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Kyle squinted at the picture in his hands and shook his head.

"Are you sure that's an arm?" he asked Susanna who rolled her eyes, leaned over, and then traced the line with her fingers for him to see.

"That's definitely one of the baby's arms," she told him as he squinted again and looked at the ultrasound picture once more. How could anyone tell what was what in these dark pictures? Kyle had no idea, but as he watched her finger move against the picture he supposed that yeah, that line did look like an arm.

"That's one of the hands right?" he moved his thumb to where her finger had stopped. Their hands brushed, Susanna didn't move at the contact and Kyle didn't see the need to either. It was refreshing after the whole two weeks he'd had to go without seeing her because he'd been stuck in the office working on a case, watching Mike and Harvey Specter work more miracles. Not being jealous of them when Louis had berated him for being too slow on something. Kyle was grateful for the day off and he was more than a little grateful that Susanna had wanted to grocery shopping with him for it.

As much as he loved being a lawyer it was sometimes necessary to detox from the life it meant living.

"Yeah it is," she sighed, he glanced at her and found that she had this dreamy look on her face.

"You look happy."

"I am," she shrugged as she put the picture back in her bag. "The baby is healthy and just…I don't know seeing him or her makes it real you know? Like I know it's real obviously," she ran a hand against her stomach, this time covered in a purple dress with those trademark flip flops on her feet. "But…it's…"

"More concrete?" he offered and she nodded as they continued to walk down the aisle.

"That's a good way to put it. That check-up was all about seeing the baby and realizing that I have exactly ten more weeks to prepare for motherhood. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time."

"Why terrifying?"

"Because I'm going to be responsible for this life, I am responsible for this life," she replied as they walked. "And I'm doing it alone which means if I screw up it's all on me."

"You won't screw up," he told her as she reached for a box of Special K as he got a box of Lucky Charms from above her head. She raised an eyebrow but he shook his head. "I've seen screw-ups and you aren't it. And so you're doing it alone? A lot of people do these days."

"I know," she sighed. "Sorry, this always happens after the doctor's appointments. I become an emotional basket case."

He snorted.

"There are a lot of things that you are, but a basket case isn't one of them," he promised her. She gave him an odd look.

"And what am I?"

"You're Susie Q, sarcastic as all hell and a hippy," he responded, she rolled her eyes. "Do either of those sound like being an emotional basket case to you?"

"A hippy? Really Harvard?"

"Beads as your kitchen door," he countered. Susanna just shook her head.

"Come on, we're finishing this shopping and then you're buying me lunch to make up for the hippy comment."



Kyle froze as he walked past Donna's desk and heard her voice.

"Turn around."

He did as asked, not because he was scared, but because he was fucking terrified of the woman. If he disobeyed she'd probably take her staple gun to him. He found her looking at him with one slim eyebrow arched, her eyes contemplating.

"Did you need something?" he asked with a glance into the office where Mike and Harvey Specter were talking, no more like arguing over something, not that he could tell with the closed door. All he could see were pointed hand gestures and facial expressions. Huh, maybe there was trouble in paradise?

"They're just fine and you're still not getting into that office unless you have a Jessica's authority or Papal edict," she responded lightly. He wanted to say something to that but honestly when it came to Harvey Specter's office Donna meant business. "But you're happy, why?"

Kyle was startled at her observation.

"Umm….I'm not allowed to be happy?"

"Not as a first year associate," Donna replied simply and yeah she had a point. Being a first year associate meant he was generally miserable but Kyle found it incredibly hard to be miserable when he was coming back from having lunch with Susanna. She had taken him to some hippy café, he had teased her, she had poked him and somehow convinced him to come over tonight after work to help her put baby furniture together. "So you're happy, why? As in what have you done?"

"Nothing! I just got back from a good lunch," he replied.

"A good lunch," she narrowed her eyes as though she was trying to read his mind. Kyle held his hands up and shook his head. "It's more than that, you were miserable along with every other associate this morning and now you're happy."

"I…" Kyle honestly had no idea what he should say to that. He had been miserable this morning and he was happier now that he was back from lunch with his…with Susanna. He had no idea what that said or meant but he was just going to go with it. "I don't know what to tell you."

"You may not know but I will find out," she assured him, Kyle was terrified.

"Donna can you…what are you doing here?"

Kyle froze for the second time in ten minutes when he saw Harvey Specter step outside of his office and glare at him. Fuck.

"I thought I told you that I wasn't interested," Harvey sighed.

"Harvey I stopped him," Donna held a hand up and Kyle wanted to get down on his knees and thank her because he did not want to be on the receiving end of Harvey Specter's wrath. Being on the end of Donna's was bad enough. "He was just leaving."

"Yes I was. Have a nice afternoon," Kyle nodded before he indeed walked away from what could be a damaging situation. He still wanted to be in Harvey Specter's good graces but he was going to have to do a lot of damage control from the incident with Susanna. Kyle thought the best course of action was to be absent from Harvey Specter's line of sight for a while.

"Why did you want to talk to him?"

He paused when he heard that, out of sight of course, but who could resist listening in when Harvey Specter was talking about you?

"He was happy," Donna replied. "I wanted to know why. What did you need?"

"An appointment with Judge Grant," Specter told her. "She granted the continuance for the Drexton case, I'm going to fight it."

At the mention of the name Kyle stopped. That was Susanna's case and she hadn't mentioned the continuance, unless it had just come in after their lunch together. He frowned. The last thing she needed was to wait for this damn thing to be over with.

"Give me fifteen minutes to work my magic and I'll have you in," Donna responded.

"Marry me?" Specter asked.

"Again, took care of that seven years ago," Donna teased. "And you're in. Take the puppy with you. She likes them young."

"I'm young!"

Kyle snorted at the indignant tone of Specter's tone and then he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned, prepared to glare at whoever had done so and was greeted with Mike looking at him.

"Kyle I know you're ambitious and all that but…I also know you're not stupid. Didn't I warn you about Donna and her staple gun?" Mike asked. Kyle crossed his arms in front of his chest defensively. "Not to mention the fact that no one will find your body.

"I am not stupid and it's not my fault that Donna stopped me. I wasn't about to tell her no, would you not talk to her?" Kyle asked him. Mike paused, thought about it and then promptly shook his head

"Good point," Mike breathed. "That would have gotten you a fate worse than death."

"She is a scary woman," Kyle agreed.

And then there was silence between them, awkward silence.

"So I should go…see what Harvey wants," Mike said.

"Yeah," Kyle nodded. "Those briefs Louis gave me won't work themselves out."

"Right, see you later," Mike muttered before he moved to walk past him. Kyle was about to do the same thing but he paused.

"Mike wait," Kyle put a hand on his shoulder, Mike tensed, Kyle rolled his eyes. "Calm the hell down, I'm not going to hit you and ruin your somewhat adequate complexion."

"Like you'd be able to land a punch," Mike muttered. "What do you want then?"

"You heard what they were saying right?"

"About taking me to see Judge Grant? Yes."

"Good," Kyle said and what was he doing? It was another twilight zone moment. "I've dealt with her before and Donna isn't wrong. She likes pretty faces and while Harvey is good, you'll be better suited to this."

"I'm sorry?"

"Charm her," Kyle said. "Smile, flash those puppy dog eyes, make her feel like she's young again and you'll get on her good side and be able to further your counter argument."

"I…how do I know you're not lying?" Mike asked suspiciously. "Trying to get me to fuck it all up and get me fired?"

"Mike come on," Kyle rolled his eyes once more. "I know we have our differences but like you said, I'm not stupid. Do you really think that I'd risk a client's case and the firm's reputation with the courthouses for you? And I can't believe I'm saying this but you're also a smart guy. Thank about it."

Mike seemed to think about it as Kyle dropped his hand from his shoulder and waited. It took a minute before Ross nodded.

"So charm her huh?"

"Big time, compliment her hair, she's always trying to hide the gray," Kyle snorted. "It doesn't work well but she doesn't have to know that. Do that and you're in."

"Will do," Mike paused. "Why help me?"

"It's good for the firm," Kyle shrugged, pointedly ignored the little voice in his head that was telling him it was because this had to do with Susanna. "We win cases we get more clients."

"Mike come on we have to get to the courthouse and…what are you doing here?"

For the second time in less than half an hour Harvey Specter was in front of him and Kyle was completely unprepared. Specter didn't look pleased to see him. Kyle honestly didn't know what he had done to deserve this today.

"I was…it's…I was…"

"He was giving me some pointers on Judge Grant," Mike said quickly, Specter raised an eyebrow as he looked at Mike. Kyle waited and yep there was that eye-communication that was becoming legendary around the office. Kyle was still jealous because really who the fuck did that?


"Yes," Mike said. "Kyle has dealt with Judge Grant before and he was telling me how to get her to like us."

"Everyone likes me," Specter said.

"You just keep telling yourself that," Mike snorted. Kyle waited for the yelling to start because if he ever spoke to one of the partners like that he was confident there would be repercussions. But to his surprise and maybe just a little anger, there was nothing but a brief smirk from Specter towards Ross.

And then the attention was back on him. Fuck. Really what had he done to deserve this?

"And what did he have to tell you?"

"To charm her," Mike replied.

"Really now?" Harvey Specter looked at Kyle and he froze for a minute because really who wouldn't? He was being stared at by Harvey fucking Specter.

"Yes sir," Kyle replied. "She likes that. She likes feeling young. Mike does that and you have a better chance of getting what you want."

"Right," Specter replied before he made a shooing gesture. "Go back to your desk and do some real work. Mike," he snapped his fingers. "Let's go, I have fifteen minutes to teach you how to flirt."

"I know how to flirt," Mike countered. "I am an excellent flirt."

And now it was really awkward because they started doing their eye-thing again and Kyle did the only thing a sane person would do. He fled to the safety of his desk and the heaps of work Louis had shifted onto him this morning, hoping to get everything done before midnight tonight.

Five minutes later, at his desk, Louis dumped more files on him. There went his desire to get out of here before midnight. He would most likely be spending the night in the office. He just thanked god that he had the foresight to keep a spare suit in his desk.


"You seriously haven't been home in over twenty-four hours?"

"No," Kyle mumbled from where he leaned against the counter, trying his best to keep his eyes open as he waited for the coffee to finish brewing as he talked to Susanna. He had called her ten minutes ago because he knew of all people she would keep him awake until he got some more caffeine into his system.

"You sound miserable," she responded.

"Not miserable," he yawned. "Just tired but this is my life. I'm a first year associate."

"Which automatically makes you the firms bitch?" Susanna asked.

"Yes it does, and before you evens say it yes I'm fine with it," he chuckled as the coffee finally and thankfully finished. He was quick to pour himself a cup, but he stayed in the associate's kitchen, he had found what Louis wanted, he had changed into his clean suit, washed his face, he could spare a minute to rest. "Enough about me and my job, what are you up to today?"

"Oh you know furthering my plans for total world domination, the usual," she replied. Kyle snorted. "Seriously though? Meetings all day. We have to start planning to the spring line."

"But it's summer," he replied. Mike Ross came walking into the kitchen and made a bee line for the coffeemaker. While he hadn't stayed at the firm the whole night he was definitely here earlier than even most associates. Kyle nodded a greeting but then turned his attention back to the conversation he was having.

"I know that but the fashion world operates differently," she responded. "The fall line has been done since last year. Now we go for spring. In the winter we'll do Summer and so on and so forth."

"Just don't design every shoe to be a flip flop," he countered.

"Bastard. Like you don't own a pair of sandals for the beach and why am I defending myself? I'm six and a half months pregnant. I can wear whatever the hell I want," Susanna pointed out. "You try it sometime."

Kyle winced at the thought and ignored the look Mike shot him.

"No thanks, quite a fan of the way things are now."

"Yeah, that's what I thought," she breathed, but he could tell she had a smirk on her face. "Look I have to go and get ready for my meeting, but text me to let me know you're still alive today? It'd be a shame if I lost my pack mule."

"Good to know you care about me," he sighed. "But I'll text you. Good luck in your meeting."

"Don't drink too much coffee today Harvard."

The line went dead and Kyle hit a few buttons before he slid his phone into his pants pocket. He took another sip of his coffee before he resigned himself to go back to his desk.

"Talking to someone special?" Mike asked casually. Kyle looked at him, Ross just shrugged. "Just asking."

"None of your damn business really," Kyle replied. "How did the meeting with Judge Grant go?"

"Your advice worked," Mike replied. "We got what we needed. Though we're still trying to settle before it goes to court. But if it does…the client won't have to wait much longer."

"Good," Kyle nodded. "That's good. For the client."

There was that awkward silence again. Great. Just what Kyle needed when he was going on maybe two hours of sleep. Mike sighed.

"Look I know it's none of my business but," Mike cocked his head and peered at him, something he had to have learned from Donna because now Kyle felt uneasy. "Whoever you were talking to? You sure do seem happy about her."

"I…whatever. I'm going to do actual work," Kyle scoffed before he left the room and Mike Ross' questioning gaze. Why was everyone commenting on his current mood? He was not happier because he had spoken to Susanna; he was more awake because of the coffee in his cup. That was it, nothing more. Susanna was nice, she had become a good friend, but that was it.



Kyle had never been more grateful for the end of the day as he slowly walked up the stairs to his apartment at eleven thirty. Today Louis Litt had made life a living hell for the first year associates because of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. The fucking dream team had pulled off a miracle for another client which meant that the rest of them suffered.

He had plans to change, eat some leftover Chinese food, watch a movie and then sleep for the next twelve hours. His plans changed when he reached his floor and saw that Susanna was leaning against the wall opposite his door, dressed in green sweat pants and a grey t-shirt with a pizza box in her hands.

"Susie Q, what are you doing here?"

"I had a late night too," she shrugged. "I just left work maybe fifteen minutes before you did and I was hungry…I thought you would be too," she said. "So want to eat some sausage and pepperoni pizza with me? Save me from feeling guilty about eating an entire pizza by myself?"

Kyle suddenly felt more awake than he had in days as he got his keys out and nodded to his door.

"Come on, I have the perfect movie to go with that."


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