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Kyle sat with Louis, looking over the addendum for the meeting as he organized their files. Once every two weeks, Jessica Pearson held a meeting for the Senior and Junior partners to go over the highs and lows for the firm. Being a mere associate, Kyle was never invited and was instead subjected to research or lately, gearing up for his own court cases. They were still Pro Bono but it was better than nothing. Occasionally he helped Louis with his own cases, would hopefully be getting more now that he had proven just how valuable he was and when he had Harvey Specter's attention and mentorship he'd get it all.

It was with that thought in mind that he kept his focus on his work all while paying attention to what was going on around him. The Senior Partners were slowly but surely trickling in, Louis was greeting them and occasionally Kyle got a look from them. Appraising, thoughtful, judging, Kyle shifted every time, tried to sit up a little straighter, look a little more confident because this was the big time. He'd made an impression and he had to keep it up if he was going to move up in this firm. And he would move up. He would become a top notch lawyer and eventually a partner. He kept that thought in mind as he waited at the table, watched, and planned his moves to get Specter to take him on as his golden child. And then life would be a piece of cake from there on out.

"Get more new ties. Ties that aren't skinny."

"I like my skinny ties."

Kyle looked up at the sound of voices to find that Specter and Ross were entering the conference room together. As in side by side, not paying attention to anyone else but themselves and their…no, Kyle felt himself freeze as he took in their stances, relaxed but guarded, and their gestures, and fuck. They weren't really fighting like they had been all week, this was the…shit it was the normal banter that had the office buzzing on a normal basis.

"I don't," Harvey shot Mike a sidelong glance. "And you…"

"Are a reflection of you," Mike finished, as though it were old hat between them now. "I know."


"I'm still not wearing ties like yours."

"Your grandmother likes my ties," Harvey countered, Mike snorted.

"My grandmother likes you and the fact that you brought her flowers and a milkshake."

"What can I say? I know how to charm people."

"You're talking about my grandmother."

"Harvey, Mike."

Both men stopped talking as one of the older senior partners, Shawn Dern, if Kyle remembered correctly approached them. He straightened up and shifted his focus to the three of them, watched in shock as the older man shook both Specter and Ross's hands, Dern didn't even call Kyle by his first name. Hell, Dern had only ever acknowledged him during Mock Trual. He tuned his attentions to the trio in the room.

"Shawn, good to see you again."

"Mr. Dern," Mike nodded his head.

"You can call me Shawn. I just wanted to thank you both for your help with my client on Saturday afternoon. I'm convinced we would have lost her had your boy not intervened," Dern nodded towards Mike who simply smiled as Harvey looked downright proud.

"It was nothing Mr. D-Shawn, she just needed to be reassured that we were going to do everything for her," Mike replied. "She just spoke to someone who made her waiver. I told her we believed in her case."

"And I'm working on figuring out who that was," Dern grumbled. "Can't trust these damn associates to do one simple thing. I don't know what I would have done if Mike hadn't connected with her the way he had."

Kyle shrank down in his seat a little bit at that, trying to think about who had handled that grunt work, certainly not him, but it'd be one less person to worry about at the end of the day.

"It's one of Mike's specialties all right," Harvey nudged Mike, tone teasing, but his eyes were warm. "Caring and all that."

"Well don't let him lose it all Specter, I'm starting to think that it could be useful with clients," Dern replied with a glance at Mike who just shrugged.

"Sometimes it's all a person needs to hear," he replied.

"As a thank you, I insist on buying you both a drink."

"We're working on a new case tonight but I'll have Donna contact your assistant?"

"As always," Dern nodded. "Harvey, Mike."

Dern walked away from the two then and allowed them to continue their walk into the room as Kyle silently seethed. The Senior Partners barely knew his last name and they never talked to him, never invited him for drinks and fucking Mike Ross was on a first name basis with not only Harvey Specter but Shawn Dern? He was going out for drinks with the two of them? This was unfair because Ross wasn't worth it, Kyle was.

"As I was saying, new ties," Harvey grumbled as they walked past Kyle, completely oblivious to his presence, as it seemed most everyone else was. But as Kyle looked around he saw that more people were taking notice of Harvey, which was to be expected, but also of Mike. There were a few more handshakes and nods and Kyle did not like this one but. He had won that mock trial, he had crushed Ross and why wasn't he the center of attention.

"Harvey, I need Mike to go over some briefs later…." Louis stopped talking beside him when Harvey turned and raised his eyebrow at the junior partner and then smirked.


"I said."

"And my cases take precedence for my associate," Harvey said. "You have your own associate yes?"

"But I…"

"No, my cases are more important and Mike is going to be taken up all week with them," Harvey replied and Kyle decided to make his presence known. He cleared his throat, straightened his suit, and stood up.

"If you need any help at all…"

"I don't," Specter cut him off before his phone went off. Kyle watched him look at the screen, look at Mike, have some sort of weird silent eye communication, and then Ross was looking at Specter's phone as well. Ross and Specter were both cursing together and Specter looking at Ross again.

"On it, I'll have what we need waiting when you're done," Ross replied before he was out of the conference room, phone in hand and taking off towards the direction of Harvey Specter's office.

"New case?" Louis asked casually.

"Hamlen Corporation again," Specter replied and Kyle watched with interest as Louis nodded. Obviously Litt knew about this, Ross knew about it, but did Kyle? Nope. Nor did he have any type of secret kind of eye communication with Louis. He also couldn't read his mind like Ross and Specter could. He was about to ask a question but he stopped when Jessica Pearson entered the room, gave everyone a look, and began the meeting as they all took their seats.

Kyle would have to wait to get into Harvey Specter's good graces until after this meeting.


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