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Status report: Dr. says baby is just fine. So am I.

Kyle smiled as he read his text message and typed a response to Susanna's message about the doctor's appointment she'd had this morning.

I'm glad. Back 2 work?

It took all of two minutes for a response to come through.

Mhmm. Spring line ahead.

Kyle snorted.

Have fun with your flip flops.

Took her less than a minute this time around.

Asshole. Call me when you're done for the day.


Kyle turned from where he was getting his fourth cup of coffee for the day and found Donna standing beside him, going into a cabinet and bringing out Cheetos of all things. Kyle glanced around and found that they were alone in the associate's break room as she turned to survey him. He shifted, but kept himself in place. No one was going to ruin his overall happy mood today. Not even Donna.

"What did we do this weekend?"

Kyle ran a hand through his hair and bit back the grin that threatened to appear as he thought about how he'd gotten to spend his weekend. He almost felt like a teenager all over again.

"I don't kiss and tell," he responded. "And not even you and the threat of a staple gun will make me."

Donna's eyebrow shot up before her mouth quirked.

"I knew there was a gentleman somewhere in there," she nodded in approval. "However, might I suggest telling Mike? He and Harvey should know about this."


"She's not your client, it's not against the rules," Donna reminded him. "But it'd be better if you told them."

"I know," Kyle breathed. "I was thinking it might be best to wait until after her case is over with. I don't want to put that stress on her when she's getting so close to her due date. And I may or may not be terrified about what Mr. Specter will do to me."

"I think," Donna eyed him and even Kyle picked up on the fact that she meant that she knew. "That you'll be surprised on both counts. Harvey and Mike are out of the office for most of today. Think about it."

"I will, I'll talk to Susanna about it to," he promised. "Why all this help all of a sudden? You hate me."

"Hate is a very strong word," Donna told him. "I don't hate you. If anything you annoyed me with your repeated attempts to get into Harvey's office and to be fair I thought you were further trying to sabotage Mike with Susanna."

"And now that you know everything?" Kyle asked.

"It makes my job easier and like I said, we women have to stick together," she shrugged. "Now I'm going to go do some work. You should do the same."

"Yes ma'am," Kyle saluted before he gathered his coffee and headed back to his cubicle.


Mondays sucked for a reason. Aside from the almost normal conversation he'd had with Donna that morning his day had done its best to ruin itself over and over again. In the form of Louis dumping brief after brief on him, on getting Mike's work because Mike was off working more miracles with Specter. On being yelled at by Louis repeatedly because he hadn't been working fast enough, his handwriting was illegible, anything and everything.

Such was the life of a first year associate. He was done for the day at almost eleven at night and waiting for the elevator, pausing only to get his phone and call Susanna. She answered after four rings.

"Hi," Kyle frowned when he heard her yawn.

"Were you asleep?" he asked.

"Nope, working on something," she responded. "Are you done for the day?"

"Waiting for the elevator now."

"Come over," she demanded, he could hear the pout in her voice. He could also sense that he was no longer alone and turned to find that Mike Ross was now standing beside him. Kyle ignored him and kept talking.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I want my human pillow," she told him, he chuckled. "And I want to show you what I'm working on."

"Is that all I'm good for now?" he asked.

"That and other things," she replied. "Are you coming?"

"Let me stop by my place and get my clothes for tomorrow and then I'll come over. Do you want anything?"

"Strawberry ice cream and a text when you're heading over so I don't think you're a serial killer or anything. You can let yourself in right?"

He snorted. Susanna had given him a key to her apartment before they'd even started dating as a just in case thing because out of everyone she knew and trusted he was the closest. It made sense the closer she got to her due date.

"I think I can work a lock and key," he responded and then pointedly ignored the snort from Mike as he stepped into the elevator with Ross hot on his heels. Mike pressed the button for the lobby. "I'm getting into the elevator now. I'll see you soon with your ice cream."

"Mmmk, bye."

The line went dead and Kyle pocketed his phone as he leaned against the wall of the elevator. There was silence for a few minutes.

"Strawberry ice cream?" Mike asked, Kyle found that Mike was looking at him with mild amusement all over his face.

For a moment Kyle considered telling him that it was for his client, his mine as well be his girlfriend. Both he and Susanna had come to the conclusion that they'd been dating for weeks without even realizing it. They were now just mildly upset that they hadn't been having all the sex that should be entailed with those weeks. He thought about it, almost said something, but then stopped. It was far too late and he was not in the mood to deal with an inquisition from Ross. It could wait.

"She likes strawberries," Kyle shrugged. "Anyone ever teach you not to listen in on others phone calls?"

"Oh but it's so much fun when that other person is whipped," Mike countered.

"You say it like that's a bad thing," Kyle threw back. "I'm enjoying it."

"This one must be special," Mike commented. "You're being nice."

"She is," Kyle nodded before the elevator dinged and they both stepped out. "Have a good night Ross."

"Yeah…" Mike paused. "You too?"

Kyle just smiled to himself, he should rag on Ross, say something, anything but his bad mood had just lifted at the thought of going to see Susanna. He could let the good mood keep going and let Mike reap the benefits of said mood.


A half an hour later had Kyle changed into sweats as he quietly walked into Susanna's apartment, garment bag in one hand, ice cream in the other, complete with plastic spoon. He locked the door behind him and glanced around.

"Susie Q?"


He kicked his shoes off, padded back to her room and was completely unsurprised to find her sitting at her work bench with her sketchpad. What did surprise him was that she was sitting there in one of his t-shirts. Her gaze flickered up to him and a smile graced her features when she saw him. He returned the gesture and walked over to her to steal a kiss or four.

"Mmm," she grinned when he pressed the pint of ice cream with its spoon into her hands. "You are my hero, minus the horse and crown."

"Gee thanks shirt stealer," he kissed her again before he walked over to her closet and hung his garment bag on the door for tomorrow.

"Shirt stealer?" Susanna asked through a mouthful of ice cream. He pointed to the crimson Harvard shirt on her as he returned to that side of the room and sat on the edge of her bed. She smiled at him. "When you leave said shirt on my floor then it by default becomes mine until you remove it from my apartment. Do you want it back?"

"Well if you're offering to get naked," Kyle wriggled his eyebrows; Susanna rolled her eyes as she ate more of her ice cream.

"Men," she muttered. "I'm tired and feel like a whale. Therefore no, there will be no nudity."

"You're not a whale, you're beautiful and you can keep the shirt," he assured her. "You make it look far better than I ever could."

She didn't say anything to that, just smiled, grabbed her sketchbook and then held it out to him. He took it so she could go back to eating her snack and was surprised to see designs for crib sheets all over, intricate and bursting with color and patterns, notes scribbled by each separate one. He looked at her.

"I know, I know," she raised her spoon. "I got more than enough at my baby shower last week but…they're all so…generic," she wrinkled her nose. "Lacking in life."

"Well that's what happens when you don't find out what you're having," Kyle pointed out. "People have to get generic stuff. There isn't a lot of choice now."

"I know, but I want the surprise," Susanna pouted. "I was washing the first set earlier and I just got to thinking. I'm going on maternity leave on Monday and I'll need something to do to keep me sane as this whole lawsuit moves forward."

"So do it," Kyle motioned to the sketchbook. "These are fantastic and they're special because they're from mommy."

"Think so?"

"I know so," he told her. "You're good at what you do Susie Q. And if this is going to help you for what's coming with your lawsuit…go for it."

"Think it'll be bad?" she asked quietly. Kyle paused and thought about it. He knew her case was coming up soon and that Mike had started entering his 'serious business' mode with Harvey Specter. Their eye communication was off the carts this week and it was for this case.

"Do you want me to answer as your question as a lawyer or your boyfriend?" he asked her. She leveled him with a look.

"I want you to answer it honestly," she said. He nodded before he held his hands out. She put the pint of ice cream on the table and took them. He helped her stand up and right in front of him in his shirt and a pair of black shorts. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he looked at her.

"My honest opinion is that you have a good, solid case," he told her. "You also have the best lawyer in the city on your side. If the Drexton's were smart they'd settle with you. But, you need to get ready to fall under fire. The opposition will play dirty and there is a ninety-five percent chance that they are going to go after your personal life," he put his hands on her stomach. "You need to be ready for that because that's the stuff that sticks."

"You think I can't take it?" she asked. He shook his head.

"I've seen the strongest guys cut to pieces on the stand. I think you can take it but I also want you to be ready," he told her. "But I doubt Mr. Specter will let them get far. He's the best for a reason. And Mike is apparently good at this whole caring thing," Kyle told her. Susanna giggled and kissed him again.

"So it's time for the battle amour?" she asked.

"Yes, but you'll design something fabulous, now eat your ice cream before it melts and come to bed," he told her. She smacked his arm.

"You don't control me," she exclaimed. "Just for that I'm going to take my jolly old good time eating and then designing some more."

"Fine," he pulled his t-shirt up and off, threw it towards the chair in the corner of the room and scooted back towards her pillows. "I'll be here, asleep all by myself," he sighed. "With my perfectly good hands unable to rub someone's back. Damn."

Susanna glared at him, he just smirked before he startled as her plastic spoon hit his chest. He held it up; she stuck her tongue out and grabbed her pint of ice cream before coming over to join him on her bed.


Kyle was in the middle of styling his hair for the day when he heard the dulcet tones of Coldplay's single blasting through Susanna's bedroom. He glanced at the bathroom and heard the shower shut off in a hurry.

"Harvard can you get that for me? It's probably work."

"What's the magic word?" he asked even as he made his way over to her desk and picked up the phone and hit accept.

"Hurry up you jerk!" she shouted back. He chuckled and brought the phone up to his ear.


"Kyle? What are you doing with Susanna's phone?"

Kyle froze as he heard Mike Ross' voice on the other end of the line. His mind instantly went to trying to figure out exactly how he could get out of this. How he could deny it and save himself a situation at work. But then Susanna came out of the bathroom, wrapped up in a towel, looking at him curiously. He breathed. He couldn't deny it.

"It's me and…long story," he answered. "Did you need to talk to Susanna?"

"Yes," Mike replied. "We'll be talking when you get to work."

"Great," Kyle muttered before he handed Susanna the phone. "It's for you Susie Q."

She took the phone and held it up to her ear. He motioned towards the kitchen, she nodded and started talking.

"Hey Mike, sorry, was in the shower, what's up?"

Kyle was nursing a glass of orange juice and a bagel when Susanna joined him in the kitchen twenty minutes later. He gave her the other half of his bagel as she leaned against the counter opposite him.

"Everything alright?" he asked. She nodded.

"The Drexton's want to meet me next week," she responded. "Are you…is it a problem? That Mike knows now?"

"I'm not ashamed of you or this," he assured her.

"I know that but we were keeping it a secret until after my whole trial was done for a reason," Susanna told him. "So will it be a problem for you at work?"

"We're not breaking any laws or firm rules by doing this," he replied. "It's just something that may or may not be frowned upon depending on how far it goes. Did he ask you anything?"

"He suggested that perhaps my vision was clouded by your…charm," she raised her eyebrow as she walked over to him. He slid his arm around her shoulders as she leaned into him. "As if. I totally seduced you."

"Seduced me huh?" he asked. She nodded before she stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his. He smiled against her mouth.

"Yep, totally seduced you," she nodded.

"Whatever you say Susie Q," he sighed as he glanced at the clock. "I have to get going. Try and do some damage control, maybe try and talk to Mike before he goes to Specter."

"Good luck, call and let me know how it goes?" she asked. He nodded as he kissed her again before he went to grab his briefcase and head into the real world.


It was still too early for any of the other associates to be in yet and for that Kyle was thankful. The less of an audience he had when he went to talk to Mike Ross the better. He carefully made his way out of the elevators and walked down the hallway towards the associate's cubicles. He had no idea what he was going to say but he knew he had to do something before things got out of hand.


He stopped when he heard Mike's voice, turned and found him approaching him, inquisitive and defensive. Kyle breathed and got ready to put on his own version of battle armor when Mike stopped in front of him.

"What are you doing to my client?" Mike asked him. "Because toying with a pregnant woman's emotions like this is low even for you. Especially if you're doing it to get to me."

"I'm not," Kyle said, ordering his anger away and focusing on the task at hand. "Using her to get to you and frankly I'm a little offended that you would even suggest that I would do something like that. I know I'm a bastard but I'm not that bad."

"Then what are you doing?" Mike asked. Kyle sighed.

"She and I…Susanna is….she's special," he replied. "We live ten minutes away from each other. We started hanging out, she was my friend."

"And now?" Mike prodded. Kyle glared.

"This really isn't your business."

"She's my client, you work for this firm. It's my business," Mike leveled him with a look. Kyle sighed once more because if he were in Ross' position he would be doing the same thing. "What is she now?"

"We just started dating," he shrugged. "And us being together isn't against any rules. She's not my client and it's not my case."

"Then why keep it a secret?" Mike asked.

"Because it literally just happened this past weekend!" Kyle exclaimed. "I wanted some time to enjoy being in a relationship and figure out what it meant before we brought other people into it."

"This weekend huh?"

"Yes, this weekend, but…we've been friends for a little while now," Kyle responded. "Look I know that this looks bad but Mike I promise that I'm not doing this to get at you or hurt your case. Susanna would kick my ass to space and back. And so would Donna."

Mike's lips cracked into a smile.

"Donna's scary and Susanna's a firecracker isn't she?"

"I wouldn't have her any other way," Kyle grinned and was he really having this conversation with Mike Ross? Was he actually enjoying himself?

Once more, he was left to think that he was in the twilight zone.

"Also presumably the reason that you've been acting like an actual human being lately," Mike sighed. "Alright…I'm going to believe you here and I'm not going to tell Harvey about it."

"You won't?" Kyle was surprised because while it wasn't against the rules, this was something that Mr. Specter could use to make his life hell, something that Mike Ross could use as payback.

"No, like you said you're not breaking any rules, and it's your personal life," Mike replied. "However, if it starts to interfere or if I find out that you are a really good actor I will tell him. Sound fair?"

Mike held his hand out and Kyle wasted no time in taking the gift he was being offered. He shook on it.

"Deal," he responded. "Thank you."

"We still need to go and get that drink sometime."

"Yeah, I still owe you," Kyle shook his head as their hands dropped. "We could…I would be open to it sometime soon. Before the baby comes."

"Fair enough," Mike nodded.


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