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Your father and I will be getting into town Saturday afternoon. I know you have to work but Susanna said she could entertain us until you got to leave. We're cooking you both dinner. No arguments. See you soon sweetie.



Kyle read and reread the message before closing his email and taking a deep breath. While he knew that his parents were coming to visit, that Susanna's parents were coming to help her get ready for the baby, it had been a distant thought in his head. Reading his mother's email put it on the forefront of his mind and he was doing his best not to have a panic attack in the middle of the office. He and Susanna were meeting each other's parents in the next week. Kyle hadn't met someone's parents since his undergrad and it had been a disaster. He was more terrified about this meeting than facing Donna and Harvey Specter at the same time.


Kyle looked up and once again wondered if Donna was psychic because she was right there.


"Come with me," she nodded towards the hall. Kyle grabbed his phone and stood up, the fear about meeting Susanna's parents faded as he followed Donna. Susanna was back there with Mike and Mr. Specter and the Drexton's. They were supposed to be settling the case because Mike had pulled off some miracle and Kyle was happy about it because Susanna didn't need the stress when she was due to have a baby in two weeks. But now he was worried because Donna looked worried and she was never worried.

"Donna seriously what's-"

"In there," Donna pointed to the conference room and Kyle had never been more grateful for the glass walls of the law firm because it gave him full view of Susanna clutching the arms of a chair, pale as Mike knelt beside her and Mr. Specter stood and argued with the opposing council. Kyle didn't even think as he moved past Donna, opened the door, and got into the room to get a better look.

"If anything happens to her or her child you can rest assured that there will be a lawsuit on your desk by the end of the week," Harvey Specter's tone of voice was downright scary but Kyle ignored it in favor of getting to Susanna.

"Hey Susie Q," he spoke loud enough to get her attention, as he knelt on her free side. Kyle noted the way she relaxed at the sight of him and the wet spot on the front of her dress.

"Oh thank god," she sighed. "My water broke."

"I can see that," Kyle informed her as his hand went to her wrist, his fingers felt for her pulse. He was suddenly ridiculously grateful that his mother was a nurse and had insisted that he take more than his fair share of first aid classes in addition to volunteering at the hospital when he was a teenager. He had dealt with situations like this before and had to do his best to remain calm because it was obvious that almost everyone in the room was freaking out. Even if he was freaking out too because holy crap Susanna was in labor, she was going to have the baby and Kyle was going to be a fa-he was going to be something that was for sure. He just hoped he was ready.

"Kyle? What's Kyle doing here?" Specter asked.

"Harvey," Kyle spared a moment to look up at the man. "With all due respect I have medical training and my mother is a nurse. Not to mention Susie Q here," he nodded to Susanna. "Knows me."

"I thought she'd want someone familiar," Donna responded.

"She's the girlfriend?" Harvey asked. Kyle chose to ignore him and instead focus on Susanna.

"Harvard I'm not due for another two weeks, aren't first babies supposed to be late?" Susanna asked. Kyle shook his head.

"When it's this close to the due date babies can come when they're good and ready. Labor and delivery might take some time. When did her water break?" he asked Mike.

"Ten minutes ago," Mike replied. "We already called for an ambulance."

"Alright, good, and have your contractions started yet?" Kyle asked Susanna, she nodded.

"Yeah, I thought…I thought it was just cramps earlier but then this happened," she told him.

"So you've probably been in labor for a little while now," Kyle mused as he fished his phone out of his pants pocket and held it out to Mike.

"Call nine-one-one again," he instructed. "Tell them that we have a woman in active labor. Stress the word active."

"Right, got it," Mike said as he stood and went towards the window for better reception. Kyle looked at Donna.

"Any chance you can find some bottled water and a washcloth?"

"I'll be right back," Donna nodded before she was off. Kyle looked at Harvey and what he assumed were the Drexton's and their attorneys.

"I'm going to suggest that the Drexton's and their council leave, Susanna is going to be occupied," he told Specter who also nodded and nodded towards the door.

"I'll show you to the elevator so I can detail all of the things you have done wrong today."

Kyle waited until they were gone and then turned his full attention onto Susanna. When he saw her face scrunched up in pain he took both of her hands in his and let her squeeze.

"You know breathing through it helps," he suggested.

"Shut up," she bit out. "This hurts."

"And breathing is going to get your through it," Kyle calmly explained as her eyes opened to glare at him. "Breathe and focus on me Susie Q."

"Why are you going to…" she paused to breathe, Kyle nodded and made sure her eyes stayed on him as she worked through the pain. "Deliver this baby?" she finished when it had stopped. Kyle glanced at his watch, noted the time, before his focus went back to her.

"If I have to I can," he replied as Mike came back with his phone. "Let's hope it doesn't get to that."

"The paramedics are ten minutes away," Mike replied. "They'll be here soon Susanna."

"Ok," she replied before her eyes widened. "My parents…they're…not going to be here for…I'm going to be all alone."

"No you're not Susie Q," Kyle replied as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I'm here and not going anywhere. You're not having this baby all by yourself."

"You're going to…oh god," she groaned, Kyle felt her squeeze his hands again, he ignored the vice grip on them and looked at Mike as Susanna put her head on his shoulder.

"Go to my contacts, look for Karen McKenna," he told him. "That's Susie Q's mother. Can you call her and tell her the situation for me? Susie Q I know that your parents might not make it in time but my mom and dad can get here in a few hours if you want that."

"I want," she mumbled against the fabric of his dress shirt.

"Alright, Mike, call her parents first and then call my mom, just tell them what's up and that I'll give them an update when we get to the hospital."

"I can do that," Mike replied. "Does she need anything?"

"Drugs," Susanna replied as she took in deep breaths. Kyle glanced at his watch again, seven minutes between contractions, nothing to worry about yet. "I want drugs."

"They'll get you some of those at the hospital."

Kyle saw Donna reenter the room and was grateful that she had had the foresight to get the washcloth wet for him. Donna shook her head when he wrenched one of his hands away from Susanna's and just put the washcloth on his girlfriend's forehead herself. Kyle nodded in thanks as he put his now freed hand on the small of her back.

"Harvey's going to wait for the paramedics downstairs," she told him. "Get them up here faster."

"What if we get to the hospital and it's too late for drugs?" Susanna asked him, Kyle chuckled.

"So far so good, you're contractions are seven minutes apart so we have some time," he promised.

"I'm never having another baby, I hope you're ok with that," she informed him. "Understand me Harvard? No. More."

"Loud and clear," he replied.

"Right in here."

Kyle looked up and sent up a silent prayer of thanks when Specter entered followed closely by two paramedics and a stretcher. Kyle stood when the two came to her side but stayed when Susanna's hand grabbed his.

"Shhh," he soothed and ignored the look that Specter shot his way. "I'm not about to leave you now. You're stuck with me Susie Q."

"Good," she replied.

"Ms. Mckenna my name is Carl and this is my partner Linda," one of the paramedics told her. "We're going to get you out of here."

Kyle let go of her when the two moved her to the stretcher but was quick to go back to her side when she was settled.

"Are you the father?" the female paramedic asked, Kyle didn't even have to think about his response.

"Yes and I'm riding along," he informed them as he took his phone back from Mike.

"I called her parents and yours, call them again when you get to the hospital and settled," Mike told him. Kyle nodded as he pocketed his phone and then took a minute to look at Harvey.

"Harvey," he chanced using his first name out loud at work. "I'm going with Susanna…I don't want her to be alone. Is there any way you could…Louis is…"

"I'll smooth it over with Louis and Jessica," Harvey replied. "And Mike will follow you to the hospital. I want updates. She was sent into labor by the Drexton's and I want to make sure there's nothing wrong."

"We need to move."

"Kyle," Susanna looked at him, eyes wide and more than a little afraid. He smiled at her as he leaned down and brushed his lips to her forehead.

"Look at me Susie Q, you can do this, you're going to do this, and I'm here," he promised. She nodded before she was wheeled out with Kyle hot on their heels.


"You know I've come to the conclusion that because you sent mommy into labor in a law firm, that you also want to be a lawyer," Kyle did his best to keep his voice calm and quiet as he walked the length of the hospital room and adjusted the sleeping baby boy in his arms. He knew that he should probably put said baby back in the little hospital bed that had been provided but he just couldn't bring himself to do it just yet. Lucas Anthony McKenna had come into the world two hours ago after Susanna had spent almost ten in labor and it had been a flurry of activity since then in the forms of doctors, nurses, and of course Susanna holding him.

This was really the first chance Kyle had gotten to examine Lucas in depth and he was soaking it up. In his opinion which was most definitely biased this little boy was perfect; ten little fingers, ten toes, and an equally healthy set of lungs on him that he had used to the full extent of their abilities when he'd made his entrance. Kyle had been there, he'd held Susanna's hand the entire time, and had cut the cord when the scissors had been offered to him. He was most definitely and thoroughly and totally in love with this little life in his arms.

"Is he ok?"

He glanced up and found Susanna's tired eyes on him. He smiled.

"He's just fine, how are you doing? Do you want to hold him?"

"I'm sore, exhausted, but never been happier. And you can keep holding him, I know you haven't gotten a real chance to yet," she responded, lips quirked in a smile as she looked around. "Where are your parents?"

Kyle chuckled, true to form his parents had gotten to the hospital a mere four hours after Mike had called them and his mother, being the amazing woman that she was, had acted as a surrogate mother for Susanna for the last six hours of labor.

"Your parent's plane is getting in soon. They went to go pick them up," he replied. "Thought we could use the alone time. We've probably got about an hour and a half until they get back. You can go back to sleep."

"And miss the picture in front of me?" she shook her head. "I'm good."

"Nice picture?" he asked as he checked on the baby, who was still fast asleep against him.

"Very nice," she replied. "You know…we never did discuss what you were going to be to him. I heard…you called yourself his father back at the firm."

"I know," Kyle responded. "And while I know that call is up to you…I…it just came out Susie Q."

"Do you want to be his father?" she asked. "I mean was it a heat of the moment thing or…"

"Susie Q," he interrupted. "I meant what I said weeks ago. I'm involved and I love this baby as much as I love his mommy."

"You love me?" she asked, he chuckled.

"It might be too soon but…we've never been conventional," he told her. "I do. I love you. I love him. I love us."

"And if we break-up?" she asked.

"I'm still here for him," Kyle had been thinking about this for weeks now and he had never been more sure of himself than he was in this moment. "He's number one now but I'm honestly hoping that we're always a team."

"Good," she replied. "Come kiss me?"

He smiled as he carefully stood, ever mindful of the precious cargo in his arms and moved closer to her. She pushed herself up to kiss him.

"I love you too," she told him, he was about to kiss her again but stopped when an indignant cry came from the bundle in his arms. He chuckled as he glanced down to find his son because really that's what this little boy was now blinking up at him looking none too happy. "Calm down there peanut, your daddy's got you," Susanna soothed as she brushed her lips against their son's forehead.

"Daddy?" he asked as his heart did a backflip and the baby wriggled in his arms. Kyle stood a little straighter even as his finger traced against their son's back. "Dad," he repeated as he looked at Susanna. "I'm dad."

"And I'm mom," she pointed to herself. "So glad we worked that out. You went to school where again?"

"Harvard law," he replied as he adjusted the weight in his arms and looked down at their child. "Where you can go and be a lawyer like I am if you want."

"He's two hours old," Susanna rolled her eyes as Lucas settled down. "How about we wait at least a week before we start that nonsense?"

"What's nonsense?"

A soft knock on the door had them both look up and find Mike's head peeking into the room, an even quicker glance found that Harvey was there with him.

"Up for a couple of visitors?"

"Come on in," Susanna replied. "I thought you were going home though?"

"I was going to but then Harvey showed up," Mike entered the room with Harvey hot on his heels and held up a duffel bag towards Kyle before he set it on the chair beside the bed.

"I sent Donna out to get you a change of clothes and some basic toiletries," Harvey responded. "Though I'm…surprised by this development," he gestured between Kyle and Susanna. "Both Mike and Donna assure me that it's legitimately serious and therefore thought you'd be staying the night."

"It is," Kyle responded. "It really is serious and I will be staying."

"Is Kyle in trouble?" Susanna asked. Harvey shook his head.

"He wasn't directly involved with your case, that the Drexton's have really agreed to settle on now, we'll have to have another meeting, when you're feeling better of course. Is…everything alright?"

Kyle noticed the way both Harvey and Mike were avidly looking at the bundle in his arms. Mike had gotten a brief glimpse of Lucas earlier before he'd left the room. His son had since calmed down and he glanced at Susanna who gave him a grin.

"This is Lucas Anthony McKenna," Kyle told them. "And he is going to be a future Harvard graduate."

Susanna snorted.

"So that's what the nonsense was about?" Mike asked, Kyle nodded as he walked over to the two so they could peer at his son.

"You went into labor in a law firm, that clearly says something," Harvey told Susanna, who just held her hands up. "Handsome kid too."

"I'm not about to argue with the three of you. I'm sore and tired from you know pushing a human being out of me," she responded, Kyle watched as both Harvey and Mike paled, shared a look, and then promptly gave Susanna smiles.

"You win," Mike told her. "He's adorable."

"Worth every second of it," Susanna grinned. "Then again his Uncle Mike is pretty cool for sticking around."

"Uncle Mike?" Mike asked as he looked at Kyle who shrugged.

"Seems only right, you did help her out a lot," he responded as he looked back down to Lucas whose eyes were open again. "Yeah, this is your Uncle Mike and that's Harvey, he's the best closer in the city and Mike is…well…getting there."

"Your daddy's pretty good at what he does too," Mike supplied, Kyle looked up at him in surprise, Mike just smiled. "You're grown on me Durant."

"Likewise Ross."

"Speaking of, we're going to leave all of you to get some rest," Harvey gave Mike a look. "Kyle I've already smoothed things over with the firm, take tomorrow, Mike will bring you work. This is Donna's number, she wants you to text her another picture," Harvey tucked a piece of paper into his shirt pocket. Kyle nodded. "Susanna and…Kyle congratulations on the baby."

"Thanks for coming down Harvey and Mike," Susanna responded.

"We'll be in touch about your case," Harvey assured her. "Mike I'll be outside."

Harvey buttoned his suit jacket and walked outside, leaving Mike alone in the room. He took a minute let his finger trace Lucas' cheek, a fond smile on his face.

"Uncle Mike will be back tomorrow, get some rest you two," Mike told them before he followed Harvey out of the room. Kyle looked at Susanna, who patted the space beside her. He obliged her silent request and walked over slowly, and carefully sat down on the edge as she looked at the both of them.

"Lucas Anthony Durant-McKenna has a nice ring to it," she told him. Kyle looked at her in surprise. "Don't you think?"

He paused, looked down at Lucas, who had since decided that he had had enough excitement for one day and closed his eyes, breathing even as he slept. He nodded.

"I think so," he told her. "I even know a bleeding heart Uncle that can help me with the paperwork," Kyle assured her before he brushed his lips against Lucas' forehead and then kissed his lovely girlfriend. This was definitely not where he'd seen his life going a few months ago.

It was honestly so much better.


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