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Kyle hadn't gotten to speak to Harvey Specter after the meeting because Harvey Specter had excused himself from said meeting halfway through it. He had gotten a message from Donna, presumably from Mike Ross, and then Jessica Pearson had given him permission to go. He hadn't returned and Kyle hadn't seen hide or hair of him since then.

To top it all off, Kyle had been doing nothing but bitch work since the meeting had adjourned five hours ago. He was cranky, had been forced to eat lunch at his desk, and he was ready to be done for the day. He would be done shortly unless Louis decided to stick him with another brief, which he probably would because that was how the world worked around here. Despite having won mock trial, Kyle was still pretty low on the food chain of Pearson Hardman.

The only thing that made it remotely alright was the fact that every other associate, Mike Ross included, was working in the exact same conditions that he was. However, Mike Ross wasn't working on anything for anyone but Harvey Specter while the rest of them just got whatever Louis delegated. Of course, being Louis' protégé meant he got the pick of the litter when it came to things but it was nothing like Harvey Specter was working on. And whatever it was had to be good because Ross was in a scary kind of concentrated mode that he only entered into when it was crunch time on something. Kyle hated Ross but that didn't mean he couldn't acknowledge the fact that when it came to finding things, the guy was good and quick. But he still hated him and he was still competition. Serious competition because he Specter's eye. It was for that reason that Kyle had kept looking at him every hour or so to make sure he was still there. He was, with books all around him, files on the floor, organized chaos that only he seemed to understand.

"Don't touch that," Mike said without looking up from the document he was reading, Kyle glanced up curiously to find that Greg had actually tried to see whatever Mike was working on.

"I can do what I want," Greg huffed as he went to grab for the paper on the floor again. Mike put his highlighter down; Kyle winced at the look on Ross' face because it was a damn good imitation of the one Donna had given him earlier today. He had most assuredly learned it from her.

"Not when what you want is a case for Harvey Specter that's worth almost half a billion dollars," Mike replied, Greg froze. "So put the paper down and keep on walking and…"

Mike trailed off, cocked his head at the paper in Greg's almost grasp, snatched it, started scanning it before switching to what he had been reading.

"Yes," he whispered. "Yes, yes, yes."

Mike jumped up then grabbed the document before him, sidestepped Greg and hurried down the hall towards Harvey Specter's office. Kyle frowned and then promptly decided that now was a more than acceptable time to go and stretch his legs. He was absolutely not following Mike Ross, it just so happened that the men's rooms were on that side of the floor. Convenient and if he happened to pause on his way, well it was just so he could tie his shoe and not watch as Mike just gave Donna a cheery smile before going right into the office. Unquestioned, unhindered, and dare he say it, there was a fond look gracing Donna's features as she watched him go.

What the hell? No associate got that look from Donna. Hell most of the junior partners didn't get that kind of look from Donna but Ross got that?

Shoe tied and looking perfect again, Kyle walked down the hall, pausing only once to look at Donna. Her eyebrow rose when he didn't keep going.

"How come Ross gets free entrance to Mr. Specter's office and I don't?"

"Because Mike Ross is Harvey Specter's associate," she replied.

"You know I could…"

"Could what?" she asked him quietly, voice still cheerful but her eyes were cold. He had been about to say demand to see Harvey Specter; use his seniority as an associate over her to do it. But the look in her eyes was screaming 'try me buddy' and he looked at her and at the office where Harvey Specter happened to be. The whole office knew that Donna was off limits. Harvey Specter respected her and to do anything to her that wasn't completely respectful meant incurring his wrath.

Kyle was also becoming very confident that if she actually murdered him Harvey Specter would defend her in court. Or help her hide the body. Whichever came first.

"Nothing," he muttered. This was not a battle he wanted to engage in because he would lose, a lot more than just the chance to see Specter in this case.

"That's what I thought, now shoo," Donna went back to what she was doing. She didn't spare him another glance and Kyle, quietly seething realized that he was not going to get any farther than that. So he walked towards the men's rooms because that's where he was going and it's not like he could help that Harvey Specter's walls are glass and that he could see inside. It's not his fault that he watched Mike Ross making himself completely at home in said office, on Harvey's furniture as he started to spread the files he had brought with him out. It's not his fault that he watches Harvey help him like he understands the chaos Mike is creating.

He finds it unsettling that he can see them doing these things and they aren't even talking to each other. They're just moving and using hands and fingers and he keeps moving when he hears Donna cough behind him. When had he stopped to stare? He shook his head and kept walking. He needed a new plan of attack if he was going to catch Harvey Specter's eye and quickly because it seemed like he and Ross were more than on their way to being the dream team again. This was not good and Kyle needed to think fast, which he would and could. Tonight, at home, after drinks with the guys and not being near his desk for more than six hours and wait a minute.

His desk. Work.

When Harvey Specter was working on a case he was known to come in early and stay late. If he came in early, before everyone else, before Donna, before Ross, he could catch Specter and make his case. His very reasonable, very doable plan because lost sleep? So worth some lost sleep if it meant getting in with the city's best closer.

With that thought in mind Kyle turned around, previous intentions forgotten and walked back to his desk as quickly as possible. He had to finish those briefs, leave some work for the morning to have an excuse to come in and then plot his argument appropriately.


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