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Save me, there is literally nothing going on here today.

Kyle read the text message and shook his head as he glanced around. Lunch with Susanna had turned into spending most of the afternoon with her yesterday. This had led to him learning that she was exactly two months older than he was and literally lived in the city by herself. Her parents lived in Florida and because of that he had insisted they exchange numbers in case something happened. She obviously had friends here but none were as close as he was and while he certainly was not her friend it was…well it was complicated. It still didn't stop him from texting her back.

Better to be bored than to be stuck with idiots like I am.

Kyle put his phone on the desk and went back to his brief. He had a reply buzzing at him in minutes.

At least idiots can be amusing. I'm bored. I have no inspiration. And I want gummy bears.

Kyle felt himself frown at that as he typed out a reply.

Didn't you just buy a bag yesterday?

There was another pause before her answer came back.

Your point?

Kyle pondered, had she seriously downed that entire bag of gummy bears in one day? Then again she was eating for two, and he'd learned yesterday that the baby, who she refused to learn the sex of because she wanted to be surprised, had quite the sweet tooth. Actually, he rather suspected that Susanna was the one with the sweet tooth but he was mildly terrified of what she would do to him if he questioned that particular trait. He was about to type out a reply to her when two voices caused him to pause and look up from his desk. Harvey Specter was right there, standing directly in front of Mike Ross' cubicle. Mike Ross, who had been quiet for most of the morning, lost in his research or whatever the fuck he was doing. Kyle couldn't be bothered to care; he had his own cases to worry about.

"The Drexton's have filed for a continuance for Susanna's case."

Kyle perked up because he'd learned a little more about this case during lunch yesterday. He knew that it had taken awhile for Susanna to file the lawsuit and before this she had had a lawyer, but an incompetent one. He knew that Harvey and Mike were trying to clean-up that mess in addition to preparing for a possible trial. He also knew that the Drexton's had filed for a continuance once before and gotten it. Kyle thought that if Susanna's former employers were smart, they'd settle because he thought she had a damn good case against them not to mention Harvey Specter on her side.


"Yes again and the judge is most likely going to grant it," Specter muttered, he didn't sound pleased. Mike cursed. Kyle risked eying them closer. "You need to find me a reason to stop the continuance or to convince the idiots to settle already."

"They won't settle unless she agrees not to talk to the media," Mike replied. "They've already stated that and she'll refuse to comply."


"Because she says that everyone should know what hypocrites the company is," Mike pointed down. "And they are. They preach about having tolerance for their employees but the second someone breaches their 'family friendly' image like Susanna did, they're out."

Kyle watched in fascination as Mike stood at some wordless command, and Kyle was not seething, no he was not, but how the fuck did Ross and Specter do that? No one he knew did that, but there they were and…Kyle stopped thinking to watch some more.

"The chances are this continuance is going to go through, see if you can find me a reason to stop it," Harvey Specter demanded. "The order is in my office, read it, and then find something."

"And you will be?" Mike asked.

"I have a meeting with another client, you have work to do," Harvey responded. "Get it done and yes you can use my office because god knows this doesn't have enough room."

Kyle rolled his eyes as Mike saluted, gathered his papers, and then practically bounced over to where Donna would most assuredly let him in. Stupid Mike Ross and his stupid preferential treatment even if Specter did make a sort of legitimate point because these cubicles did not leave a lot of room for much of anything and Ross had a lot of files in his hand. Still, fuck Mike Ross.


Kyle definitely did not jump when he heard Louis' voice. He also did not flinch away when he saw Louis standing right in front of his cubicle, in much the same way that Specter had been with Ross. Except Louis looked bored, Specter had at least looked determined.

"The briefs are almost ready to go," Kyle pointed to what he had been working on when Susanna's texts had come through and he had been distracted by the Mike Ross and Harvey Specter show.

"Give them to Greg to finish, you're going to run down to the court and get a subpoena for the Ludson companies bank records," Louis said. Kyle nodded as he stood up and took the papers that Louis was holding out. The Ludson Company was Louis' latest project, or rather the five paying clients that were suing said company for fraud and Kyle had been trusted with helping Louis. He would admit that it was a rush, and that when it came to numbers and fraud Louis Litt was who you went to. Kyle would admit to being lucky to have Louis interested in him, even if he wasn't the top closer in the city.

"Go now," Louis waved him off. "You have two hours to get a judge to sign that warrant and get back here with it."

And there was the downside of working for any sort of partner in this firm. They expected fucking miracles that you had to produce or risk being put out on the street. Kyle nodded once more, grabbed his phone, and headed towards the elevators. He scrolled through his contacts and the calendar on his phone and thanked God that he knew what judge he could go to today and get the permission he needed with as little explanation as possible. That would leave him a little leeway to get there and back barring traffic complications. Perhaps he could even stop for lunch.

He stepped off of the elevator and was surprised to see his phone light up with another text message.

I found inspiration! But I still want gummy bears.

An idea sprang into his head as he stepped outside, hailed a cab, and was off to the courthouse. He wondered what he was thinking as he typed out a response to her message, he questioned his sanity actually because he didn't do shit like this.

You work by the courthouse right?

A pause and then a quick reply.

Yes why? Going 2 be a creeper again?

He chuckled as he responded once more.

You're the creeper. But meet me outside of there in an hour.

A slightly longer delay until her response came through.

by the fountain?

See you then.


Kyle exited the court an hour and five minutes later briefcase in hand, subpoena carefully tucked inside and awaiting Louis' eyes and then action. It had taken him more time than originally planned to speak to the judge but it didn't matter because he had gotten what he'd needed. He walked down the steps and breathed before he scanned the area before him. He saw Susanna sitting right in front of the courthouse, wearing a blue dress with yellow sweater, hair down with flowers in it, ever present flip flops still on as her hands rested on her stomach. She stared at him with an eyebrow raised as he approached her.

"I'm the best lawyer ever," he declared as he sat down beside her. She snorted.

"You're late," she responded.

"I had to talk to a judge about something," Kyle told her. "Do you always where flip flops?"

"Yes," she responded. "At least until I can't anymore. My feet hurt and…well…I haven't seen them in about a month. My boss is cool with it."

"I assure you they're still there," Kyle nudged her foot with his own before he reached into his suit jacket to grab what he had gotten before coming into court. He held it out the bag to her kind of sort of delighted in her gasp of surprise.

"You brought me gummy bears?"

He chanced a look when he felt the bag being lifted from his hand. She was staring at him, shock, amusement, and more shock written all over her face. He snorted.

"Only because I knew if I didn't you'd text me about it all day," he responded. "And I had to come down to the courthouse anyway, you know do my job."

She rolled her eyes.

"How much do you want for them?" she asked. He shook his head.

"This one's on me," he responded.


"Like I said, couldn't have you texting me all day," he said as he stood up. He offered her a hand; she took it and stood as well. "Now I have to get back to the office."

"I have to go too," she replied. "Inspiration hit for the new line you know?"

"Gotta go be a top lawyer," he shrugged. "Did you need me to get you a cab?"

"No," she shook her head. "Office is only a couple of blocks away. I walked."

"Right," he nodded before he glanced down at briefcase where the subpoena was waiting. "I need to-"

"Go," she nodded towards the street and the waiting cabs. "Have fun with the idiots."

"Don't remind me," he glowered. "I swear half of them got their degrees from a Cracker Jack box."

"You can text me if you want Harvard," she offered.

"I suppose I can, I will if I can," he amended. "Have a good afternoon Susie Q."

"It's Susanna," she called out as he turned to head for the cabs, Kyle just waved, like he would ever stop antagonizing her with that nickname.


Two days after the gummy bear delivery Kyle met Susanna outside of the courthouse yet again, though this time he was actually on his lunch hour as he sat next her and handed her a plastic bag.

"Oreos? And Milk?" she asked.

"You said you wanted milk and cookies," he shrugged. "What better combination?"

"And there's even a plastic cup…oh two…does this mean I have to share?" Susanna asked as she cocked her head at him and stared.

"I have some time," he shrugged. "And this is my lunch hour."

"Cookies and milk are not lunch."

"You were obviously never a poor college student," Kyle replied as she handed him the half gallon of milk he'd gotten, a cup, and motioned for him to pour them both a drink.

"You aren't poor trust fund," she poked his side.

"Details," he quipped. "Get the cookies out."


He felt drained as he exited the courthouse a week later, Louis had been running him ragged the past week because fucking Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, dream team extraordinaire that he was definitely not jealous of, had done some new miraculous feat for the firm. Louis was jealous and therefore Kyle got worked all the harder. So far, today had consisted of begging Rachel for help, that she denied him because she was busy helping Harvey and Mike. He then had to do research by himself, followed by a trip to the courthouse to get another subpoena with a judge that hated Louis, which meant said judge hated him.

Today sucked. And what made it worse was that Mike Ross had been taken out to lunch, fucking lunch, by Harvey Specter and a client for his good work. Kyle didn't even get a lunch break today. He had to grab something to go and then head back to the office to do more research.

His phone buzzed. He glanced down and may or may not have smiled just a bit when he saw who the text was from.

Look to your right Harvard.

He frowned in confusion though he did as asked. He was greeted with the sight of Susanna approaching him, phone in one hand, a brown paper bag and a cup of coffee in the other. His frown deepened, she was pregnant, and she couldn't have caffeine. She complained to him about it daily whether it be by phone, or the dinner she had somehow convinced him to cook for her two nights ago. And by somehow Kyle meant pouted and pointed to her stomach. It seemed that he was kind of a sucker for that move and she was exploiting it for all she could.

Not that he minded. It was actually kind of nice to have a friend who wasn't a lawyer. He would even admit to smiling when she stopped beside him.

"Here," she held the bag and the coffee out to him. He felt his eyebrow rise. "I figured it was time I pay you back for the gummy bears, the Oreos, the ice cream….and you sounded like you were having a shit day."

"So you packed me lunch?" he asked. She snorted.

"No I went to a coffee shop by work and bought you lunch," she said. "Take it. This coffee is taunting me."

Kyle did as requested, though he did sip the coffee and he may or may not have let out a little sigh of delight.

"I hate that you can drink that," she muttered. "I miss coffee."

"Well live vicariously through me Susie Q," he said. "It's so good, all sugary and ow!"

Kyle backed away just slightly when she punched his arm.

"That's what you get for taunting a pregnant woman," she said. "I'm never doing something nice to you again."

"You're never nice to me," he countered.

"Because you deserve it," she huffed with her hands on her hips. "See if I ever bring you lunch ever again."

She pouted; he just looked at her before he sighed.

"Thank you for thinking to bring me lunch," he said. Her pout transformed into a smile.

"You're welcome. I hope it makes your day better."

"It has," he replied and Kyle meant it before he glanced down at his phone and sighed. "But unfortunately I have to get back to work."

"Go then," Susanna said. "I have to head to the doctor anyway."

"Doctor? Is something wrong?" he asked with a frown. She chuckled and shook her head.

"Just a routine checkup," she smoothed her hands over the material of the blue top that covered her stomach. "But I'm having an ultrasound so I'll get to see the baby today."

She sounded excited, Kyle smiled at her.

"Come on, I'll get you a cab," he nodded towards the road.


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