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Kyle knew he was cocky. People told him that he was often enough and he believed he had the right to be. He was from an important family, had a top notch education, a Harvard law degree and worked for one of the premier law firms in New York City. He also happened to be a favorite of one of that law firms high ranking lawyers, not a senior partner as he had hoped, but still, there were worse things in life than being Louis Litt's protégé. The things he'd learned from Litt had helped him crush Ross in mock trial, had helped him take Harvey Specter's associate down in front of the Senior Partners and really almost the entirety of the law firm.

It was a sweet, sweet feeling because Kyle hated Mike Ross. He hated that a guy who obviously came from nothing, who should be working in the mail room and not on his floor, and who had deplorable taste in menswear was Harvey Specter's golden child. Harvey Specter, the one senior partner that every associate wanted to be noticed by because his reputation was just that good. It was a reputation that Kyle had heard was well earned, he wouldn't know because he had never been allowed to go to court with the man. But Mike Ross was. Mike Ross was the one Harvey Specter ran to for whatever he needed and Kyle hated that because he deserved it more. He had obviously proven how much better he was in the mock trial. He had won. He had been ruthless and heartless and scheming, like Louis had taught him, and it had certainly paid off.

The Senior Partners had taken notice of him and his win, his fellow associates had taken notice, and Mike Ross had been mocked more than usual and to make it even better, Specter knew all about it. Kyle was an observant man, it was part of the profession, so in the week following the mock trial of awesome he had noticed that Harvey Specter had been decidedly cooler towards his associate, had watched as Ross deflated with each look or gesture. It was beautiful sight to watch and after confirming on Friday that it was still there, Kyle had made up his mind to do something about his knowledge.

He was going to move in and get Harvey Specter to notice him, to take him on and leave Ross in the dust, or hopefully outside of the building with a pink slip. He was going to go up to Harvey Specter and simply ask if he needed anything done, show how he was more capable and more suited for Specter than Ross ever could be. And he wouldn't have to do much, just further that separation by making Specter come to him, see the value in him, to want him to work with him and show him the ways. Louis Litt was good but Harvey Specter was the grand prize here at this firm and Kyle was going to get his way and take Ross all the way down in the process.

It was going to be a show and performance that he should sell tickets too. He was going to be the hero and envy of every one of his fellow associates, more so than he already was. He was prepared for this as he fixed his tie, he had worn his best suit today because one did not go to talk to the best closer in the city looking like trash, and walked from his desk and right over to Specter's office.

"Where do you think you're going?"

He paused in his entrance and looked at the desk where Donna was sitting, not even looking at him, typing away on her computer.

"I was going to-"

"No you aren't," she replied cheerily and he shuffled closer to her desk, plastering on his best smile as he gestured to Harvey's office. He knew Donna was tough but she was also only a secretary and would therefore be easy enough to charm.

"Oh come on Donna, you know you want to-"

He stopped talking when she stopped typing and then looked up at him all the while plastering on a shark-like smile that said "I am going to take my staple gun and use it on your dick, film it, and then put it on youtube". He faltered.

"No I really don't and I won't," she replied. "No one, especially not low on the totem pole associates like you, gets in to see Harvey Specter without an appointment."

"I just wanted to see if he needed-"

"No one," she told him again. "You will not enter his office unless you have an appointment and," she looked at her computer and then back up at him. "He's got an appointment free for you…never."

"Mike Ross gets to go in and see him."

"That's because Mike Ross works for Harvey," Donna replied sweetly. "You don't."

"Now come on, if he can get in then you can certainly let me-"

"No I won't," she told him, smile gone, eyes hard, eyebrow raised lethally. "You are going to turn around, go back to your desk, and do whatever mindless drivel Louis has you set up for today and-"

She stopped talking to him when the phone rang. He watched, outrage building within as she then completely ignored him to take the call.

"Harvey Specter's office, how can I help you?"

He kept his peace because he was fairly certain that getting on Harvey Specter's good side did not entail having his secretary miss (what he thought) was an important call. He felt his peace crumble when he watched Donna's face lighten up.

"Mrs. Ross," she said happily and then paused. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry Gram."

Mrs. Ross? As in a relation to Mike Ross? Kyle was being put on hold so Donna could chat with someone close to Mike Ross? This was unacceptable.

"Oh it most definitely worked," Donna replied after another moment. "Thank you so much for helping me. I knew that if they wouldn't listen to me they'd just have to listen to you."

He opened his mouth to speak; she held a hand up and glared at him before she turned her attentions back to the task at hand.

"Well it was a pleasure working with you too," Donna smiled, even as she kept her gaze firmly on him, as if she knew that he was thinking about just walking into the office without her approval. "Now Harvey and Mike are in court all morning but you know they're dropping by for lunch right?"

Court. All morning. Specter and Ross together. That wasn't good and put a hinderance on Kyle's intentions. Then again, this was probably for a case that Ross had already helped with. It wouldn't be smart for the firm or Specter's record to not take his associate who had already done all of the research. Ok, fears abated.

"And you and I are having lunch tomorrow," Donna said after another pause. "Of course I'll sneak in a milkshake," she listened to the phone. "Gram can you hang on for just one second?"

She put her hand over the receiver and looked at him.

"Why are you still standing there?"

"You're going to ignore me?"

"Yes, I'm on a very important call."

"Talking to Ross'…grandmother is more important than me?" he asked.

"Obviously," she rolled her eyes. "She and I have business to discuss and you need to leave. Shoo. Harvey won't be here until after lunch and even then you are still not getting in. Now go do some goddamn work."

"I will…" he paused when he saw Louis coming towards him.

"Kyle, I need your help with some briefs in preparation for the afternoon meeting," Louis told him as he approached. He paused at the foot of Donna's desk and looked down to where she had gone back to her conversation.

"No, really? Oh that's just priceless," she giggled. "I can only imagine what his face…oh you took pictures? I'll bring my laptop so I can transfer them and yes bring you copies."

"Who is she…."

"Ross' grandmother I think?" Kyle shrugged. Louis looked thoughtful for a moment but then shook his head and motioned to him.

"Let's go."

"You're not going to tell her to hang up?" Kyle asked as they began to walk down the hall. Louis peered at him, Kyle shut his mouth. "I mean...it's…isn't it a waste of company time and money?"

"It could be considered that, but what if something were wrong with Ross' grandmother?"

"What?" Kyle asked sharply because Louis Litt did not have a heart. He did not care about other people, Kyle had learned this from him. Yet looking at him now Kyle could swear that he looked rather concerned…he shook his head, he must be imagining things. "What do you mean?"

"If something were wrong with Ross' grandmother, let's say he had to make a decision regarding her healthcare and we didn't allow Donna to assist what would happen?"

Healthcare? Ross was actually responsible for someone? Why had Kyle not known that? It certainly explained some things.

"We'd be…liable for a lawsuit?"

"Possibly," Louis looked thoughtful. "And there's also the issue of disrespecting the elderly."


"Yes really, didn't your mother teach you manners?" Louis asked. "So we're going to let the two women talk and not worry about them. They aren't our concern. What we're going to do is go over some documents and you'll sit in on the meeting with all of us today."


"I think you've earned something after that win don't you?" Louis asked and Kyle nodded a smirk on his head. Sitting in on the firm's bi-weekly meeting with the heads of said firm? There were worse ways to spend an afternoon. And Harvey Specter would be there with no Donna the bodyguard so he could make his move then. Life was good.


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