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Chapter 7:

Kyle hated his life at the moment. All he wanted to do after he left work was have a drink, go home, sleep, and forget that this god awful day ever happened. He is thankful that tomorrow is Sunday and that the firm is closed so he doesn't have to think about going into the office until Monday morning. What he is not thankful for is the fact that he got home, intent on making himself dinner, only to find that his apartment was completely devoid of food that he could make for dinner.

He'd grumbled to himself as he'd changed out of his suit, because contrary to popular belief he actually did enjoy wearing jeans and t-shirts and then walked to the nearby grocery store. He could have driven but it was actually a nice night in the city and walking was faster than trying to deal with New York City traffic. So he'd walked and was now standing in the frozen foods section, contemplating exactly what he wanted to buy for the night. It was pathetic and theoretically could cook but Kyle was too damn tired to do anything but stick something in the microwave.

"So….you come here often?"

Kyle found that there was another, very familiar figure reflected on the glass surface of the cabinet. Apparently this day was meant to be relived in the form of the blonde woman standing beside him. Kyle decided that because he was not at work and he had already fucked up with her once he mine as well say what was on his mind.

"Still being a creeper I see," he voiced. She wrinkled her nose.

"I am not a creeper."

"So you regularly stalk your attorney's at their grocery store?"

"Excuse me, this is my grocery store and really," she huffed. "You are not worth stalking and you're blocking the way towards the waffles."

"I'm sorry?" he asked.

"I want waffles," she pointed to the cabinet they were in front of and well yes they were. So Kyle had thought about having breakfast for dinner? It was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. "I was coming to get them and saw you, excuse me for trying to be a civilized human being and say hello."

She huffed once more and moved forward to open the door, but he beat her to it, grabbed the handle and pulled it open for her. She eyed him suspiciously, and for a second Kyle swore he saw Donna in that gaze, god that woman got to everyone, even clients. She had to have superpowers.

"I'm not going to wait all day," Kyle gestured to the open door. Susanna's eyebrow rose. He met her even gaze before he rolled his eyes and leaned into the shelf where the waffles were. "What kind did you want?"

"Cinnamon," she responded. Kyle grabbed the pack of cinnamon waffles for her, and a pack of homestyle ones for himself before he pulled back, let the door shut and handed her the box. She took it. "Thank you."

"Well you were taking forever," he shrugged.

"You're single aren't you?"

"By choice," he retorted. Susanna rolled her eyes.

"Lawyers, I swear all of you are nothing but giant dickheads," she muttered before she turned away from him and began to walk down the aisle with her waffles and the basket in her hands. Kyle was about to let her go, was perfectly content to let her leave because she was just a reminder of his horrible day but then his grandmother's voice drifted into his head. She scolded him for treating a woman, a pregnant woman at that like he had, he sighed. If he didn't do something to make it right he could expect a damn phone call in the morning because his grandmother had psychic powers like Donna did. Damn it.

"Wait, wait," he hurried to catch up to her and skidded to a halt in front of her. "Please don't….I'm sorry," he told her, Susanna's eyebrow rose again as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. "It's been a long day, a very bad day, and I…should not take it out on unsuspecting passerby who only wanted waffles."

"No you shouldn't have," she told him. "Then again, I shouldn't have been a creeper."

"You weren't a…"

"Kind of was," she smiled. "I really did want waffles but I could have waited until after you had made your choice. I know you probably don't expect to run into work here."

"Well technically, you're not my problem at work," he told her before he mentally kicked himself. He had been trying to apologize, not antagonize her further. "I mean I don't have the privilege of…"

He stopped talking when she started to giggle.

"You really suck at this whole apologizing thing," she offered. "I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you don't do it often do you?"

"No," he said. "I'm usually right."

"And there's that cocky attitude again," she said. "It's a wonder that the ladies aren't lining up to fall into bed with you."

"Once again, I'm single by choice," he defended. "And there is a line, a long line."

"Uh huh, if that helps you sleep at night," she eyed him. Kyle was offended, ladies did love him but he chose to be single because it meant no goddamn drama in his life. The life he barely had because he was a first year associate at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city.

"And you're so charming," he scoffed. "What with the constant sarcasm and sneaking up on people."

"I don't sneak, I told you I wanted waffles and seeing as I lack a partner to go get them for me I am stuck running out for them, it's not my fault that out of all the stores in the city we both came here," Susanna glowered. "And the sarcasm is necessary to counter your assholeishness."

"That's not even a word," Kyle walked alongside her when she started to move again, this time right by her side.

"It is now."

"You don't have the power to make-up words," Kyle pointed as they ended up at the check-out, and started unloading their things onto the same conveyor belt, though separated.

"I can if I want to."

"You are not…"

She put a hand up to stop him from talking, and he only did it because she was busy with the cashier. However, before she could escape he reached out and grabbed her two bags before she could snatch them away.

"Give me back my bags," she demanded. He held his hand up this time and greeted the cashier, paid for his groceries and took his one bag and then motioned for her to walk.

"Let's not hold up the line here," he said. She huffed again, he would admit to it being kind of cute, kind of, before she stalked towards the door. "Hormones," he told the amused cashier, Susanna rounded on him then, looking absolutely furious, he chuckled.

"Give me back my bags," she demanded once more. He shook his head.

"Not until you tell me that assholeishness isn't a real word," he replied as they walked to the door and into the night. The paused on the sidewalk.

"It is right now and you are embodying it," she paused and sighed. "Look, you've had a long day and I've had a long day too, I was stuck in a law firm full of pompous assholes, had a minor crisis at work, and all I want to do is go home and eat some goddamned waffles, soak my feet, and watch Sex and the City."

Kyle stopped then, he could antagonize her more because hey it was fun and she was matching him comment for comment. But she did look tired and one look at her stomach had him crumbling.

"Pompous assholes huh?" he asked as he held her bags out to her. She took them with a nod.

"Oh yeah, there was this one guy in particular about your height and all," she whistled as she settled her purse on her shoulder and a bag in each hand. "Deserves a standing ovation for his assholeishness," she emphasized the word.

Susanna told him before she turned and started to walk away from him. Kyle realized that she had started to walk in the exact same direction that he needed to go. He groaned before he took off as well, he really did want go home, make food, and then have a drink and go to bed. Susanna turned her head and looked at him.

"Now who's being the creeper?"

"I'm not being a, hang on," he jogged a little to come up beside her again. "A creeper. I walked here from my apartment, which happens to be in this direction."

"Seriously?" her nose wrinkled.

"Seriously," he replied. "It's a nice night and I didn't want to deal with New York traffic for a couple of blocks. Why are you walking this way?"

"My apartment is this way too," she conceded. He nodded and continued to walk beside her. She did nothing to dissuade him and Kyle thought that this could count as his good deed for the day. He'd walk her home, make himself feel better, and hopefully she wouldn't tell any of this to Mike Ross because Ross would most assuredly tell Harvey Specter and then Kyle would be royally screwed.

"So…my name is Kyle," he began. "And you are?"

"I know who you are," she replied. "Mike mentioned you earlier."

"But we never properly introduced ourselves," he said. "I'm trying to now, if we're going to argue we should at least be on a first name basis. So my name is Kyle. Kyle Carson."

"Susanna McKenna," she said after a minute. "Kyle Carson? Really?"

"Susanna McKenna?"

"Family name," she sniffed.

"Same here," he said. "See we actually do have something in common Susie."

"You're still a pompous asshole and my name is Susanna, not Susie, not Anna, Susanna."

"Susie, Susie, Susie, Ohhh what about Susie Q?" he asked and she smacked his leg with her back. "OW! What the hell is in there?"

"Milk," she smiled.

"I should sue you for assault."

"You'd never win, I'm too cute."

"I'm a damn good attorney."

"And I'd get Mike to represent me."

Kyle felt himself stiffen at that.

"I'm every but as capable, if not more so, than Mike Ross in a courtroom."

"Ohhh touched a nerve didn't I?" she teased. He said nothing. She stopped walking. So did she. "I did didn't I? Really? I mean….seriously?"

"What makes him so special?" he asked suddenly because he was curious. Mike Ross had all of these things, all of these great things at the firm, he had Harvey Specter and Shawn Dern and Donna. Hell, Kyle knew that even Louis wanted Mike for his own. "You two seemed awfully friendly today."

"Because we are," she shrugged. "He's just…he's different than the rest of you Harvard graduates. Our first meeting was at a hole in the wall diner around here that has the best cheese fries within five blocks. He showed up in jeans and a hoodie because he got my case on his day off and he split the plate with me. And he jokes with me, he i cares /i, You Harvard types never want to do that kind of thing."

"That's stereotyping you know," he countered even as he contemplated what she had told him. So Mike Ross had gone on his day off, a treasured thing among associates here because they were so few and far between to meet this woman. He had gone in unprofessionally and gotten her for them.

"But it's true," she said. "You wouldn't be caught dead eating cheese fries would you?"

"I've been known to go to Carl's to eat them from time to time," Kyle joked.

"You know Carl's?"

"Where else can you get pie like he makes it?"

"Nowhere I know," Susanna laughed.

"And I've also been told that I look fantastic in a pair of jeans," he gestured to the ones on his body.

"Oh yeah, you sure rock those…Ralph Lauren spring collection with the side stitching alright."

"How did you know?"

"I design clothes for a living, I know Ralph Lauren when I see it," Susanna said and Kyle watched as her eyes roamed over his body.

"Or you just want to check me out."

"Ha, fat chance, you're not my type."

"Didn't you say that I looked like that…" he stopped talking when she froze beside him. Kyle knew that he had said something that had actually gotten to her. The look on her face said it all and the hand that flew to her stomach made him panic just a little. "I'm sorry," he said and he meant it this time. "I shouldn't have said that."

"No, it's alright," she shook her head and tried to smile. Tried to and failed. "I left you wide open for that one."

"But still…."

"No, its fine," she said.

"No, its not," he said seriously. "I'm sorry. I really am. And I mean this one."

"I believe you," she said.

"Are you alright?"

"I will be," her hand ran against her stomach before she stopped again. "And this is my stop."

"Oh," he felt disappointed. He was actually having fun.

"Where do you live?"

"Another block over," he said.

"Oh," she looked down. "I should get inside…"

"Right, ummm did you need help getting to your place?" he asked. "With your bags I mean."

"No, I'll be...fine, yes, fine," she turned away from him, went up to her door to let herself in. "Thanks," she looked back at him. "Have a good night."

"You too."

Kyle waited until she was inside because it was the proper thing to do, he was surprised when she waved to him, and he smiled before he set off to his own apartment.

Perhaps today hadn't been so bad after all.


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