guy and that Mike was open to other options besides women. There was no denying that he had checked out his boss in a more than friendly way on more than one occasion. But there was also no denying the fact that Mike had never taken it further because Harvey was his iboss/i and from every indication seemed to be very straight and very adverse to commitment.

Mike couldn't afford to be with someone who didn't want commitment. He was a walking bag of commitment. It was difficult to date as a single parent because people didn't understand that he was a packaged deal. He'd always avoided getting serious because he didn't want Fiona to get attached to someone and then get hurt if the relationship didn't last.

He shook his head as the thoughts ran through his head. Rachel had to be seeing things because there was no way that Harvey could be any of that. Mike was grateful to have him as a friend, he was grateful that Harvey obviously adored Fiona but that was as far as it was going to go.

No sense in getting his hopes up for nothing.