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It's too goddamn early. The thought keeps running through his head as he heads into the building. He ignored the odd look he got from security as he flashed his identification and continued on his way, nursing the largest cup of coffee because it's close to six thirty in the morning and he didn't actually get to bed until around one. He usually doesn't come in until around nine and his lack of sleep and what's going to be a very long workday had better pay off for this.

He took the elevator up, got out on the appropriate floor and the proceeded to make his way down the darkened hall. He paused at his desk for a moment to put his brief case and coffee down before he glanced down the hall and smirked. The light in Specter's office was most definitely on and if all went according to plan Kyle would be in it for the rest of the day assisting Mr. Specter and Mike Ross would be left in the dark. He made sure his desk was in order before he began to walk towards the now unguarded office.

He felt himself falter just a little bit when he stopped and realized that even though the lights were on; the curtains around said office were drawn, blocking any and all viewership of who could be inside. He frowned, that wasn't normal, even if it was way before normal business hours were supposed to commence.

"Oh my god really?"

He closed his eyes and bit back a groan as he heard a voice behind him and the sound of heels clicking on the floor beneath him. He was then greeted with the sight of Donna standing in front of him, looking none too pleased with her hands on her hips and a glare on her face.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came in early to get some work done," Kyle replied, recovering from his shock quick enough. But seriously did this woman have a radar for him?

"And last time I checked your desk was the other way," Donna said. "Nowhere near this office."

"I notice the light was on. I thought I'd see if Mr. Specter needed help."

Donna sighed and shook her head.

"Kid, look, I get the appeal of working for Harvey Specter, I do, I get that you feel entitled after your win but here's the thing it's not going to happen. Ever."

"And what makes you think that?" Kyle asked, offended by the amusement displayed upon her face. "I'm every bit as capable as Ross is. More so because I'm willing to do what it takes to win unlike him."


Both turned to find that Mike Ross was exiting Harvey Specter's office looking more than a little worse for the wear with his shirt un-tucked, hair a mess, and circles under his eyes. Kyle felt himself sink as he took Ross in and came to the realization that he hadn't bothered to leave the office last night. Mike Ross had stayed here all fucking night to work on something on a case for Harvey Specter and that apparently warranted Donna to forget that she was talking to Kyle and move over to Ross.

"You look like hell kid."

"Gee thanks, way to boost my confidence levels."

"I'm not paid to do that," Donna teased as she ruffled Mike's hair and walked over to her desk. "Where's Harvey?"

Harvey? As in Harvey Specter was here too? He'd worked all night in the office with Ross on a case that Kyle still had no idea about? Fuck. This was worse than Kyle thought.

"Coming, coming, you know he can't leave the office without looking like…"

"I know you were about to say devilishly handsome there," Harvey Specter himself stepped out of his office then, buttoned his jacket, and while he definitely looked better than Ross, Kyle could still see the telltale signs of working through the night with his hair more than a little messy and more than a five o'clock shadow on his face. Kyle had never seen him look anything but perfect and stand offish, it's what made him the best damn closer in the city.

"Riight devilishly handsome," Mike rolled his eyes, actually risked rolling his eyes at Harvey Specter and Kyle watched as Harvey Specter let him do it. He was in shock even as Donna eyed them both critically.

"You look only slightly better than hell," she assessed.

"Why do I keep you around again?" Specter countered.

"Because who else is going to put up with you?" she countered snarky as ever, and Kyle had to respect her for speaking to Harvey Specter like that, anyone else would be fired but not Donna. Harvey Specter just shook his head and bit back a smile as she handed both him and Mike Ross two cups of coffee and wait a minute no one ran around to get him or any of the other associates coffee and suddenly Ross was special? Ross warranted a cup of coffee brought to him by Donna of all people?

"Well I love you," Mike said as he took a sip and sighed in relief. "Yep you're a goddess. I'll build a tribute to you."

"Later," Donna assured him. "Did you two boys figure out how to save the day?"

"I am not a boy," Harvey told her and Kyle listened on with interest as he and Mike both perked up at mention of the case, the case he had only bare scrapes knowledge of since yesterday. "I am a handsome man in the prime of his life and if we present what Mike found this morning to the board of directors at Hamlen then we'll have no problem in getting them to agree to….yes?"

Kyle was once again surprised by the way that Mike Ross just up and said 'fuck it' to personal space when it came to Harvey Specter and just sagged against him. What was even more surprising was that Harvey Specter, notorious for not allowing underlings to get into his personal space, for not associating with them in general, just let him do it.

"For all that is good and bright in this world, for the love you bear Donna, please can we not talk about this case anymore until after I have had another cup of coffee, a shower, and a powernap?"

Harvey Specter looked thoughtful for a minute and for that minute Kyle thought that perhaps he was going to get angry at Ross but nope, Specter just chuckled and nodded.

"Fair enough, I could use a break myself, but I'm not your pillow," he told Mike Ross yet made absolutely no move to dislodge Ross from his side.

"Speaking of that," Donna told them both. "Ray is downstairs waiting for you both. He has been ordered by me to take you both out of this building and to bar you from coming back for the next two hours."


"Don't argue with me Specter," she smiled at him. "Now, because Mike's apartment is too far away I have instructed Ray to take you both back to Harvey's condo. There are new clothes in the back of the car for Mike and breakfast waiting at your place."

"See?" Mike poked Harvey Specter's side, poked his side and got away with it; Kyle was a little in awe of who was supposed to be his enemy right now. "She's a goddess and wait a minute how did you get me new clothes?"

"You think I don't know how to pick a lock?" Donna replied. Kyle was suddenly more leery of Donna than before with this new bit of information. He knew she was fierce, he would even admit to being scared by her in the private recesses of his own mind, but this took her to a whole new level.

"Mozzie teach you that?"

"I don't kiss and tell," Donna told them Harvey. "Now you get your things and get out of here for a few hours."

Both men dutifully listened to her and stomped back into the office before Donna turned her attentions back to Kyle. He jumped as she crooked her fingers and he obeyed because this woman was fucking scary. She pointed into the office where Harvey Specter and Mike were going over the final points of what they had been doing before Donna's arrival.

"Aren't you glad I fought you on this now?" Mike asked as he pointed to something on the paper. "If I hadn't you would have settled for something less."

"I don't settle for less," Specter countered, Mike gave him a long suffering look. "Fine, yes, I'm glad you said that you could find something bigger. Now stop trying to gloat. You still suck at it."

"That's what she said," Mike stuck his tongue out at Specter and got an eye roll for his trouble.

"Infant," Specter assured him and Kyle was surprised to hear the warmth in his voice. Harvey Specter didn't care about other people, he only cared about who was paying him and his reputation. But here he was sounding an awful lot like he cared right about now.

"I'm going to ask you a question, what is Harvey Specter to you?"

"The best closer in the city," Kyle replied instantly.

"And in your little world that makes him God right?"

"Yes," Kyle replied because it was true enough. Harvey Specter was God in this firm and he would do right to obey.

"And that's exactly why you're never going to work for Harvey Specter," Donna told him. "You aren't what he needs."

"I'm sorry?"

"The last thing he needs is someone to inflate his already oversized ego," she told him, "Which is exactly what you would do because you don't know how to fight back."

"I do so! I fight back all the time."

"When you're facing off in court but at work," Donna made a motion to the gaggle of cubicles on the other side of the building. "Is when it's an associate that's weaker than you are."

"Which Ross is."

"Wrong again," Donna said. "But I'll let you discover that little bit of information on your own. Now go back to your desk. Do some actual work."

"I came in early to…"

"No," Donna told him. "No one gets in that office without an appointment and what did I tell you yesterday?"

"I'd never get an appointment."

"Right and as of now I'm refraining from telling Harvey about yesterday but if you keep this up-"

"Is there a problem here?"

Kyle froze when he was confronted with both Mike Ross and Harvey Specter standing right next to each other and staring at him, Ross with distrust and Specter just looked annoyed.

"Not at all Kyle was just passing through."

"If he's just passing through then why is he still here?"

Kyle straightened up, here was a chance to impress, to make his mark and Donna couldn't do anything to stop him.

"Just going back to my desk sir and-"

"And I don't care," Harvey Specter replied before he walked away. Kyle sank as Mike chuckled before he looked at Donna who held out his messenger bag to him. He took it gratefully.

"You're still my goddess."

"I know, worship me daily," Donna replied.

"Mike I swear to god I will leave you here!"

"You will not! Donna will kill you!"

"…Just move it already!"

Mike didn't even spare Kyle a second glance as he chuckled and ran down the hall towards the elevators. Kyle watched him go, felt himself seethe a little more because here Mike Ross was, fucking going with Harvey Specter. Kyle had blown his chance to impress Harvey Specter. He was left at the office far too early with a desk full of work with Donna. Donna who was eying him and suddenly he was absolutely terrified.

"So…I'm going to go…do work now, over there," Kyle pointed to his desk and Donna nodded.

"Good boy, move along now. Don't let me see you near this office again today unless there's proper clearance involved."

Kyle nodded and resolved himself to the fact that as long as Donna was standing guard at that door or Specter was with Ross that he had no chance at getting his attention. He had to revise his plans. Donna may scare him but that doesn't mean he's willing to give up on his goal quite so easily. Kyle is nothing if not persistent.

This will just require some thought and a prayer that Donna never finds out about it.


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