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When Mike emerged from the records room ten minutes later he didn't feel better per say, but he definitely had a clear head. That was until he looked into Harvey's office and saw Fiona snuggled up against Harvey and looking down at a file with him. He almost choked when he saw that Harvey looked completely at ease with his five year-old.

"Cute picture isn't it?"

Mike jumped when Donna appeared beside him.

"Rachel told me you talked."

"Of course she did," Mike muttered.

"She thought you'd need another friendly ear," Donna said. "So here I am."

"Why?" Mike asked suspiciously.

"Because as Rachel said I am getting very tired of watching you and Harvey dance around each other and maybe just maybe I will admit to liking you," Donna told him. "And that I am mildly concerned for your happiness because it intertwines with his."

"I'm sorry?"

"Mike," Donna sighed as she nodded to the scene in Harvey's office. "I've known Harvey for a long time and I can tell you that in that time he has had exactly two relationships that have lasted longer than the third date. Other than that it's a lot of one night stands."

"And this is supposed to convince me to throw myself into his arms?" Mike asked, Donna narrowed her eyes and he shut his mouth.

"No it's supposed to show you that he's searching for stability as much as you are. You're his friend now, you know him," Donna told him. "You know that he cares even if he doesn't show it, you know that he's a good guy."

"That doesn't mean he's someone I should-"

"Think about it Mike," Donna told him. "When are you ever going to find someone who keeps up with you like he does? Who calls you out on your bullshit like he does?"

"And what about Fiona?" Mike asked. "Like I told Rachel, Harvey may be under her spell right now but what about when she's not so new and shiny anymore?"

"She's still your daughter," Donna poked his chest. "I think you'll find that makes a world of difference to Harvey. Now go collect your precious daughter so I can beat some sense into your future other half."

Mike chose to say nothing to that statement and instead just nodded before he walked away Donna and into Harvey's office.

"Now precedent means that something has happened before. Certain cases set precedent for what happens in a courtroom or in life in general, lawyers can set it or use it to their advantage," Harvey explained before he glanced up and looked at Mike. "You haven't taught her precedent?"

"We're getting to it," Mike told him before he nodded to the book in his hands. "I have what we need for the subpoena. Have fun with Mr. Harvey bumble bee?"

"Uh huh," she nodded excitedly as she slipped away from Harvey's side and off of the couch, paused at the coffee table to take a piece of paper off of it, walk over to him and hold it out. Mike knelt down to look at said piece of paper and smiled at the drawing. It was of the cubicles for the associates but his was clearly outlined in red and blue with the words MY DADDY sprawled over it. He chuckled at the title of the piece.



"Is this for my desk?" Mike asked her, she nodded. Mike held his arms out and Fiona giggled as she launched herself into them and wrapped her little arms around his neck to hug him tightly. "This is just what my desk needed," he told her with a kiss on the cheek.

""Mr. Harvey helped," Fiona giggled again as he stood up with her still in his arms.

"Did he now?" Mike asked as he adjusted her against his hip. He shared a look with Harvey who then nodded to his file cabinet.

"Just with her spelling. The least I could do after I got my amazing drawing," Harvey told them. Mike took it in the piece and grinned as he looked at Fiona.

"How'd I get so lucky with you?"

"I'm awesome duh," Fiona told him as she pressed a kiss to his cheek and laid her head against his shoulder. Mike walked over to Harvey who had stood and zipped up her backpack and handed it over to Fiona who flung it over one shoulder and smiled at him.

"Thanks for watching her for me," Mike said.

"It was…anytime," Harvey responded. "We had fun right?"

"Mhmm," Fiona nodded.

"Harvey after I get this subpoena ready to go do you mind if I head out for the day?" Mike asked. "Or do you need me for more because I need to call Jenny if that's the case."

"No, it's ok, you two can go, have Kyle file the subpoena for you after you get everything for it and then leave but make sure you stop by my office first so I can say goodbye to my future associate," he nodded to Fiona, Mike looked at her and she shrugged.

"Can we say goodbye to Ms. Jessica too?"

"We'll stop by before we say goodbye to Mr. Harvey," Mike promised. "Let's go find a spot for your drawing. We'll be back."

"Mike," Harvey called out, his associate turned back to him. "I'll be leaving at five too. Ray and I will drive the both of you home."

"Harvey you don't have to do that," Mike said. "My place is out of the way and-"

"And Ray is safer than the subway. We'll put your bike in the trunk," Harvey offered. Mike thought about it for a moment before he looked down at Fiona who nodded.

"Alright, we'll be back at five then," Mike said. "Come on bumble bee, let's fly."

Harvey watched as they disappeared, Fiona no doubt telling Mike about their time together. He smiled as he gathered his own papers, intent on going back to his desk now that he didn't have company when he heard a throat clear. He looked up and was not surprised to find Donna there with a smirk on her lips as she closed the office door.

"You know you're showing you care an awful lot around here today."

"Blame it on the fact that Fiona is adorable and I enjoyed spending time with her," Harvey grumbled.

"And that's surprising? As you just said, she's adorable," Donna told him.

"Must be a common trait in the Ross family," Harvey muttered, but Donna caught it and grinned.

"So you think that Mike is adorable?"

"There are moments," Harvey responded before he could stop himself. He looked at Donna and found a grin on her face. "I mean-"

"Oh please Harvey, you and Mike dance around each other so much that I'm getting dizzy."

"Donna I have no idea what…"

"Harvey, we've known each other for a very long time," Donna told him softly. "I know when you have feelings for someone. And Mike? You haven't had it this bad in a very long time."

"Donna this is…no, we are not having this conversation," Harvey told her. "You know you're one of my best friends, you know I value your advice but this is a line," he drew it between them. "That we aren't going to cross."

"Oh but we are because if I don't cross it you aren't going to do a damn thing about it," Donna told him. "Harvey I do this because I care about you and I want to see you happy."

"I am happy! I'm very happy. I'm finally senior partner, I have the condo of my dreams, and I-"

"Have no one to share all of this success with," she pointed at him.

"I have plenty of someone's," he smirked, Donna rolled her eyes.

"But nothing stable."

"Maybe I like it that way," Harvey countered, Donna snorted.

"You like it that way because you get bored easily. Now we both know you think Mike is attractive and we also know that there's no way to be bored with him and now that you know everything he's bringing to the table…why aren't you doing something about it?"

"I'm sorry and since when are you his advocate?"

"Kid grows on you after a while. I find myself wanting him to be happy too. And he's never going to make the first move Harvey because he has a lot more to lose," Donna said. Harvey sighed and ran a hand over his face because these were things that he did not want to think about right now. Yes he was attracted to Mike. He had been from day one when the kid had impressed him with his giant brain. Harvey knew it would surprise a lot of people but he wasn't opposed to having a man in his bed. It just took a lot to get Harvey interested in the change-up in his usual repertoire. Mike was smart, he wasn't afraid to fight him, he challenged Harvey in ways that other people just didn't. He had fun around Mike.

That was certainly enough to get Harvey interested in him, even enough to tempt him to break his rule about not fucking around in the workplace. But now Mike came with a whole heap of responsibility in the form of an adorable five year-old. Mike didn't need a casual fuck, he needed a partner who could be there for him and Harvey didn't do that.

"All the more reason I shouldn't do what you're suggesting," Harvey told her.

"Since when does Harvey Specter back down from a challenge?"

"When there was a five year-old in the middle of it," Harvey countered. "You know me Donna. You know that commitment and I don't work all that well together and that's exactly what Mike needs. It's what Fiona deserves."

Donna softened at the statement.

"The fact that you're worried about that says a lot you know. I think that you'll find that if you want commitment than it's easier to achieve than you think," Donna patted his knee. "And that if you really think about it, you'll see that you, Mike, and yes Fiona is included in this, are what the other needs."

"Donna," he warned, she just shook her head.

"Nope, I'm done holding my tongue. I want you to promise me that you'll think this over. Really think it over when you're spending time with them this weekend. Maybe even talk to Mike about all of this and see what he thinks."

"And if I do you'll stop badgering me?"

"If you two talk and legitimately decide that it would be a bad idea to be together and give me legitimate reasons behind it then I could be persuaded to back off," Donna informed him before she patted his knee. "Promise?"

"Fine," Harvey agreed to it because she would know if he didn't do it and he honestly didn't know what else to do.

"Alright, now I'll stop bombarding you with feelings," Donna chuckled at the last word as she stood. "Try not to freak out too much, feelings are natural, they come with being a human being."

"Right," Harvey muttered as she walked out of his office. He promptly went to hide out at his desk and finish up his work for the day. Feelings were normal, he did have the, but he generally tried to keep them the out of work because they were dangerous here. He enjoyed being a bastard here, he enjoyed the power, the money, and the success but Donna had made a valid point; he had no one to share it with. He got bored with his one night stands, which was why they stayed that way and though he would always be smug about it, it got lonely sometimes.

He couldn't even begin to imagine what it had to be like for Mike. Mike with his stupidly big brain and his even bigger heart. Mike with his adorable daughter and his papa bear attitude that was somehow more attractive than it probably should be. Harvey should be worried. He didn't do feelings and he most certainly stayed away from people who had children because it was wrong to involve tiny humans in what would be a messy break-up. If he were smart he'd stay away from Mike to protect Fiona.

But then he glanced at the picture on his file cabinet and started thinking about a future that could involve the both of them. He shook his head and then glared at Donna's desk. She was to blame for all of this.

Her and the Ross gene made this happen.

"Daddy what are you doing?"

"Paperwork so I can file a subpoena," Mike replied.

"What's that do?"

"A subpoena, when approved by a judge, requires a person or company to let me look at their records," he replied before he glanced at her. "Who's your new drawing for?"

"Donna," Fiona pointed to the woman in with fiery red hair in the center of the paper complete with a crown. "Cause she's a goddess."

Mike frowned because they still had a good hour before they could get out of here. He glanced around his desk to try and find something to occupy her for the remaining time.

"Did you bring a book to-"

"Gee Ross didn't know you had such an eye for talent."

Mike looked up to find Greg standing at his cubicle, eying the drawing that he and Fiona had hung up at his desk a short while ago.

"Greg," he warned with a pointed look down at Fiona who was staring up at his co-worker with a frown on her face. Mike kind of panicked because a frown was the first step to tears and he hated when his little girl cried. He would also not be responsible for his actions towards Greg if it happened. "You're just jealous that my cubicle is prettier than yours."

"I think it adds something to the place," Harold intervened quickly and Mike made a mental note to buy the man a drink on their next free night. "Fiona is a budding artist."

"I know I'm jealous," Kyle stood up from his work and looked at Greg. "We'd all be lucky to have a drawing from her and you have work to do."

"Mr. Harvey likes my drawings," Fiona told him quietly. Greg jumped and looked down at the five year-old in shock.

"Excuse me?"

"Mr. Harvey helped me," she pointed to the one she'd done for Mike.

"He did?" Greg asked. Fiona nodded.

"Mr. Harvey's my lawyer too," she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Do you even know what that means?" Greg asked her.

"Greg please do us all a favor and go back to your desk," Mike spoke even as Fiona bristled beside him.

"You're mean," Fiona told him.

"Mean?" Greg admonished, he looked like he was about to say something else when Louis of all people stopped beside the desk. Mike hated to do it but he sent him a pleading look because the last thing he wanted to do was start a fight in the middle of the office in front of his five year-old. He was thisclose to doing it and it would really suck because he was trying to teach Fiona that violence was not the answer.

"Greg why are you here instead of doing real work?"

"I was just…"

"Fighting with a five year-old in front of her father?" Louis asked. Greg opened his mouth a few times, looked like a fish and then closed it. "This just tells me that you're not ready to be a real lawyer. Stop antagonizing our guest and go back to the files I gave you. I want them on my desk before you leave."

Greg nodded and walked back to his desk, he tried to get a show of sympathy from his comrades but Kyle merely glared while the others ignored him. Louis ignored him and turned his attention to Fiona.

"I just wanted to inform you that the jungle gym will be at your daycare by middle of next week," he told her. "Donna took care of everything."

Fiona smiled at him before she held her little hand out. Louis looked surprised but cautiously took said offering and shook before he let her go.

"Thank you again," she said.

"Thank you for your hard work," Louis responded. "Everyone else should be working too while we're at this. It's sad that a five year-old has done more work for this firm today than the rest of you."

Fiona giggled. Mike hid a smile when a rustle of papers was heard around them. Louis turned to walk back to his office but paused and looked at Fiona again.

"Fifty-seven," he responded, Fiona stopped and smiled at him.

"Sixteen," she countered. Louis' lips quirked as Mike stared at the two of them.

"Good choice, next time you come to visit I want a reason," he said before he walked off. Mike looked at Fiona.

"What was that about?"

"I asked him what his favorite number was," she shrugged. "He wouldn't tell me earlier."

Mike chuckled and leaned over to brush a kiss to the top of her head. Only his child could charm Louis Litt of all people.

Harvey was focused on gathering a file to take home and peruse when he heard a knock on his window. He looked up and saw that Jessica was outside with Donna and that Mike had arrived with an exhausted five year-old in his arms. He wondered vaguely how Mike managed with a tiny human being and two bags on each shoulder. He also took note of the drawing that Donna was holding up for him to see, he chuckled at the look of glee on her face and nodded his approval. He put the file in his briefcase gathered his phone and headed out to join them.

"Thank you for letting me stay today Ms. Jessica," Fiona yawned, Jessica smiled at her.

"It's no trouble, I expect to see you back for a visit soon," she told her, Fiona looked at Mike who nodded his approval.

"I'll have Aunt Jenny bring you by soon," he promised. "Thank you again for understanding."

"It made the day more interesting," Jessica told him. "In a good way. Now I'll let you two get home because someone looks a little tired."

"I am not tired," Fiona grumbled, Mike looked over Jessica's shoulder and gave Harvey an amused look. Harvey was more than surprised to find himself returning it.

"I know you're not," Mike assured her.

"Harvey I take it you're giving our future lawyer a ride home?" Jessica turned to him, he nodded.

"That's the plan, Donna you can-"

"Already am after I hang my picture up," Donna informed him. "Ray is downstairs waiting for you. The car still has the booster seat in it."

"Thank you," Harvey said. "I'll see you on Monday Jessica. Mike let's go."

"Bye Ms. Jessica," Fiona waved to her.

"Have a good weekend with your father," Jessica told her before she walked back off to her office. Harvey slowed himself down to match Mike's slower pace.

"You've done this before?" Harvey gestured to the bags and Fiona as they entered the elevator. Mike looked down, chuckled, and nodded.

"It's an art form sprung from when she was a baby," he explained.

"A baby?" Fiona asked.

"Yes, believe it or not you were once tinier than you are now and babies come with a lot more stuff," Mike informed her, Fiona shook her head, he nodded. "Stroller, diaper bag, spare bag…"

"Daddy you're silly," Fiona mumbled as they exited the elevator and headed out the door, pausing once so Fiona could say goodbye to Frank.

"He's very silly. Mike leave the bike here, it'll be fine for a night, we can swing by tomorrow and get it," Harvey responded as they got in the car and Mike buckled her into the booster seat.

"Tomorrow?" Mike asked as he sat beside him.

"I was invited to a soccer game wasn't I?" Harvey asked, Mike froze for just a second before he relaxed and nodded.

"You're coming to my soccer game Mr. Harvey?" Fiona asked, Harvey turned his attention to her, smiled and nodded.

"If that's alright with you?"

"Awesome," she nodded.

"Good, I need to pay up on my bet anyway," he informed her.

"Daddy you can make him pie!"

Harvey ignored the knowing look Ray had in his eyes when Fiona started babbling excitedly about her game tomorrow and the fact that he was coming. Harvey tried to ignore the fact that he was so happy that she was happy about him coming, however that was impossible to do when it came to a Ross. Especially when her father started to join in on the conversation and sounded just as excited as she was. He couldn't stop himself from adding things in every now and then. Couldn't really stop the smile either, much to his dismay because was sure that this was going to get reported to Donna.

He may be Ray's employer but she was more intimidating.

It was a pleasant ride though, the chatter felt normal and it was better than the silence that sometimes followed him. It was comfortable all the way to Mike's apartment building where Harvey graciously did not comment on the neighborhood they lived in.

"Thanks for the ride," Mike said as he gathered their bags and kept a hold on Fiona's hand. "I appreciate it."

"You're welcome, I'll see you tomorrow," he said. "Where should I meet you?"

"Here is fine, the park's not far," Mike replied. "Just call me when you get here."

"We walk every week," Fiona informed him.

"Alright I'll see you in the morning."

Harvey waited until the two of them had made it into the building before he had Ray pull away from the curb. He dropped his head back and breathed. Ray chuckled.

"You alright boss man?"

"Of course, just been a long day," he responded. "Before we get to the condo can you make a stop at the grocery store? I owe a five year-old ice cream tomorrow."

"You've got it," Ray nodded in the mirror. "And for your information, she prefers cookies and cream."

"How do you…"

"Donna," Ray responded.

"Of course," Harvey grumbled. "Put some jazz on?"

He let himself get a little lost in his thoughts as Ray turned on the radio. He was really going to do this come tomorrow and he should be nervous, he should be running for the goddamned hills, but here he was just feeling content about his weekend plans.


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