Fanfiction - Suits
Luck of The Draw
Summary: Mike's knock into a different life starte with his parents death went to getting kicked out of
college and then came to include a pink baby blanket. Warning: Slash
Rated: T
Character: Mike R/ Harvey S
Chapters: 1 :||: 2 :||: 3 :||: 4 :||: 5 :||: 6 :||: 7 :||: 8 :||: 9 :||: 10 :||: 11

A Breah Of Fresh Air
Summary: He was tired of denying himself what he wanted and kissing her was like breathing life into his tired body
Rated: T
Character: Jenny G/Mike R
Chapters: Read Story

Blurred Haze
Summary: The other associates at Pearson Hardman take their "welcome" rituals too far.
Rated: T
Character Mike R
Chapters: 1 :||: 2 :||: 3 :||: 4 :||: 5 :||: 6

Body Heat
Summary: He had never pegged Harvey Specter to be a cuddler. Warning: Slash
Rated: T
Character: Harvey S/ Mike R
Chapters: Read Story

The Losing Victor
Summary: After his mock trial win, Kyle thinks that he has it all. He thinks that he can get into Harvey Specter's good graces. He thinks that he can take Mike Ross down. He thinks he can get past Donna. He finds out how wrong he is, on all counts.
Rated: T
Character Kyle
Chapters: 1 :||: 2 :||: 3 :||: 4 :||: 5 :||: 6 :||: 7 :||: 8 :||: 9 :||: 10 :||: 11 :||: 12 :||: 13 :||: 14

Violet Shades
Summary: In which Louis plots, plans, almost dances, decides that Donna has magical powers, and
discovers that the morals his mother tried to teach him haven't been buried completely yet. Warning: Mild Slash
Rated: T
Character: Louis L
Chapters: Read Story

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