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Kyle had most definitely entered the twilight zone. He knew he had to be there because in any other world, in any other life, he would not be sitting at a bar with Mike Ross and laughing over Louis' latest attempts to overtake Harvey Specter. He and Mike Ross did not do pleasant things together, he and Mike Ross competed but right now Kyle was actually having fun.

"Oh god he really did that?" Kyle wiped his eyes as Mike nodded and took another sip of the beer that Kyle had paid for. He had agreed to it after all.

"I thought his head was going to explode when Donna told him no," Mike replied.

"Then she has to have something on him then," Kyle suggested. "No one stops Louis from doing anything unless your name is Jessica Pearson."

"Of course she has something on him," Mike pointed his bottle towards Kyle. "She just won't tell me what it is."

"Damn shame," Kyle took another pull from his beer. There was a comfortable silence between the two as they nursed their drinks. Kyle honestly couldn't believe that he was actually having a good time, more so than he ever did when he was with Greg and the others. That was probably because when he was with them it was all about trying to one-up each other but right now it was all about trading war stories and commiserating over associates.

"Have plans with Susanna tonight?" Mike asked.

"Just going over to her place after this," he replied. "She's not really up for going out much at the moment. So we're pretty tame."

"Understandable," Mike responded.

"What about you and….that blonde from the mock trial?" Kyle asked, Mike just shook his head.

"Jenny dumped me for being a workaholic."

"It's hard," Kyle mused. "If not impossible to have a normal relationship in your first year."

"And yet you're managing," Mike countered as he took another drink from his bottle."

"By some miracle," Kyle responded. "I got lucky because Susie Q doesn't work regular hours either and she's constantly saying that my long hours don't bother her. Was your break-up at least friendly?"

"Yeah," Mike smiled. "Jenny and I have been friends for too long, been through too much to give that up. But we're done; I've resigned myself to being married to the law."

"Here, here," Kyle held his bottle up so Mike could toast with him.

"Wait," Mike swallowed his drink. "That's not fair. You have a girlfriend that's crazy about you."

"You think?" Kyle asked.

"I know," Mike told him. "Because she defended you before we met with the Drexton's this week."

"She defended me?"

"She just told me that she was one: perfectly capable of making her own romantic decisions and two: you were a surprisingly good guy underneath your layers of douchiness."

Kyle snorted and finished his drink.

"She would say something like that…wait…does that mean that Specter knows?"

"No, she did it before Harvey came in," Mike assured him. Kyle felt the smile that had been playing on his lips come to fruition. Mike rolled his eyes.

"And you are just as far gone as she is. It's sweet…like a cavity," Mike replied.

"Awww you wound me Ross," Kyle replied before he glanced at his phone on the table. "Speaking of my girlfriend," he reached for it and saw the waiting text message lighting up the screen.

When you come over can you please bring me some peanut butter? And tell Mike I said hi.

Everything alright?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I just have to go hunt down some peanut butter when I leave here. Susie Q says hi."

"I say hi back," Mike replied. "Has she sent you out in the middle of the night yet?"

Kyle nodded.

"Let me tell you about her pickle crisis at three in the morning."


Kyle crept through the darkened apartment, doing his best to not make noise as he made his way from the kitchen to Susanna's room. He and Mike had ended up staying for another round and more stories at the bar, which had led to him getting in later than expected. Thankfully, Susie Q had understood and when he finally reached her room he wasn't surprised to find her already asleep in bed. He got dressed and brushed his teeth in the bathroom before he slid into bed behind her.


"No I'm an axe murderer," he leaned over and pressed his lips to her cheek. She turned her head and he was quick to shift his attentions to her lips. She purred when he pulled away.

"I'll forgive that last statement then," she opened her eyes and he could barely make out her smile in the dark room. "Have fun on your man date?"

"Yes, I'm actually leaving you for Mike," he teased as she turned and curled into him, her stomach tucked against his side.

"You'd have to fight Harvey for him," she hummed. Kyle glanced down at her, she poked his chest.

"Do you not see the sexual tension between them? I mean those looks," she told him.

"An image I did not need in my head," Kyle muttered and really he didn't want to think about all of the looks Mike and Specter threw at each other, or the way they communicated silently, and he really needed to stop thinking about them when he was in bed with his girlfriend. "Go to sleep before you put more in there Susie Q."

"Mmm excellent idea," she mumbled. "If you can convince the baby to stop kicking me."

Kyle laughed as he put a hand on her stomach and felt a push against his palm.

"The baby just wanted to say hi," he told her as she snuggled into his side as best she could. "Obviously I was missed."

"Speaking of missed," she yawned. "Your mother called earlier."

"Was she looking for me?" Kyle asked, though he was confused. His mother knew that if she needed him that she should call his cell first and after that the office. He'd given her Susanna's number in case of an emergency after she had spoken to his girlfriend for the first time two weeks ago.

"No," Susanna yawned. "She called to talk to me, check up on me, make sure the baby was alright. We had a nice chat. She and your dad want to visit before the baby comes."

"They want to meet you," he told her. "My mom loves you already. She told me if I didn't keep you around there would be words."

"I kind of love her already too," Susanna grinned. "Which is why I suggested they come when my parents are here in three weeks."

"Should I be worried?" he asked. She shook her head.

"My mom and dad want to meet you," she promised. "And I thought having your mom and dad there would help with the stress. They kind of know me and you all are close."

"We are and it'll be good to have everyone meet. I want to meet your parents," Kyle assured her. "Think they'll like me?"

"My mom already loves everything I tell her about you," she mumbled. "For the life of me I don't know why."

"Hey I'm awesome," he laughed when she pinched his side. "Will your dad want to shoot me?"

"I won't let him," she patted his chest. "Nah, you'll be fine. Talk about baseball. That's safe."

"I'll trust you to get me ready for their arrival," he pressed a kiss to her forehead. "We can call both sets tomorrow and set something up."

"Good," she yawned again, Kyle trailed his fingers against her stomach.

"Baby's calming down," he mused. Susanna said nothing; he glanced down and found that she was already fast asleep against him. Kyle felt his smile widen when he felt another kick against his palm as he settled down for the night.


"Kyle we're going out for a drink."

Kyle glanced up from his brief to find Greg and a few of the other associates looking at him expectantly.


"You're coming with us?" Greg asked. "Louis said you didn't have to have the brief finished until tomorrow afternoon."

"I know that," Kyle responded. "But I want to get it done now."

"Come on, we haven't been out in forever," Greg whined, Kyle bit back a sigh. Greg was nice, at times, he was a competent lawyer, he would pick up the slack if need be but he honestly wasn't Kyle's favorite person in the world. Going out for drinks would have been fine once upon a time but things had shifted in the past few weeks. He had shifted.

"I can't tonight," Kyle responded. "Sorry. I have plans."

"With who?" Greg asked. "You can ditch your girlfriend for one night out with the guys."

"Could but I won't," Kyle responded because honestly he was far more interested in being curled up on the couch with his girlfriend and watching a movie.

"Wow she must be great in bed for you to-"

He stopped talking when Kyle broke the pencil he'd been twirling in his hand and glared at him.

"Watch what you say about my girlfriend," Kyle told him quietly.

"Greg," Mike sighed as he crept around the other associate and put a hand on his shoulder. "It's a wonder that you're single with the way you talk about women."

"I am…I can get a woman just fine!" Greg replied.

"Uh huh," Kyle shared an amused look with Mike. "You just keep telling yourself that."

"You're seriously bailing on us for your girlfriend?"

"I seriously am," Kyle replied. "Go and have fun with everyone. I need to finish this."

"Fine, your own damn loss," Greg grumbled as he pulled away from Mike and stalked towards the elevators. Kyle rolled his eyes at Mike.

"Thanks," he replied. "I really didn't want to go out with them tonight."

"No problem, he was acting like a dick," Mike replied as he walked over to his cubicle and started to pack up. "Do you have plans with Susanna right away?"

"I…in about an hour," Kyle responded. "Why?"

"Then you should come get a drink with Harvey and I," Mike replied. Kyle stared at him. "Seriously. We won't go where those douches went."

"With you and…Mr. Specter?" Kyle asked. Mike chuckled.

"Yes," he told him. "This is what acting like a human being gets you. Do you want to come?"

"I…oh what the hell," Kyle started to gather his things because really the brief could wait until the morning. "Let me text Susanna."

"We'll wait for you by the elevator."


"Relax, he's not going to chuck his glass at you," Mike whispered as he went towards the bar to get a pitcher of beer and three glasses. This left Kyle alone with Harvey Specter who was eying him warily. Kyle was doing his best to relax but it was easier said than done when Harvey freaking Specter was staring at you from across the table.

"He's right you know," Specter said after Mike was out of earshot. "I don't need a harassment lawsuit thrown at me. Not to mention the fact that I'm curious."

"Curious?" Kyle asked.

"About why you were invited to our little…thing," he gestured to the bar, which Kyle had to admit was kind of a dive, the last place he'd expect to find Harvey Specter in. The man was known for liking the finer things in life and this most certainly was not it. Except Kyle kind of preferred this to the usual spot, it was low key, felt like he could actually drink without having to make an impression; except he was in the presence of the best closer in the city which kind of made that thought null in void.


"I mean I've made it clear that I'm not your biggest fan but Mike," he threw a look to where their mutual acquaintance was approaching again. "Was pretty adamant about inviting you. He's professed his dislike of you too. So it makes me wonder what happened to change that."

"Mike's…he's not a bad guy," Kyle offered. "And I guess that we're not enemies anymore?"

"Kyle's been proving that he's actually a human Harvey," Mike teased as he put the pitcher and glasses down so he could slide right next to him and holy shit Susanna had been right about them. The way they looked at each other was ample enough evidence and how the heck had he missed this? He had to tell her when he came home. "I thought that he could use a night off from the other douches."

Mike handed him a glass and Kyle was quick to take a sip.

"An actual human? How does one go from being a pretentious Harvard douche to that?" Specter asked him, Kyle snorted.

"You'd have to take that up with my girlfriend Mr. Specter," he told him. "Though I think she'd be inclined to agree with your assessment more often than not."


"What?" Kyle asked.

"We're not at the office, we're drinking, you call me Harvey just like I'll call you Kyle until you give me reason not to," Harvey Sp-just Harvey warned. "And how do you have time for a girlfriend? Don't we give you associates enough work?"

"You do Harvey, but she's pretty awesome," Kyle shrugged. "I got lucky

"Because she's one that doesn't mind if I'm not around all the time," Kyle responded. "I secretly think she likes it that way."

"Right," Harvey sipped his beer thoughfully, Mike rolled his eyes.

"Just be nice and start talking about the Yankees or something."

"Do you like baseball?" Harvey asked. Kyle nodded.

"I live in New York. If I didn't like baseball I'm pretty sure I'd be kicked out of the city," he responded.

"Good then you can help me convince Mike that his….like," Harvey paused to wince. "Of the Red Sox is unjust and-"

"It's not unjust! It's my preference and you have to admit that their lineup is-"

"You like the Red Sox?" Kyle asked Mike. "You know you were buying yourself some cool points in my book until that. What the hell?"

"My thoughts exactly," Harvey told him.

"Oh we're fixing this here and now."


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